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Boom iPhone app review: Get the most out of music and podcasts

While iPhone and iPad sport a built-in music equalizer, it is just average, especially for an audiophile who’s very particular about their music taste. And so, I present to you, Boom iPhone app, an EQ cum music player app that is designed to ‘change the way you listen.’

Well, at least that’s what the developers claim. But does the Boom app bring its’ namesake qualities to your listening experience; is it boom or blah? Read on for a hands-on and, of course, earphones-on review of the app.

Boom: Bass Booster & Equalizer app for iPhone and iPad

Boom is designed and programmed to lend an immersive music listening experience. Whether you want it bass-heavy or vocal-oriented, it could handle all. Furthermore, the app attempts to give it all to both Android and iOS users.

Along with a sound equalizer, it can also play the role of a music player, podcast, and radio listening app. Boom also boasts an excellent user interface. Contrary to the app’s colorful and vibrant logo, the app itself is pretty simple and minimal.

Bass Booster & Equalizer app for iPhone

And hence, every setting is easily accessible and customizable. However, its USP lies in a patent-pending 3D Surround Sound technology.

Get a booming 3D Surround Sound with Boom

No matter which earphones, headphones, or truly wireless earphones you have, Boom promises to deliver top-notch sound to your ears.

Variety of supported headphones with Boom iPhone app

3D Surround Sound – It harnesses the power of technology to bring virtual surround sound over any earphone. And while it does not track head movement like Apple’s Spatial audio, it is almost the next best thing.

Interestingly, you also get options to completely manage the surround sound, whether you want feedback from front or back or all sides.

3D Surround Sound in Boom iPhone app

Equalizer presets – Boom boasts an array of 27 presets in its arsenal ranging from Bass Boost, dubstep, Jazz, vocals, R&B, Latin, Deep, to country. And all it takes is a tap to adjust the currently playing music to match your listening preference.

Audio intensity slider – The two easy-to-maneuver sliders allow you to adjust the bass and treble in a jiffy. Just move your fingers up or down or tap on the icons to turn them off/on.

Personalize your music to your taste

You can choose any pre-built preset, customize it to your liking or build a new 8 or 16-band equalizer from scratch. Plus, you can also save a particular EQ for a song, genre, and artist.

Personalise your music to your taste in Boom iOS app

Oh yes! All Adele’s songs will be high on treble, or John Lennon’s songs will play with a metallic kick if you like it like that. And if you want some more customizations, you can hit the settings section and select crossfade options, shake gestures, sleep timing, and more.

Collabs that make Boom ever-so-special 

I mentioned it before; Boom is more than a mere equalizer. And the power of its multi-tasking comes with some significant incorporation.

  • Spotify and Tidal – Play your favorite playlists from these platforms right into the Boom app. Just remember, you’ll need a premium subscription to these services to enjoy the feature. Additionally, you can also enjoy your Apple Music collection, but since it is DRM-protected, Boom effects cannot be applied to it.
  • Multiple Library Access – Have music stored in your iPhone or Google Drive or Dropbox; get them on board without a hitch.
  • Radio and podcasts – Tune in to 60K+ radio channels and 30K+ podcasts across 120 countries without stepping out of the app.
  • CarPlay and Airplay support – Why just limit to headphones? Stream your music over CarPlay compatible infotainment system, and Airplay supported devices.
Collabs that make Boom ever-so-special on iPhone

And you know what the best part is? All these collabs support the Boom effect, i.e., you can enable 3D Surround Sound, boost the bass, set custom preset for all or individually for each playlist. Apart from that, the app has a great explore section that’ll help you find a trending genre super easily.

Limitations of the Boom iPhone app

Boom has an array of impressive features, though I also found some limitations. Unfortunately, some of them, like the DRM (Digital Rights Management), are inescapable. Under the rule, you can’t edit the sound with any EQ presets, and for those particular songs, the EQ feature is turned off.

And I can’t call it a flaw, but as a podcast addict, I found this section terribly lacking. Agreed that this isn’t a specialized podcast listing app, so I should not expect high-profile features likes speed manipulation, etc.

But you should at least be able to see the show notes or episode description. Imagine if the podcaster asks you to check out the link in show notes, you might have to open the episode in any other app to do so.

Is Boom iPhone app boom-worthy? 

If you are a picky audiophile, the Boom app will surely suit your bill. From supporting multiple streaming services to supporting audio across devices, it almost covers all you need. Plus, it has plenty of customization options.

Overall, Boom is a five-star EQ app, quite like its Mac counterpart Boom 3D. And if you are on the hunt for an excellent equalizer app, you should definitely open your iPhone for Boom’s 7-day trial.


  • All-in-one music player
  • 3D Surround Sound
  • Greatly configurable
  • Minimal and neat UI
  • Supports headphones, speakers, car stereos, and more.


  • Built-in music/podcast player is limited
  • The free version is quite limited

Price: Subscription starts from $2.99

Support: iOS and Android


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