13 Best Smart Lights for Christmas Decorations in 2020

Best Smart Lights For Christmas Decoration

The festive season is on, I am excited to celebrate this Christmas with loved ones and decorate the home. Custom LED lights are one crucial part of it. Acknowledging this, the last weekend I invested a good amount of time in finding the best smart lights for Christmas Decorations in 2020.

It was then I realized how much effort it takes to find ‘just the right option’. Perhaps this made me share a list of some best smart LED lights available across the web with you. While preparing the list, I primarily focused on durability, price, length, and features. If you are looking to buy one, let’s keep scrolling to find the best for this Christmas.

  1. Twinkly
  2. Popotan
  3. ELlight
  6. Hrabn
  7. XMCOSY+
  8. Kurt Adler
  9. BrizLabs
  10. VagaryLight
  11. HOKEKI
  12. Popotan Alexa Fairy Lights
  13. Deerdance

1. Twinkly Smart Decorations Custom LED Strings

Twinkly Smart Decorations Custom LED Strings

With 400 colors, the multicolor LED lights have all the sparkle and glitter to add the spark of joy to your Christmas celebration. It can be controlled using an app and features over 16 million colors. The Twinkly app is available in both the Play Store and App Store and establishes seamless connectivity between lights and Bluetooth or wireless signals. You can choose to have pre-loaded light effects or draw one by yourself for a personalized touch. Also, the light syncs well with the music and is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.

Price: $199.99

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2. Popotan DreamColor Outdoor String Lights

Popotan DreamColor Outdoor String Lights

The multicolor RGB lights are powered by a USB cable and can be accessed outdoors/indoors. The light strip features over 50 light modes, including rainbow, color jump, color wave, color shift, and others, easily accessible using a 40-key IR remote. You can also command and operate its 3-button controller box to switch between static, dynamic, and MIC modes or a dedicated app through your smartphone. The string lights are housed with a built-in mic that eventually syncs with the ambient music.

Price: $35.99

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3. Ellight String Lights 

Ellight String Lights

Control 100 smart lights with a single tap right from your palm using the dedicated app. Besides the solid colors, you can choose to have chasing effects to light up the ambiance. Measuring 35 ft, the LED smart lights are waterproof. Having said this, you can flawlessly use them both indoors and outdoors. Apart from your Christmas celebration, they make a perfect companion for Garden, Weddings, Tents, Bbq, Gatherings, Bistro Pergola Deck yard Market Cafe Gazebo Porch Marquee Letters, Birthday Parties, etc.

Price: $58.99

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4. LETIANPAI LED Strip Lights


The smart RGB LED strip lights are 82 ft long, offer seamless connectivity with Bluetooth, and are extremely easy to install. It can be installed in seconds using the 3M adhesives. The strip light is crafted using 5050 LEDs that emit vibrant light to enlighten your ambiance. It comes with music and mic mode, which allows you to sync lights with ambient music. It also comes with dimmer functionality that lets you adjust the lighting from zero to a hundred percent based on your mood and the activity you are doing. Last and the most engaging, the timing function can auto turn on/off lights based on the time set by you.

Price: $42.99

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5. VELTED Smart Outdoor String Lights

VELTED Smart Outdoor String Lights

This Christmas, adorn your home with these bright and colorful smart outdoor string lights. It offers you to choose from 8 scenes and 16 million colors, and this all can be effortlessly controlled through the app, voice command, and remote control. You also get to customize your home lighting with easy home automation by setting a single command schedule. In the package, you receive string lights measuring 50 ft and comprising 15 LED bulbs. Last but not least, these are IP65 rated waterproof and impact resistant.

Price: $79.99

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6. Hrabn Fairy Lights

Hrabn Fairy Lights

The smart beads come with the latest atomization technology that enables you to relish pure and mesmerizing colors. Besides, they are made using super flexible easy-to-shape material to let you shape them in any desired way. Also, the lights utilize infrared technology and smart chips to offer you a seamless and prompt experience. Considering they are waterproof and non-toxic, you can use these lights indoors and outdoors.

Price: $16.27

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7. XMCOSY+ Patio String Lights

XMCOSY+ Patio String Lights

The retro-looking bulbs string light measures 49ft and incorporate 15 bulbs, which can be extended up to three controllers. While the classic looks inspire the lights, they look fashionable with the range of features it comes. They are also IP65 rated waterproof and have been successfully tested to withstand hurricane blowing at a speed of 50 mph. Having said this, these lights aren’t just classy with their looks; they are also highly durable.

Price: $79.99

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8. Kurt Adler Twinkly LED Starter Kit 105-Light

Kurt Adler Twinkly LED Starter Kit

The multicolor LED smart lights come with 105 tiny bulbs that can be controlled using Wi-Fi. You have to install the Twinkly application and link your lights with it. Once done, you are all set to select from pre-set light displays or create one by yourself to exactly match your preferences. It measures 44ft in length. However, considering the small size of lights, you might require to have more than one set.

Price: $132.94

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9. BrizLabs Color Changing Christmas Fairy Lights

BrizLabs Color Changing Christmas Fairy Lights

The smart fairy lights are housed with odd looks and unbeatable technology. I’m here talking about the latest fogged technology, which is embedded in the IC. The setup eventually gives it 19 dynamic modes and 16 different color options and gives you an unbiased experience. Besides this, it comes with infrared technology and a smart chip that gives you a control angle of 120 degrees and an operating range of up to 33 ft.

Price: $27.99

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10. VagaryLight Smart Christmas Tree Lights String

VagaryLight Smart Christmas Tree Lights String

The smart Christmas tree lights string lets you create custom color-changing light displays using the free mobile app. It comes with 50 LED lights and measures 33ft. Besides, it gives you the option to schedule light and offers intense automation features. Also, you have multiple color-changing modes, music sync, and a unique design that makes this wanted.

Price: $46.99

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11. HOKEKI LED Indoor String Lights

HOKEKI LED Indoor String Lights

The affordable Christmas light measures 32.8 ft. It can be accessed using a dedicated mobile app, 64-key remote control, control box, Google Assistant, and Alexa. You can choose any of the mediums to turn on/off the lights, dim to the desired level, or quickly change colors. You also get four dynamic modes to personalize your experience further. Last but not least, it comes with 8 scene modes and over 16 million colors.

Price: $25.99

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12. Popotan Alexa Fairy Lights

Popotan Alexa Fairy Lights

As the name suggests, the lights can function based on your voice commands from Google Assistant or Alexa. You can also access it using the free smart application, which will let you turn on/off and change light color and modes with a blink of an eye. It measures 33 ft and has 100 LEDs that offer 16 million colors to choose from.

Price: $29.99

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13. Deerdance Smart Led Strip Lights With Music Sync

Deerdance Smart Led Strip Lights With Music Sync

The smart Christmas lights can be easily accessed through the ‘Magic Home Pro’ app. Also, you can access it through voice commands using Alexa and Google Assistant. Not just this, the smart LED lights are incredibly durable and come with thickened PCB, and LM80 approved LED. Finally, it has a memory function that remembers the previous color options you chose and keep them handy for you.

Price: $39.99

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Ready to Buy Smart Lights for Christmas Decorations?

Want to know the one I chose? Well, I went with two of them; the 7th and the 11th. Which one you liked from the list? Or you have some other option topping your favorite list? Do let me know which one you liked the most.

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