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iGBAccessoriesBest screen protectors for 10.9-inch iPad

Best screen protectors for 10.9-inch iPad

The 10th-generation iPad is a spectacular October 2022 release. Although pricey, some unique features set it apart from other iPad generations. And I bet you want your new gadget protected. You’ve probably already invested in a protective case. Now, pair that with a picture-perfect, super-quality screen protector to give it a face-lift and prevent dents or scratches on the screen. Here are the best screen protectors for your new 10.9-inch iPad (10th generation).

  1. ProCase
  2. iVoler
  3. MoKo
  5. OtterBox

1. ProCase screen protector – Editor’s choice

ProCase iPad 10.9 10th Generation 2022 screen protector

You can’t go wrong with a ProCase screen protector, considering the brand’s track record of making quality iPad cases. This one is a 9H super-hard tempered glass with high-definition clarity.

The ProCase 10th-generation iPad screen protector is 0.3mm thick, adding to its toughness. And, of course, this level of thickness doesn’t compromise screen sensitivity. The tempered glass gives it a glossy feel that makes it pleasant to touch.

For attachment to your device’s screen, this screen protector features an air-exhaustive silicone adhesin, giving it a native blend with your iPad’s screen. Don’t worry about fixing it. A few seconds of DIY is all you need to paste this on your iPad’s screen.


  • Pack of 2 protectors
  • 9H-hard tampered glass material gives it more rigidity
  • An air-exhaustive adhesin eases fixing


  • It may present adherence problems

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2. iVoler ultra thin screen protector – Touch sensitive

iVoler 10th Gen iPad screen protector 10.9 inch

Are you looking for a screen protector with some more sensitivity? Adorn your iPad with this 2-pack iVoler screen guard. It’s only 0.26mm thick, but its 9H tempered glass formation gives it the thickness you need to cruise the day with your new iPad.

The iVoler screen guard offers 99.9 percent HD transparency, plus it’s multi-touch sensitive. These attributes make it sync effectively with your iPad’s screen. And its sensitivity to the Apple Pen is quite impressive. Although the iVoler screen protector appears thin, it glues perfectly to your iPad’s screen unnoticed.


  • Fits perfectly
  • High sensitivity
  • Easy to fix


  • The thin layer might be a disadvantage in some cases

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3. MoKo tempered glass – Easiest to fix

MoKo screen protector for iPad 10.9 Inch

The MoKo case has always been a life-saver on rough days. But this time, you get the choice to pair your iPad with two packs of Moko’s 99 percent ultra-clear HD quality tempered glass.

With a 0.33mm thickness and 9H hardness, MoKo takes the front as one of the toughest but highly sensitive screen guards. The glass is a hydrophobic-oleophobic material, making it water and oil-resistant. You also get a soft wipe, microfiber, and dust-removing stickers in the package to clean the glass before and after fixing.

The material type protects the screen from visible dirt, as they tend to wash off easily. The inner layer is also sleek to prevent bubbles or air while fixing. Overall, a MoKo screen guard only adds to the existing quality and beauty of your new 10th-generation iPad.


  • The hydrophobic-oleophobic glass keeps the screen clean
  • The 0.33mm thickness confers strength without compromising sensitivity
  • 9H-quality hardness
  • 99 percent ultra-clear HD


  • Installation can be tricky

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4. SPARIN – Detailed installation manual

SPARIN screen protector for iPad 10th Generation 10.9 Inch

The SPARIN screen protector gets stronger as the going gets tough. It’s all your new iPad (10th generation) needs to scale the day’s hurdles. Get one of these and protect your iPad with scratch-resistant, 0.33mm, 9H-hard tempered glass.

It follows the 99.9 percent ultra-clear screen convention, plastering adequately to your iPad’s screen. In addition to some extra cleaning fibers, you get a pack of two screen guards when you purchase this offering from SPARIN. Although this screen protector comes with an installation manual, you’ll hardly need it to fix this onto your iPad’s screen.


  • 9H-protective material
  • Enjoy a 99.9 percent crystal-clear picture
  • Easy to fix


  • A carefree application can damage the glass

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5. OtterBox Alpha glass – Lifetime warranty

OtterBox screen protector for iPad 10th Gen

You might’ve already come across OtterBox in your pursuit of cases. The brand’s super-high quality track record hasn’t dropped in this OtterBox iPad 10th Generation screen protector either.

The OtterBox screen guard is second to none with its glossy finish glass made with advanced alpha glass. This gives your iPad an ever-shining look. The glass is also super-sensitive to the touch despite its strength. As a bonus, you get a lifetime warranty when you purchase an OtterBox screen protector.


  • High sensitivity
  • Two-times scratch protection
  • A lifetime warranty is available


  • Expensive

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Wrapping up…

The new features of the new iPad 10th generation are a hard pill to swallow. The A14 Bionic chip, 16-core neural engine, and many more features are hard to ignore. I feel the value placed on your new iPad. And that’s why I selected the best screen guards to compliment your expensive iPad. Feel free to choose from the list.

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