Best Raw Photo Editing Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2020

From the puristic point of view, DSLRs are still way ahead of modern smartphones. However, the gap is not as huge as it once used to be.

A classic case in point, not too long ago we used to rely on the high-end cameras for shooting RAW images. Now those days are gone thanks to the massive advancement in the camera department on iPhone (even Android smartphones have caught up really well.)

As compared to JPEG images, RAW photos have much better quality. That’s the reason why pro photographers adore them a lot. If you are one of them or aspire to be, this roster of the top iPhone RAW photo apps is for you. Take a peek!

Edit Raw Photo on iPhone or iPad using these Best Apps of 2020

#1. ProCam 6

ProCam 6 iPhone and iPad RAW Photo Editor App Screenshot

As a passionate photographer, you would be glad to have “ProCam 6” at your disposal. The best part about this top RAW camera app is the availability of multiple shooting modes. From the appreciable night mode to the elegant portrait mode, it has got you fully covered.

The AEB (Auto Exposure Bracketing) coupled with RAW support comes in super handy when you want to deal with high contrast conditions. It has 60 professionally designed filters to let you adorn your pics. What’s more, you’ve got as many as 17 lenses and 19 smart adjustment tools to beautify the images with more precision.

Price: $7.99

#2. Adobe Lightroom CC

Adobe Lightroom CC RAW Photo Editor iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Adobe’s “Lightroom CC” has always been a powerhouse and a top-notch RAW photo editor. So, calling it the best raw photo app for iOS is fair.

Aside from being an adorable image editor, Lightroom CC also excels as a camera app. It features multiple advanced capture modes to let you shoot RAW and HDR shots elegantly.

To make your images look more appealing, you can tweak several things like color, exposure, tone, and contrast. Even better, you can go for the premium version ($4.99) of the app to unlock a wide range of pro features including Healing Brush, selective adjustments, geometry and also the essential cloud storage.

Price: Free

#3. Snapseed

Snapseed iPhone and iPad RAW Photo Editor App Screenshot

When it comes to professional photo editing, “Snapseed” is one of my top picks for more than one reasons. The app boasts tons of advanced editing tools that make editing images a better experience.

You can effortlessly access all of your RAW files and use a variety of tools like brush, healing, HDR and more to design them like a pro. Get rid of the skewed lines and perfectly adjust the colors to make your images look sharper and more attractive.

Add the stunning Bokeh effect to your images to make the subject look standout. On top of all, Snapseed can also let you add a charming glow to your shots to make them glamorous.

Price: Free

#4. Halide Camera

Halide Camera RAW Photo Editor iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

For shooting high-quality RAW images, “Halide Camera” is probably the most accomplished camera app for iOS. The reason why I say it because of the app sports a pretty elegant user-interface.

Plus, it can capture many types of images like RAW, TIFF, HEIC, and JPG. Thanks to the complete manual control like shutter speed, ISO and white balance, you have the desired control over your photos.

With the manual depth control, you can take fascinating portrait images. Even better, this app lets you capture portraits of pets and objects even on your iPhone XR (knowing that iPhone XR is for human only.)

Price: Free

#5. Moment

Moment Pro Camera iPhone and iPad RAW Photo Editor App Screenshot

What stands out in “Moment” are DSLR-like camera controls (with the pro version/$4.99). That means you will get the enhanced control over your shots and be able to take much better shots.

The full manual controls make sure you can effortlessly adjust all the essential things including ISO, shutter speed, focus, white balance and more. There is also an option to fine-tune the RGB histograms, color profiles, and bitrates for a more sophisticated look.

Better still, Moment is also available on Apple Watch to let you shoot photos or record videos remotely.

Price: Free

#6. Camera-M

Camera-M RAW Photo Editor iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Though there is a lot to like in “Camera-M”, I would talk about the three most important features that make it a fine app for shooting RAW pics on iPhone.

First and foremost, the app provides you the flexibility to take pics in multiple formats like RAW, HEIF, PNG, TIFF, and JPEG. So, depending on your need, you can go with the format to take nice-looking pics.

The second, it boasts intelligent focus tracking technology that comes in really handy when you want to capture top-notch shots in just first take.

And the third, a very reliable portrait mode to let you shoot DSLR-like shots with ease. That’s not all, with a range of camera controls on offer, you will decide how well your shots would look like.

Price: $3.99

#7. Obscura 2

Obscura 2 iPhone and iPad RAW Photo Editor App Screenshot

Ben McCarthy claims that its “Obscura 2” is the best in the business. And looking at what this camera app has to offer, I can buy its argument to a good extent.

To me, the highlight of “Obscura 2” is the ability to deliver better result consistently. By taking advantage of the RAW mode, you can snap images with more detail.

Not to mention the black and white filter pack and the analog filter pack offer you more customization options to make your photos appear pleasing to the eyes.

Price: $4.99

#8. RAW+

RAW Plus Manual Camera iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

If you are looking for a reliable manual camera app to take top-quality RAW images, keep “RAW+” in your mind.

I like its clean UI that makes Shutter and ISO controls easily accessible. As a professional photographer, you’d really adore its simplicity. Another thing that’s worth noting is the 8 white balance presets that offer you more flexibility.

What’s more, the manual focus override and RGB histogram ensure your armory has enough tools to take impressive pics under any situations.

Price: Free

#9. RAW Power

RAW Power iPhone and iPad Photo Editor App Screenshot

“RAW Power” may not be a big name but if you take all the features that it offers, you will find it worth giving a shot.

What I’ve found appreciable in this app is the reliable RAW processing. If you care more about the quality of your images, it should live up to your taste. Features like White Balance, Perspective, Curves, and Sharpen ensure you have the needed command your pics.

Another feature that has caught my eyes in this app is that it offers some really nice organizing tools to keep all the photos in perfect sync. Moreover, it also works with iCloud Photo Library to let you manage your photos immaculately.

Price: $2.99

#10. Lumibee

Lumibee Fast Photo Editor iOS App Screenshot

When I’m dealing with RAW images, I always like to have the luxury of several tools. It kind of offers me the required freedom to give my pics more desirable look. That’s the reason why I’ve found “Lumibee” worth giving a close look.

It’s packed in with 15 super handy adjustment tools like Crop, Tint, Shadows, Exposure, Contrast, Structure and more. Plus, it also has a Vignette tool to enhance the appeal of your photos. Furthermore, the eye-catching analog filters can instantly transform the look of your shots.

Price: Free

That’s pretty much it!

What’s your pick?

Now that you’ve got the top asset, go for a long shooting spree. Do keep me in the loop about your photography experience and the unique things you come across.

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