When it comes to iPads in business, point-of-sale apps top the list. These are one of the finest and the most-needed utilities out of the bunch of iPad apps that cater to businesses. It doesn’t matter if you’re running a small shop right around the corner or doing brisk sales out of your SOHO. If you are collecting payments, iPad’s point-of-sale apps will come in real handy.

Point-of-sale apps work in a simple way: accept credit card payments, bill the customer, deposit the payment into your bank account. And for doing this securely, charge you either a monthly/yearly fee or a per-transaction fee (which is more popular).

There are dozens of point-of-sale apps for the iPad but it’s our duty to pick the best ones.

Best POS Apps for iPad
We’ve got a collection of the best point-of-sale apps for the iPad here:

#1. SalesVu Point of Sale

SalesVu iPad POS App LogoWe know SalesVu to be one of the most perfect cloud-oriented POS systems in the market. It’s feature-rich, packed with the almost every necessity that a POS requires. From what I’ve seen, SalesVu understands cloud much better than most other local apps. You can track, change, tweak, send auto-emailers etc. There’s a flat-percentage fee like PayPal Here and Square.

Price: 2.7% per transaction
Download SalesVu

#2. Square

Square Register iPad App LogoSquare is one of the best and widely-used payment apps. Over the years, it has turned to be an enormously feature-rich product with almost everything accounted for. Still, the interface is simple, focused and seamless. While the iPhone version comes with a set of features, the iPad has even more (printing options, in-app reporting etc.). The app is free and so is the card reader.

Price: 2.75% per transaction or $275/mo (for $0.00 transaction fee)
Download Square

#3. GoPayment from Intuit

GoPayment iPad App LogoGoPayment is pretty much similar to Square. Even the pricing is similar (almost). Intuit needs no introduction. They’ve been producing some amazing software for quite a long time. GoPayment is one of their recent entrants. The app is free like Square and there’s a card reader that comes along.

Price:  2.75%/transaction (swipe), 3.75%/transaction (key-in) OR $12.95/mo which reduces the rates to 1.75% and 2.75% repsectively.
Download GoPayment 

#4. Paypal Here

PayPal Here iPad App LogoPayPal has its own variant of the credit card payment processors that work as great PoS systems. If you’ve got a PayPal account and are happily using it for invoicing and payments, may be PayPal Here is all you need. Get their card reader and you’re set for the transactions. There’s a flat-fee per transaction and there are no catches.

Price: 2.7%
Download PayPal

#5. Ambur

Ambur - Point of sale iPad App LogoAmbur is totally unlike GoPayment or Square or PayPal Here. It’s a system that you own completely and naturally, the prices are sky-high. But if you’re an enterprise looking for a complete PoS package, this is the one. Ambur is a complete package: it’s not just a PoS app but a total inventory management system. If you’re running a shop and looking for payment processing solutions that will take care of everything, Ambur is your solution. Check out our full review on Ambur iPad POS App.

Price: Free, full version: $999.99
Download Ambur

#6. Point Of Sale

Point Of Sale iPad App LogoPoint of Sale is yet another full-feature package for POS operations. Incidentally, though, the app is a little clunky and tries to be feature-rich (ends up being a little bit of a bloat). But if Ambur isn’t on your radar any time soon, but you still want something similar, Point of Sale could be a viable option. The app takes care of most things that a POS process involves. You’ll need to get an Erply account in order to get beyond Lite version’s limitations.

Price: Free
Download Point of Sale

#7. ShopKeep POS

ShopKeep POS iPad App LogoShopeKeep POS is relatively speaking, the underdog that’s silently supporting thousands of businesses with its POS app. There’s a whole package (that sells along with the iPad 2) for a little over $1000, but there’s also the standalone iPad app which you can try out. The whole package also comes with a 30-day free trial. ShopKeep has been consistently providing a magnificent support system for its customers.

Price: Free
Download ShopKeep POS

#8. Kounta

Kounta iPad App IconKounta POS is one of the most commercially successful apps on iPads, Kounta POS is packed with many awesome features like fully customizable POS screen, effortless management of inventory, easy customer relationships, hospitality-specific features, offline working, advanced reporting and analytics platform and more. This cloud-based app also works offline, and this removes some of the major IT hassles.

Price: Free
Download Kounta