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Smart plugs let you conveniently control your devices, lights, and appliances from far away. They are easy to set up and use. But what if you have decorative lights outside the house, or have a fountain and other appliances that are in your backyard or porch. This is where outdoor smart plugs come in. They let you turn on or off the devices from anywhere!

To make your job easier, I have selected ten best smart plugs that can be used outside. These smart outdoor plugs make your life a bit relaxed, safe, and also help you save on electricity bills. You cannot go wrong with any of the products mentioned here. So take a good look and get the most suited for your needs.

1. Kasa IP64 Waterproof Smart Outdoor Plug

Kasa Smart Outdoor Plug

Kasa smart outdoor plug from TP-Link aptly justifies the word ‘outdoor’ as it is IP64 Waterproof. The long Wi-Fi range up to 300 feet guarantees that this plug can be used even in remote corners of your house. Alexa and Google Home integration ensures that you can conveniently turn it on and off using voice.

Setting schedules and timers, device grouping, and the ability to control each outlet individually are the added benefits this best selling smart plug offers. The setup process is straightforward, as it hardly takes five minutes.

USP: IP64 Waterproof and Long Wi-Fi Range
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BN-LINK Heavy Duty Smart Plug

A smart outdoor plug that is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control! It lets you turn your electronics on or off from anywhere using the app on the smartphone or by the mentioned voice assistants without needing a hub.

You can also schedule this to power on and off automatically. It will make sure that your morning coffee is steaming before you leave your bed! Countdown timer, robust construction, and affordable pricing make BN-LINK’s outdoor smart outlet a good buy.

USP: Countdown timer feature
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3. WAKYME Upgraded IP64 Smart Plug

WAKYME Smart Outdoor Plug

Are you ready to be blown away? Here! 2 independent outlets, no need for a hub, wireless remote control, Alexa, Google Home and IFTTT compatibility, 300 feet long-range Wi-Fi, and IP64 Waterproof rating! All these are the capabilities of this upgraded and affordable smart outdoor plug.

You can use voice commands to turn on or off your coffee maker, lights, fans, sprinklers, or anything else you connect to this extraordinary plug. Two-button cap design protects from dust and debris when not in use. On top of all the goodness, it is made from ABS fireproof material and has protection against overload, over-current, and overheating. Timer, countdown, and safety certifications add to the charm!

USP: Fireproof material and Overcurrent Protection
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4. TONBUX Outdoor Smart Outlet Plug with Waterproof Button Cap

TONBUX Outdoor Smart Plug

Waterproof Button Caps on 3 AC outlets protect the module when you are not using this smart outdoor plug. You can personalize your routine by setting schedules and automatic timers. This saves on the electric bill and is environment-friendly.

Tonbux’s smart plug works on 2.4G Wi-Fi and provides 15A/1875W Max output. It further adds to your convenience by allowing you to efficiently control your yard decoration, sprinklers, washing machine, fountains, pumps, and other appliances by voice commands.

USP: Waterproof Button Caps and Environment-friendly
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5. Impact Resistant Outdoor Smart Plug from Foxnovo

Foxnovo Smart Outdoor Plug

Do you regularly leave your hair curling iron, lights, or other appliances ON? Here is a solution for you. The ability to set customized personal schedules, built-in timers, and automatic daily timers that automatically turn on or turn off the device’s power will assure that you save on electricity as well as be safe from electrical hazards.

Foxnovo’s outdoor smart plug is IP44 water-resistant, impact-resistant, and has compatibility with Amazon Echo/Alexa and Google Assistant. Safety features like built-in sensors and surge protection keep the devices safe and make this an excellent buy.

USP: Smart Life app for iOS and Android plus IFTTT support
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6. OOWOLF Outdoor Smart Outlet with 2 Sockets

OOWOLF Outdoor Smart Plug

Enjoy a smart life with this intelligent outdoor plug made from ABS fireproof material and having IP64 waterproof protection. The excellent construction lets you use this product in damp, wet, snowy, and cold conditions, thus making it perfect for outdoor lightings, fountains, washing machines, pumps, electrical outlets, and almost everything else.

IFTTT, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant support let you turn it off or on using voice. Setting schedules and timers, indicator lights, protection caps, and a maximum output of 15A/1875W further solidifies the claims of this smart outdoor plug.

USP: ABS Fireproof Material
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7. Outdoor Wifi Plug with 2 Grounded Outlets from Meross 

Meross Outdoor Wi-Fi Smart Plug

Fire-retardant and IP44 weatherproof housing with overload protection keep you away from endangering the safety of your family. This robust outdoor smart plug is ideal for garden, kitchen, porch, garage, grill, sprinkler, landscape lighting, and for most other outdoor or indoor use. Meross app support and ability to remotely control it using voice with SmartThings, Alexa, and Google Assistant add ease of control.

Ability to individually schedule each socket to switch on and off automatically keeps your bill in control. It also has support for sunrise and sunset settings. The Mediatek IoT (Internet of Things) chipset gives this smart plug a more extended Wi-Fi connection range and minimal offline rate.

USP: Data Stored using AWS in the US
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Signing off…

These were the ten best smart plugs for outdoor use. Before I sign off, I should let you know that all of these can also be used inside your house for controlling the appliances and devices. They carry the tag ‘outdoor’ just because of a few specific features like weatherproof, long-range Wi-Fi, and more. Otherwise, they are just like other smart plugs. So, for which particular purpose are you planning to use these? Let us know.

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