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iGBAccessoriesRange of iPhone 6 Cases From OtterBox

Range of iPhone 6 Cases From OtterBox

Apple iPhone users almost always find it a matter of confusion to choose the right case for their beloved smartphone. Despite the fiercely competitive battle to win over the iPhone 6 users, there are some companies that have ensured the prominence & visibility of their cases by offering exciting variety, quality, and value.

OtterBox is one such brand that’s certainly well-known in the iPhone universe. They have a strong history of meeting the safeguarding needs of the different iPhone versions while adding to the fascination and beauty of the device. With the arrival of iPhone 6, OtterBox have once again stepped up their game with the following range of the best, robust iPhone 6 cases.

1. Defender Series

OtterBox iPhone 6 Defender Series Cases

This series of cases from OtterBox is specifically made to safeguard your phone from any unforeseen knocks. The defender series cases offer an all-around 3-layer robust fortification. This is because they are made with innovative engineering, consisting of three durable materials, and an accurate design that helps to secure your device from all sorts of drops, bumps, and shocks.

Each case consists of an integrated transparent membrane that guards the phone’s screen against scratches. The defender case covers the phone’s ports by sealing them, thereby preventing blockages of jacks and inputs due to dust and dirt. It comes with a holster that you can clip to your belt or strap. It also serves as a kickstand.

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2. Symmetry Series

OtterBox Symmetry Series Cases for iPhone 6

The symmetry series of cases are designed to lend your phone protection as well as style. This case has a drop protection build that consists of over molded substances functioning together to absorb and repel shock away from your phone. It provides protection to the touchscreen against scratches with the help of an elevated beveled edge. It perfectly wraps your phone and secures the entire back and sides.

It is a sleek, pocket-friendly case that comes with wraparound colors and graphics for attraction.

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3. Commuter Wallet

OtterBox iPhone 6 Commuter Series Wallet Cases

This is an all in one protective case with a wallet from OtterBox. Made of 2-layer protection, the commuter wallet consists of a self-adhesive screen guard to shield touchscreen from scrapes. The dual layer of the case functions to absorb and avert shock from the phone, hence safeguarding it from bumps and drops. As the name suggests, the commuter wallet case has a front-facing wallet drawer for storing and accessing cards and cash.

The wallet space can hold up to 3 cards and currency. When you close the wallet, you hear an audible click sound, making you aware that the items in the wallet are secure. It is a slim case that shuts the ports to stop dust and dirt from jamming the inputs and jacks.

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4. Commuter Series

OtterBox iPhone 6 Commuter Series Cases

The Commuter series of cases are designed particularly for people who travel a lot with their iPhone 6. It can offer unrelenting protection to your phone. This is a dual layer case comprising of a self-adhesive screen guard that is anti-scratch. The 2-layer protection consists of two materials working together to absorb and ward off shocks away from your device.

This case is also dustproof as it covers the ports to stop the dust and dirt from congesting the inputs. Though it is a slim case, it potentially offers a steady fortification by covering the back and sides of the phone accurately. You can easily slide your device in and out of your pockets with the Commuter case installed.

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