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Best leather cases for iPhone 14 Plus and 14 Pro Max in 2024

If you go big and get the latest iPhone 14 Plus or the iPhone 14 Pro Max, it’s best to get some accessories for your iPhone 14. It is expensive, and a protective case should be the first thing you should get. If it comes with leather, it’s the perfect icing on the cake.

That said, putting any case on your iPhone won’t be justified. It should be something that can provide the utmost protection to your iPhone. For the same reason, I’ve picked some of the best leather cases for iPhone 14 Plus and 14 Pro Max.

  1. Apple
  2. Noreve
  3. Mujjo
  4. Bellroy
  5. Nomad
  6. Shieldon
  7. LONLI
  8. Otterbox
  9. LUPA Legacy
  10. Lohasic
  11. CYRILL

1. Apple leather case – Editor’s choice

Apple leather case for iPhone 14 plus

Apple’s leather case is the best choice for your iPhone 14 Plus and 14 Pro Max. It comes with tanned finished leather that feels soft in hands and gets a natural patina over time. On top of that, it comes with MagSafe, allowing it to snap with the iPhone 14’s magnets, and supports all MagSafe accessories.

You can connect MagSafe or Qi-enabled chargers to charge your iPhone with the case. Over time, if you use it regularly, you’ll see some creases, especially the MagSafe mark.


  • Snug fit
  • Great grip
  • Soft-leather case
  • Available in multiple colors


  • Forms crease over time

Check out on Amazon: iPhone 14 Plus | iPhone 14 Pro Max

2. Noreve leather case – Variety of options

Noreve iPhone 14 pro and Pro max leather foldable case

Noreve premium leather cases for iPhone 14 Pro Max offers the delicacy of French craftsmanship as everything is handmade. You may pick from five different kinds of classic cases that best fits you. The rear shell case has a sturdy and durable back cover to absorb drops.

The vertical flap, horizontal flap, and wallet cases protect your iPhone from both sides. Therefore, your display is safe from dirt and scratches. The wallet case also has a compartment to keep cards and bills. All cases incorporate a thermoplastic inner frame for break resistance.

Moreover, the sleek form ensures the case fits snugly. The best part is you may choose from several colors and textures and customize your cover by engraving your name or logo. Also, the case is compatible with MagSafe chargers.


  • Thermoplastic inner frame
  • Multiple style and color options
  • Personalize by engraving name or logo


  • A bit thick

Check out on Noreve: iPhone 14 Plus | iPhone 14 Pro Max

3. Mujjo leather case – Best premium leather case

Mujjo leather case for iPhone 14 plus

The Mujjo leather case should serve you well if you’re into luxury cases. It comes with vegetable-tanned Ecco leather that turns gorgeous with each passing day since it develops a patina. The leather used has been Gold rated for its eco-friendliness.

It has 1mm raised leather bezels that provide better protection and maintains a slim profile simultaneously. This case supports MagSafe, allowing you to connect accessories like MagSafe wallets, battery packs, and others.


  • Slim profile
  • Premium leather finish
  • Lined microfibre finish
  • 1mm raised bezels and camera bump


  • Requires occasional cleaning

Check out on Mujjo: iPhone 14 Plus | iPhone 14 Pro Max

4. Bellroy Mod – Minimal wallet leather case

Bellroy iPhone 14 plus leather case

If you’re looking for a leather case that doubles as a wallet. The leather used in this case is a premium hide-tanned leather, Gold-rated by the Leather Working Group environmental protocols while keeping the case slim. The leather ages gracefully without a doubt and looks beautiful over time.

The wallet on this leather case can fit up to three cards and has a magnetic trapdoor that magnetic snaps when closing the wallet. It’s one of the best wallet cases for your iPhone.

It’s MagSafe compatible, but removing the cards from the wallet is best before putting your iPhone on a MagSafe or wireless charger. Furthermore, it’s available in various colors, and you can customize the case and the wallet individually when purchasing.


  • Slim profile
  • Premium leather finish
  • Magnetic trapdoor wallet
  • Customizable


  • Expensive compared to others

Check out on Bellroy: iPhone 14 Plus | iPhone 14 Pro Max

5. Nomad Modern leather case – Sophisticated and clean look

Nomad iPhone 14 plus leather case

If you’re fond of classy looks, the Nomad modern leather case is perfect for your iPhone 14 Plus and iPhone 14 Pro Max. Nomad is known for using vegetable-tanned American Horween leather.

It develops a unique patina on the leather with usage over time. Simultaneously, you’ll get a rich, glossy, and rugged look on your case. Nomad claims they tested the case for up to 10ft drop protection, thanks to the 360° TPE bumper. It also has dual lanyard points to attach something to it. On top of that, it comes with MagSafe and wireless charging capabilities.


  • Premium American Horween leather
  • 360° TPE bumper
  • MagSafe compatible


  • Shiny but slippery back

Check out on Nomad: iPhone 14 Plus | iPhone 14 Pro Max

6. Shieldon folio case – Best RFID-blocking case

SHIELDON iPhone 14 plus leather case

If you’re looking for a leather folio case, then Shieldon’s folio case is for you. It has all-around protection and a genuine leather build. There’s a wallet in the case that lets you store up to three cards. It also comes with RFID-blocking technology that doesn’t allow scanners to access your cards when the tap-to-pay option is enabled.

The inner side of the case is soft to the touch and has hard shockproof edges. Apart from that, you get a lifetime warranty for replacements, and if you aren’t happy with the product, you can get it replaced. You can find more wallet cases for your iPhone if you like this one.


  • RFID blocking
  • Various color options
  • Wallet


  • MagSafe is missing

Check out on Amazon: iPhone 14 Plus | iPhone 14 Pro Max

7. LONLI Classic – Soft leather case

Brown colored leather case by LONLI for iPhone 14 Plus

This leather case is perfect for you if your preference is soft leather, similar to Apple, but at half its price. It has got Italian Bovine Nappa leather. This leather is dry and grainy when taken out of the box but becomes soft to the touch over time.

Furthermore, you get raised lips to protect your camera and screen from accidental drops and surface scratches. It is also compatible with MagSafe accessories. Nonetheless, the weight remains minimum, even with all these things.


  • Soft-leather case
  • MagSafe compatible
  • Lightweight


  • Feels grainy at first

Check out on Amazon: iPhone 14 Plus | iPhone 14 Pro Max

8. Otterbox Strada – Folio leather case

Black Color leather case by Otterbox for iPhone 14 Plus

This premium leather case from Otterbox also doubles as a folio case that lets you keep your cards. The leather feels soft to the touch, yet you get a polycarbonate shell underneath for better protection. Also, the magnetic latch adds a nice touch when closing this folio leather case.

You can also store up to two cards in the provided cardholder. It is compatible with all MagSafe and Qi-enabled accessories. You need not worry about 5G services being affected since they don’t interfere with 5G signals. However, you should take out the cards from the case before putting them on a MagSafe charger.


  • Premium leather
  • MagSafe compatible
  • Cardholder


  • Expensive over others

Check out on Otterbox: iPhone 14 Plus | iPhone 14 Pro Max

9. LUPA Legacy – Slim folio leather case

LUPA Legacy leather case for iPhone

If you want to go slim but not miss out on a folio leather case, you should go for Lupa’s solution. It has luxury PU leather, is hand-stitched, and lasts longer. While slim, it can still protect your iPhone’s corners, screen, and cameras.

It has 0.5mm raised edges on the camera, and 1.6mm raised edges over the screen. Additionally, you can also have up to four cards or some cash stashed inside the leather case. It also feels good to hold and looks elegant. However, it isn’t compatible with MagSafe accessories, yet it works well with Qi-enabled wireless chargers.


  • Looks stylish
  • Slim folio case
  • Cardholder


  • No MagSafe support

Check out on LUPA Legacy: iPhone 14 Plus | iPhone 14 Pro Max

10. Lohasic leather case – Soft vintage case

LOHASIC iPhone 14 Plus leather case

A vintage look can never go out of fashion. The Lohasic leather case achieves the same with premium PU leather that feels soft and develops a natural patina over time. There’s a low-profile Apple logo due to light gold electroplated bumps on the case, providing a classy look.

While looking good, it also protects your iPhone with 1mm raised lips for the screen and cameras. Moreover, it doesn’t attract fingerprints or slip from your hand. On top of that, it’s compatible with MagSafe accessories and Qi wireless charging.


  • Classy vintage look
  • MagSafe and Qi compatible
  • Soft and good grip


  • Might form creases over time

Check out on Amazon: iPhone 14 Plus | iPhone 14 Pro Max

11. CYRILL kajuk case – Vegan leather case

CYRILL Kajuk leather case for iPhone 14 Plus

If you’re someone who takes veganism seriously, the Cyrill Kajuk leather case is the perfect choice for you. It comes with premium vegan leather that has 4-layer protection with a sturdy leather back, flexible bumpers, and soft microfiber lining. It looks classy regardless of your chosen color while keeping it scratch-proof, water, and grease-resistant.

A lanyard loop on the case allows you to connect different accessories for your iPhone. Furthermore, it supports MagSafe and Qi wireless charging with strong in-built magnets.


  • Premium vegan leather
  • MagSafe and Qi compatible
  • Includes lanyard loop


  • Color may fade over time

Check out on Amazon: iPhone 14 Plus | iPhone 14 Pro Max

The leather feels great on your iPhone…

That’s my list of the best leather cases available for your iPhone 14 Plus and iPhone 14 Pro Max. Most leather cases bring out their beauty over time when they develop a unique patina. Keep an eye on this space, as I’ll include more options when I find them.

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