Best Wireless Charging Stands for iPhone Xs Max and XR

Best Wireless Charging Stands for iPhone Xs Max, Xs, and XR

Recently, while compiling the must-have accessories for 2018 iPhones, I came across some of the finest wireless charging docking stations that are designed to work with iPhone Xs Max, Xs, and XR. Aside from juicing up the device securely, they provide enhanced hands-free experience to rev up your FaceTime or movie watching.

The features that I have made sure to check out in the following wireless chargers are the well-built design and the ability to offer the efficient charging solution. Plus, I’ve ensured that they must offer improved viewing angles. Are they good enough to meet your demand? Let’s walk through the roundup to find out the most efficient wireless charging stands for your device!

1. Anker PowerPort Wireless 5 Stand

Anker Wireless Charging Stand for iPhone Xs Max, Xs, and iPhone XR

When it comes to producing top-notch dock for iPhone, Anker has long been a trusted name. And “PowerPort Wireless 5 Stand” has got all the qualities to be your premium wireless charging stand.

What I like the most in this charger is the well-built design. It lets you position your smartphone both vertically and horizontally. So, you get a better viewing angle while watching media.

As for charging, it powers up your device fast and also safeguards it against common hazards like short-circuiting. Plus, PowerPort Wireless 5 Stand comes with an 18-month warranty.

USP: Secure charging
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2. Belkin Boost Up

Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Stand for iPhone Xs Max, Xs, and iPhone XR

Belkin is well-known for producing exceptionally efficient chargers for the iPhone. And its “Boost Up” is primed to be highly competent and works with not just iPhone but also many Android devices.

You can use this docking station to position your iPhone not just in landscape but also in portrait mode to have improved viewing angles. Due mainly to the non-slip mat, it stays firmly while holding your device.

Regarding secure charging, Boost Up safeguards your smartphone against all the common dangers. Lastly, this top-quality charger comes with a reliable three-year warranty.

USP: Fast-charging
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DINTO iPhone Xs Max, Xs, and iPhone XR Wireless Docking Station

I look at “DINTO” as a proficient wireless charger. It keeps everything simple and lets you charge the Apple Watch and iPhone comfortably.

The wide charging area becomes very helpful when you want to continue to catch up with your favorite flicks even when the device is being powered up. The advanced safety protection and temperature control don’t allow villains like overheating damage your smartphone and the watch.

Rugged construction plays a vital role in helping it survive minor bumps. Apart from durability, DINTO comes in a couple of good-looking colors: black and white.

USP: Advanced safety protection
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NANAMI iPhone Xs Max, Xs, and iPhone XR Wireless Charging Stand

NANAMI has ticked off almost all the boxes to be one of my favorite wireless charging stands. Besides, the four and a half stars out of more than 2,000 customer reviews make it highly appreciable.

The rugged construction enables it to survive the occasional bumps. With the presence of two built-in coils, it allows you to power up your device in the desired angle.

Thanks to the multi-colored LED indicators, tracking the power status is never a big deal. More importantly, it charges your device quietly ensuring you continue to sleep peacefully.

USP: Rugged construction
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So, these are my top charging stands. Hopefully, you have found them good enough to meet your requirements.

Your favorite wireless charging dock?

I believe all the above chargers are fully equipped to be a long-term prospect for your device. They are highly durable and also deliver efficient charging. May I know which one of them is going to keep your device powered up?

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