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Best iPhone SE 2 Privacy Screen Protector

Although privacy is a myth (and it has proven long back), people make all the efforts to protect it. While software programs and apps coax you into sharing details, you can hide your iPhone screen from prying eyes. Yes, there are anti-spy screen guards for this purpose. Without further delay, let’s explore the best iPhone SE 2 privacy screen protector.

1. JETech Anti-Spy Tempered Glass Film

JETech Privacy Screen Protector for iPhone SE 2020

JETech has crafted a high-quality privacy screen protector in portrait viewing modes. Once you install this film, only the person standing in front can see the screen.

A premium tempered glass with rounded edges ensures protection of the phone screen. With 0.33mm thickness and 9H hardness, this high-quality screen guard resists scratches.

Keep your phone screen dust-free and protect it against fingerprints. A one-push installation is a notable feature.


  • 9H hardness
  • 0.33mm thickness
  • One-push installation


  • Strains your eyes

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2. TECHO Edge to Edge Privacy Screen Protector

TECHO iPhone SE 2020 Screen Protector

Curved glass design makes all the difference here. TECHO’s anti-spy screen guard covers all the parts of your phone screen, and this includes curved edges. Thus, this film ensures full coverage and edge to edge protection.

Absorbing almost any impact, this protector does not disclose your private browsing to public eyes. Your personal information remains with you always, no matter where you are.

An HD tempered glass is much more transparent than other privacy screen protectors. Use this anti-fingerprint film, coated with a hydrophobic and oleophobic layer.


  • Hydrophobic and oleophobic layer
  • Full coverage; edge to edge protection
  • Bubble-free adhesive for magnetic adsorption


  • The mounting frame is required (otherwise, bubbles are left on screen)

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3. Supershieldz Anti-spy Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Supershieldz Privacy Screen Protector for iPhone SE 2020

Supershieldz has made this anti-spy protector for those who frequently change their iPhone cases. This is your case-friendly screen guard, which can befriend your leather, rugged, slim, or waterproof cases.

The brand has made this privacy film from tempered glass, which lets only the person in front of the screen view the content. A 2.5D rounded edge glass gives you original touch experience.

For screen protection, Supershieldz uses 9H Hardness, Hydrophobic, and Oleophobic coating. The two materials keep sweat and fingerprints away from the screen.


  • 2.5D rounded edge glass
  • Original touch experience
  • Sweat and fingerprints resistant


  • Could be a little bit stronger

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4. Pehael Privacy Screen Protector

Supershieldz Privacy Screen Protector for iPhone SE 2020

Your fingers will glide over the smooth surface of this privacy screen protector from Pehael. And you can experience a perfect feeling. This is the power of ultra-thin, durable surface of this anti-spy screen film.

Bubble-free installation and high transmittance give you a better interaction with your second-generation iPhone SE. Oleophobic coating prevents oil and fingerprint smudges from damaging the screen.

2.5D rounded edges make this film case friendly. You can wrap your phone in any case with confidence.


  • Anti-fingerprints, oil, smudges, and water
  • Ultra-thin yet durable
  • Perfect touch feeling


  • Too dark in the sunlight

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5. uShield Anti-Spy Screen Protector

uShield iPhone SE 2020 Anti-Spy Privacy Screen Protector

Secure ultra-privacy by using this premium glass screen protector for your 2020 iPhone SE. This film works on four levels: anti-glare, anti-spy, anti-scratch, and fingerprint-proof.

Your iPhone screen is visible only at 30 degrees; if a bystander goes further, the screen will be invisible. Responsive touch revs up your experience, especially while you are playing games on your iPhone.

You can use your iPhone confidently. This scratch-resistant screen guard protects the screen against daily wear and tear, car key scratches, etc.


  • Responsive touch
  • All-round protection
  • Scratch-resistant


  • Images on phone appear to be pixelated

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6. Tech Armor Ballistic Glass Privacy Screen Protector

Tech Armor Anti-Spy Privacy Screen Protector for iPhone SE 2020

Ballistic glass can put up with severe damage. Tech Armor has used Japanese Asahi glass to manufacture a high-quality screen guard.

A multilayered anti-spy protector flaunts polished and rounded edges, which deliver 99.99% HD clarity.

When you turn your phone left or right, the screen will fade to prevent prying eyes. However, you need to enable brightness on your iPhone display. The film can darken the image. A case-friendly screen guard will never interrupt the process of case installation.


  • Polished & rounded edges
  • 99.99% HD clarity
  • Japanese Asahi glass


  • Reduces display clarity

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7. RoosterCo Anti-spy Tempered Glass Film

RoosterCo iPhone SE 2020 Anti-Spy Privacy Screen Protector

RoosterCo has used six nanolayers to create an anti-spy tempered glass film for your second-generation iPhone SE. A case-friendly film has specially designed curved-edge glass.

When you hold your iPhone at 45 degrees, the phone screen turns invisible to others. This will block views from sides and keep your private information hidden from strangers.

The brand has used the highest quality glass with 100% bubble-free adhesives. It is super easy to install this 0.33mm glass film, which leaves zero residues when you remove it.


  • Zero residues when removed
  • 9H hardness
  • Protection against sweat and oil


  • Fragile (may break easily)

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8. GLASS-M Edge to Edge Privacy Screen Protector

GLASS-M Anti-Spy Privacy Screen Protector for iPhone SE 2020

Glass-M brings a 180-degree anti-spy screen protector for iPhone SE 2. This privacy shield can prevent others from watching your screen when it is held in a portrait viewing mode.

For edge protection, Glass-M has used high-quality and thick (0.33mm) glass. And the glass has 2.5D rounded edges and 9H hardness. While rounded edges make it case-friendly, hardness safeguards your phone screen against drops, scrapes, and bumps.

To ensure original viewing quality and high transparency, the brand maintains a 98% light penetration ratio.


  • 180-degree anti-spy
  • 98% light penetration ratio
  • Natural feel & flawless touch accuracy


  • Needs improvement in fingerprints resistance

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9. GPROVA Anti-fingerprint Privacy Screen Protector

GPROVA iPhone SE 2020 Anti-Spy Privacy Screen Protector

GPROVA offers two-pack anti-spy tempered glass film for your 2020 iPhone SE. With the most updated technology, GPROVA crafted a privacy screen protector that is 90% brighter than other products.

30% better in blocking strangers, this protector saves your phone screen from routine wear and tear, shocks, bumps, and smudges.

A quality that makes it a good deal is responsiveness. This high-definition clear film does not interfere with sensors. Moreover, you can use your phone for long hours as you will hardly feel eye strain.


  • Dry application
  • Does not interfere with sensors
  • 30% better in blocking strangers


  • Little hard to view screen when outside

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Wrapping up!

Shoulder surfing is one of the nasty habits developed by many people. They sneak up on your phone to check what you are watching on your iPhone. Anti-spy screen guards prevent others from viewing your phone.

Do you use privacy screen protectors for your second-generation iPhone SE?

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