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Best iPhone Repair Kits in 2024

The iPhone casing is so beautiful that you would probably never think of pulling it apart. But if you’re a tech geek and wish to dismantle your phone for whatever reasons, it’s advisable to get the best iPhone repair kits to satisfy your curiosity. Maybe you want to understand how your device is built or try to fix a hardware problem on your own. Well, this post is especially for you, but please remember to be careful with such experiments.

1. Kaisi 16-Piece Repair Tool Kit

Kaisi iPhone Repair Kit

Kaisi is unarguably the best iPhone repair kit in this list. Not only by its reviews & ratings, but the brand has manufactured high-quality tools to repair your iPhone. For user convenience, Kaisi has used stainless steel tip, plastic handle with a rubberized grip, anti-static tweezers and scrapers, hardened plastic pry bars and triangle paddles.

This entire kit has 16-in-1 precision screwdriver set that boasts tools like triangle paddles, two pieces mount bars, one piece graver and one piece scraper.


  • Plastic handle with rubberized grip
  • Anti-static and magnetism
  • Professional-grade tools


  • Tools may not endure multiple applications

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2. iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit with 64 Bit Driver Kit DIY

iFixit Repair Kit for iPhone

iFixit has manufactured this kit after extensive research of more than five years. After collecting user data from thousands of repair manuals, the company has designed tools by using highest quality materials and methods. This kit has 64 bit driver kit, which has iFixit’s lifetime warranty.

Use iFixit’s step-by-step repair and installation guides prepared by repair professionals. Moreover, a community of repair pros of the world share their knowledge, experience, tips, and tricks. If you want to make a career in electronics or already own a repair shop, you would surely ignore the price factor.


  • Highest quality materials & methods
  • Made after extensive research


  • Soft metal bits

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3. Syntus 63 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Set with 57 Bit

Syntus iPhone Repair Tool Kit

Syntus has updated its iPhone repair kit with a piece of triangle plectrum, plastic opening tool and a bit for disassembling the mainboard of iPhone. A strong magnetic force helps you fix bit and pull the screws out.

A flexible shaft is quite useful for electronics where the shaft is hard to get. Thanks to its press and push design enables you to take out bits to save from needless hassle.


  • Press and pull design
  • Strong magnetic force


  • Hex shaft may slip and trip

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4. JAKEMY Screwdriver Set 43 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Kit

JAKEMY iPhone Repair Tools

JAKEMY presents wide variety of screwdriver bits that can meet your all needs, like repairing or opening all iPhones. The convenient tool kit weighs only 8.8 ounces; you can quickly open the case with a button. The size of this kit is so small that you can carry it in your pocket.

Tools inside the kit are made of chrome-vanadium steel; apart from its durability and precision, I like the tools for their quality of not damaging your devices.


  • Chrome-vanadium steel
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Easily reach narrow places


  • Teeth wear out

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5. XOOL 80 in 1 Precision Set with Magnetic Driver Kit

XOOL iPhone Repair Kit

XOOL is arguably the best pick of this list. Widely known for its precision, this tool kit has 80-in-1 professional set that you can use for your Apple devices including Apple Watch. One of the striking features of this kit is it can be operated by professionals and amateur alike.

Normally, a tool kit cannot be a great gift idea, but nowadays, you can consider this product as a decent gift. Apart from the regular tools, this kit includes utility knife, SIM card ejector PIN and LCD suction cup etc.


  • Can be used by professionals and amateurs
  • Most economical
  • Anti-static and magnetic


  • Difficult to get the iPhone case off

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6. MMOBIEL 21 in 1 Professional Premium Repair Kit

MMOBIEL Repair Kit for iPhone

MMOBIEL iPhone tool kit has double sided electronics repair tape. You can use this tape multiple times; it is 2mm wide and 50 meter long fur. Moreover, this kit includes special tools like Pentalobe Star 0.8mm, 1.2mm.

Although it is a premium tool kit for your iPhone, it is available at a dirt cheap rate.


  • Ultra-thin steel pry tool
  • Suitable for almost all smartphones


  • Multiple strips needed to hold wider items

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7. SPEEX Repair Kit for iPhone

SPEEX iPhone Repair Kit

One of the cheapest repairing kits in this list, Speex brings the best iPhone glass repair kit for you. You can use a windshield repair kit to replace your iPhone screen without causing any damage. A suction vacuum opener ensures you don’t leave any marks or chipping your phone housing.


  • Affordable price
  • Quickly take the screen off your iPhone


  • For single use

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8. Nanch Screwdriver Set with 22 Screwdriver Bits

Nanch iPhone Repair Kit

Nanch has made these tools from metal, and for this reason, it has anti-slip area. Additionally, a swivel top provides comfortable feeling in hand; a telescopic shaft inside ensures longer slender reach.

To make the tool kit portable and handy, Nanch has used a durable box with perfect weight and compact design. You can easily carry the box and handle it firmly.


  • 100% made of metal
  • Wide application
  • Long and slim bits


  • Smaller bits are not machined precisely

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9. GANGZHIBAO 25pcs Electronics Repair Tool Kit

GANGZHIBAO iPhone Repair Kit

A multifunction repair kit for your iPhone is perfect for most electronic devices at your home and office. Turn yourself into an expert technician and fix your iPhone problems by using professional-grad repair kits. The tools also protect your privacy from strangers as you are not supposed to ask any help from a technician.

GangZhiBao has used magnetic durable stainless steel tip, which is stable and does not strip and deform. Each tool has plastic handle with rubberized grip.


  • Magnetic stainless steel tip
  • High-quality handy material


  • More torx head drivers than needed

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Summing up…

An iPhone repair kit comes handy when you want to do minor fixes without taking any help from a third person. It saves your privacy and does not cost you much.

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Which repair kit would you like to buy? Share your feedback with us in the comment below.

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