Best Apple Music Alternatives for iPhone and iPad

iPhone’s stock Music App has vastly improved in recent times. However, it still might not find much traction among music lovers who want something beyond plain music. If you are among this group of folks, here is your list of best iPhone music app alternatives.

Wondering what makes these music apps stand out? Well, it’s the ability to let you control music and enliven music experience with the handy features that make them special. (You may like to read to best Apple Music alternatives) Let’s find out!

Best iPhone Music App Alternatives of 2020

#1. Musixmatch Lyrics Finder

Musixmatch Lyrics Finder iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

“Musixmatch” is magnificent in terms of functionality. With the world’s biggest lyrics catalog, it provides synchronized song lyrics along with multi-lingual translations. You can connect Apple Music or Spotify Premium account to have synced lyrics while playing music. Even better, you can instantly identify and get the lyrics of any song playing around you.

  • World’s largest lyrics catalog
  • Identify and get the lyrics of any song
  • Also shows multi-lingual translations
  • Great for learning new languages

Price: Free

#2. CarTunes

CarTunes Music Player iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

A full-gesture music player is usually scary to pursue but the developers behind CarTunes nailed it. If you’d want to feel like some futuristic Gen Y using a smart device to control music, CarTunes will get you as close to the feeling as possible. Here’s the bunch of gestures that are assigned specific actions:

  • Full gesture control
  • Tap anywhere to play & pause music
  • Flick to change tracks
  • Slide to change the volume
  • Pull down to instantly tweet
  • Two-finger flick to shuffle
  • Slide to seek forward and backward
  • Pinch to play current song’s album or artist

It might take some time getting used to all the gestures but once you’re into it, you’ll probably love it. One thing that CarTunes isn’t is a full-fledged smart music player. Everything else is about as good as it can get with a gorgeous interface and usability.

Price: $4.99

#3. Cesium Music Player

Cs Music Player iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Cesium is a class apart due mainly to rich features. The intuitive controls, as well as customizable interface along with impressive design, are its biggest highlights. Simply swipe left to add any music to queue. To shuffle or play, just swipe right. It provides easy option to edit, reorder or sort playlists. Customizable tabs, night mode, and custom themes add more feather to its profile.

  • Control music with gestures
  • Customizable tabs
  • Night mode
  • Custom themes
  • Elegant design

Price: $2.99

#4. Picky

Picky Music Player iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Hunting for an app that can let you browse and listen to music in a better way? Picky has got to be a good choice. With it, you can keep artists and album lists look pretty clean by hiding the ones with fewer songs. You also have the option to line up the songs you wish to play later. Simply swipe up on the now playing view in order to check out the list of now playing songs.

  • Line up songs to play later
  • Sort the main albums comfortably
  • Filter songs and artists effortlessly
  • Quickly check out the list of now playing songs

Price: $2.99

#5. FLAC Player+

FLAC Player+ iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

If you have a penchant for high-quality sound, “FLAC Player+” can be a top-notch option for you. With the support of FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) along with a number of audio codecs including MP3, AAC, WMA, RM, the music player ensures you are able to enjoy real music at its very best. It lets you manage your songs by playlist, album, artist, composer, genre. Thanks to the support of 24-bit as well as 32-bit audio output, it’s able to deliver the desired performance.

  • Support 24-bit, 32-bit audio output.
  • Let you manage your songs by playlist, album, artist, composer, genre.
  • Support background audio.

Price: Free

#6. SoundShare

SoundShare iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

SoundShare is much more than just a plain music app. By connecting many music services into one social network, it not just brings the real joy of listening to music but also makes sharing music with friends absolute fun. You can check out what your friends are tuned into and even play it. Even better, you also have the option to create playlists with your friends.

  • Excellent music-centric social network
  • Connect many music services
  • Option to create playlists with friends
  • Let you find out what your friends are playing

Price: Free

#7. Stezza

Stezza Music Player iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

What makes Stezza is a very competent music player is the ability to let you control your music without any hassle. The adaptive album themes add more value to it. Custom color themes offer you the option to customize their appearance. As it supports video playback, you will be able to watch your all-time favorite movies elegantly. It lets you interact with your iTunes media library elegantly.

  • Simple UI
  • Adaptive album themes
  • Custom color themes
  • Video playback

Price: $2.99

#8. Listen

Listen Gesture Music Player iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Want to control music elegantly? Listen is an ideal option to not just improve your music experience but also offer the desired comfort to fine-tune music. With the gesture-based interface, you can swipe left or right to quickly change tracks, play/pause and even add songs.

  • Easy-to-Use UI
  • Gesture-based controls
  • Swipe left or right to change tracks
  • Swipe up in order to add songs to Favorites Playlist
  • Tap to play/pause

Price: Free

#9. Ecoute

Ecoute iPhone and iPad Music App Screenshot

Ecoute is easily one of the best music players for iPhone. With the highly user-friendly UI, it makes exceptionally easy to control music. Thanks to cool gestures, it lets you fine-tune your music with optimum convenience. As soon as the brightness of the screen dims, it automatically switches to the night mode to prevent your eyes from straining. Facebook and Twitter integration allow you to share your favorite tracks with your friend more conveniently.

  • Highly user-friendly UI
  • Gesture Controls
  • Switches into Night Mode automatically when the brightness of the screen dims
  • Options to manage now playing queue
  • Integrates Facebook and Twitter

Price: $0.99

Wrapping Up

Have I not included any of your music apps? Let me know that in the comments.

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