Someone may be skeptical about installing a keylogger on their device voluntarily. We wouldn’t typically want to see this fellow among applications running on our device, as such kind of programming is traditionally associated with spying malware that tries to compromise our privacy and get hold of our passwords and bank account credentials. However, recently keylogging was put to good use and is being utilized in the wide array of monitoring tools. There are stand-alone keylogger programs, as well as versatile control applications with featured keylogger options.

What is a keylogger? This is any piece of software or hardware that keeps a log of keystrokes. Not so long ago, keyloggers were only compatible with traditional keyboards. However, touchscreen keyloggers have become possible as well.

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Best iPhone and iPad Keyloggers

They use it to:

  • Keep a track of one’s own device, while it’s out of reach;
  • Monitor underage children;
  • Monitor company-owned devices issued to employees.

Concerned parents sometimes use keyloggers to monitor their children’s online activities and whereabouts. Although software designed to block and restrict access to certain content and sites exists, it can be (and very often is) bypassed by tech-savvy children, therefore a keylogger seems to be the only mean of keeping a finger on a pulse of an underage’s cyber life.

Sometimes people would install keylogger programs to secure their phone should they lose it, or to see how others use the device given to them temporarily.

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Employers sometimes use keyloggers on company-owned iPhones and iPads to assess the employee’s performance and ensure that the device is used only for work-related tasks. In this case, an employee must be aware that the keystroke logging is being performed.

Even if you do not consider installing a keylogger on your device, you should be aware of the possibility.

Moreover, some of them can be hidden, so you may have one on your own device already without even knowing. It’s always better to know what you may face.

Best Keyloggers for iPhone and iPad

#1. Pumpic iPhone Keylogger

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Pumpic Keylogger for iPhone and iPad

This keylogger concentrates on parental monitoring purposes, such as protection against cyber-bullying, online predators, sexting and other inappropriate online behavior from both sides (the child and their interlocutors). The keylogger feature is a part of Pumpic software, which is visible on the target device, so the person you track is aware of the monitoring (it includes SMS, calls, the web, social networks, pictures and videos, GPS location and many more.)

The information gathered on the target device is sent to the control panel, which is the device you designate.

Main plus: versatility (with options of remote control panel, geofences, and locking of the device.)


#2. iKeyMonitor

iKeyMonitor iPhone and iPad Keylogger

This one lets you not only protect your children but also expose a cheating spouse by revealing SMS and call logs, as well as chat messages from a number of popular social networks (Facebook, Kik, WhatsApp, hangouts, etc.) The GPS tracking is a feature that also might come in handy if you lose your phone. All logs are sent to your e-mail account (so make sure to create one apart from that you use on your phone.)

Main plus: available in multiple languages.

Find more at

#3. KidLogger

KidLogger iPhone and iPad Keylogger

This app reacts to the trigger words (“drugs”, for example), makes a screenshot once the word was typed in, and sends the journal of gathered data to your e-mail address, and promises to stay undetectable on the target device. However, while not conspicuous, it is still visible in the “Running application list.” Moreover, it does not keep full keystroke record in iOS-compatible version.

Main plus: offers both free and a paid PRO versions (though PRO is only available for Android.)

Visit for more information.

#4. FlexiSpy

FlexiSpy Keylogger for iPhone and iPad

This one is also offering a keylogger among the array of spying features, which is rather wide: SMS and call logs, e-mail and many social networks messages monitoring, geo-fencing, locking and wiping the phone. However, it’s pretty pricey.

Main plus: “Extreme” version records the surrounding sounds and calls.


Disclaimer: You should remember, though, that technically, undetectable monitoring software can be classified as a surveillance, so make sure you do not use it without other side’s consent (unless the target device belongs to you or your underage children).

About Author: Jana Rooheart is an e-safety specialist and a professional blogger. She lives in Kansas City with her family and works part-time.

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