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Best iPhone 7 Wooden Cases

With the remarkable pattern, handmade finish, slim design, wooden cases have come a long way. They are no longer bulky or look odd. Superior construction endowed with form-fitting factor makes for a long-lasting impression. Knowing your craving for the real beauty, I have already compiled an extensive list of best iPhone 7 Plus Wooden cases. And now, it’s time to make an appreciable collection of the best iPhone 7 wooden cases. Beautifully carved to look sophisticated, these wooden cases are worth a chance on your smartphone. Let’s explore!

1. iProductsUS

iProductsUS iPhone 7 Wooden Case

If you admire the artistic design, iProductsUS can be an excellent option for you. It’s made of natural wood and features beautifully carved patterns.
The case has a soft TPU interior that enables it to absorb shock. With the embedded metal plate, it also works with magnetic car mounts.

The precise cutouts provide hassle-free access to the Lightning port, camera, and speakers. Furthermore, iProductsUS comes in more than 30 color variants.

USP: Embedded metal plate
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2. Luxury Pocket Book from Pad & Quill

Luxury Pocket Book iPhone 7 Wooden Case

Are you in quest of a luxurious wooden cover? If yes, you shouldn’t look beyond Luxury Pocket Book.

This case is made of Baltic birch wood and full-grain American leather. Due mainly to strong cradle, it can fight out shock and offer the necessary defense to your iPhone against drops.

The inner slots are good enough to store up to 5-7 cards and also some cash. That means you won’t need to carry a traditional wallet anymore.

Furthermore, the ageless patina and UV resistance quality make Luxury Pocket Book an evergreen suit for the iPhone.

USP: Made of baltic birch wood and leather
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3. Woodline from Pad & Quill

Woodline iPhone 7 Wooden Case

Unlike Luxury Pocket Book, Woodline features a simple and compact design. It snaps around your smartphone immaculately.

The FSC certified hardwood construction can withstand even nasty bumps. Aramid polymer core further empowers the structure to ensure your smartphone has complete protection.

The polished design exterior can resist scratches. With the precision cutouts, the cover allows you to access all the ports and camera comfortably.

USP: FSC certified hardwood
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YFWOOD iPhone 7 Wooden Case

YFWOOD wooden case sports compact design. Made of natural wood, it has exceptionally sturdy and durable. Being very slim, it settles in nicely with the smartphone.

The smooth finish offers just the comfort you would want to hold it conveniently in your hands. Precise cutouts allow unhindered access to all the ports and buttons of your device. On top of all, you have thirteen variants to pick from.

USP: Ergonomic design
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5. NeWisdom

NeWisdom iPhone 7 Wooden Case

Are you looking for a classic wooden case? Sporting genuine wood layer over soft TPU rubber, NeWisdom wooden case has a natural flair. It snaps around the iPhone seamlessly and also provides anti-slip grip.

The compact design, as well as the precise cutouts, enhance its profile. With the slim structure, it makes a nice-looking match with the smartphone. Aside from the slim design, NeWisdom case can also offer needed protection from drops and scratches.

USP: Low-profile design
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6. iATO

iATO iPhone 7 Wooden Case

What makes iATO a good option is the low-profile design. It’s neatly designed and features a slim look. With the shockproof bumper, this wooden case can resist impact.

The smooth exterior offers a non-slip grip. The beveled edge ensures the screen doesn’t slide when the iPhone is placed face down. Besides, iATO is available in multiple color variants.

USP: Shockproof design
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7. JuBeCo

JuBeCo Wooden Case for iPhone 7

JuBeCo has crafted this case from bamboo, which ensures better quality and strength. The arc edge design gives this case a superior aesthetic element. Moreover, it is supremely easy to install and remove the case. JuBeCo has retained slim design with soft TPU material; hand-polished wood gives you a nice hand feeling.

One of the glaring features of this case is natural rosewood. This gives your phone 360-degree protection and 1.0mm raised edge protects your phone’s touchscreen from scratches.

USP: Natural solid wood
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TENDLIN iPhone 7 Wooden Case

TENDLIN has manufactured a one-piece flexible case for your iPhone. This case is a combination of wood veneer and soft TPU rubber; natural wood grain keeps your phone protected against shocks. The TPU rubber tightly fits on your iPhone and it doesn’t add bulk to the device.

A good grip is essential to hold iPhone in your hands. For this quality, TENDLIN has used TPU rubber, which also ensures responsive buttons. The case is also easy to install and remove without damaging or scratching your phone’s body.

USP: Silicone hybrid slim case
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Recover Wooden Case for iPhone 7

Recover presents an ultra-slim and soft case for your iPhone. Its silicone bumper protects your iPhone from drops, bumps, and scratches. Each case boasts one-of-a-kind hardwoods inlayed into a durable silicone bumper. With its sophisticated minimalism, this case flaunts low profile.

Snap-fit construction makes this case the slimmest wood case on the market. Experience quick and easy access to all buttons, speakers, and ports without removing this case.

USP: Snap-fit construction
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OTOOLWORLD iPhone 7 Wooden Case

Among the many creative and weird designs presented by OTOOLWORLD, this one reminds you of the retro age, when tape cassettes were played on recorders. Take a look at the back of this case, which is made of soft TPU and wood. When your iPhone is placed anywhere, it looks like an audio cassette.

Since the case is made of real wood, it is a little heavy; you may not slip your phone in your pocket easily. OTOOLWORLD has cut out this case precisely so that you can quickly access all the buttons and ports on your iPhone.

USP: Creative design
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11. Szwisechip

Szwisechip Wooden Case for iPhone 7

What attracts me the most in Szwisechip wooden case is the fascinating pattern. The USA flag design looks appealing.

The ultra-thin appearance augments its profile. Exact cutouts allow this wooden case to fit perfectly on your iPhone. The real bamboo wood structure strengthens its longevity and even lets it protect the device from minor drops.

USP: Real natural bamboo
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Signing Off

These wooden cases offer adorable natural flair for your iPhone. With the beautiful handcrafted design, they have the quality to be a worthy suit for your device.

Which wooden case will choose for your iPhone? If there is any top wooden case missing from this list, do let me know that in the comments below.

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