Best iPhone 6 Plus Cases from Griffin: Pick Up The Best Protection for Your iPhone

The iPhone 6 Plus is Apple’s first phablet. A costlier device requires a better, customized, personalized protection. Which is why Griffin’s set of best iPhone 6 Plus cases comes in a bunch of varieties. All of these Griffin cases are made to protect your iPhone 6 Plus completely, from little things as dust and scratches to even 4-ft high drops.

Griffin’s collection of iPhone 6 Plus cases aims to cater to every taste. You have these Survivor-style cases that provide all-round protection; there are ultra-thin, slim cases that keep the original look of an iPhone 6 Plus intact and more. Check out this collection of best iPhone 6 Plus cases from Griffin:

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#1. Identity Performance for iPhone 6 Plus, Flower

Griffin Identity performance for iPhone 6 Plus, Flower Case

Identity Performance for iPhone 6 Plus is a textured case that’s designed to do two things: add extra grip to the iPhone 6 Plus and protect it thoroughly. The case’s patterns makes it feel like it’s a slightly rugged one (which is great for additional grip). While the case is slim, it can still protect your iPhone 6 Plus from 4-ft drops.

  • Raised lips protects the screen as well as edges from all odd scratches and chips
  • Screen Guard premium screen (which is color-coordinated with the case)
  • Deep textured plates using gTex hybrid fabric

Price: $39.99
Buy it from

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#2. Wallet Case for iPhone 6 Plus

Griffin Wallet case for iPhone 6 Plus

This is a sleek wallet case for the iPhone 6 Plus. It’s more of an executive pouch with a professional-looking design. For all purposes, it’s standard issue where you can have some of your IDs, cards and some bills inside. The iPhone 6 Plus fits neatly inside the wallet case. The case features a flip-book like cover that will protect your iPhone 6 Plus completely.

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  • Protective cover which opens up just like a book-case
  • Slots inside for 2 IDs and cards along with cash
  • Built-in polycarbonate frame grip
  • Cutouts for camera and the ports.

Price: $39.99
Buy it from

#3. Radiant Identity Performance for iPhone 6 Plus case

Griffin Radiant identity Performance for iPhone 6 Plus case

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It is easy to install and comes with shock absorbent rubber which is bonded to hard polycarbonate frame. The colors are just perfect and coordinate with the frame with élan. It is radiant and feels good in hand and the extra security ensures that it doesn’t slip off your hand. Performs well in the long run as well and you won’t have any complaints regarding the case.


  • Interchangeable frames available
  • Accessorize with coordinating screen guards
  • 4-ft drop protection available

Price: $39.99
Buy it from Amazon

#4. Survivor All – Terrain for iPhone 6 Plus Case

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Griffin Survivor All - Terrain for iPhone 6 Plus Case

If you are looking for something which is highly robust, then this is the right option for you. It will provide you from the sand, impacts, rain, drops and just about anything. It comes with foam lined shatter resistant polycarbonate frame and shock absorbing silicone. The power button is covered and so are the volume buttons.


  • Protective camera cover
  • Sealed ports to protect from dust, rain and sand
  • Inner crash shell with foam panels which deflect impacts

Price: $39.99
Buy it from

#5. Reveal for iPhone 6 Plus Case

Reveal for iPhone 6 Plus Case from Griffin

It is highly sleek in design and the one-piece design will keep the beauty of the iPhone 6 Plus intact if not enhance it. It provides a cushion grip that allows you to hold the phone tight and the rubber edges provide the right protection to your iPhone 6 Plus.


  • Easy access to screen, ports and controls
  • 1.6 mm of thickness
  • Ultra – thin rubber interior lining and accents

Price: $19.99
Buy it from

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