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iGBAccessoriesBest iPhone 15 Pro MagSafe cases in 2024

Best iPhone 15 Pro MagSafe cases in 2024

Given its hefty price tag, protecting your iPhone 15 Pro should be your top priority. By now, you should know that there are two basic kinds of cases: regular and MagSafe. MagSafe cases don’t just make wireless charging a breeze; they also play nice with other iPhone accessories. So, if you’re planning to get an iPhone 15 Pro, you must check out this list of the best iPhone 15 Pro MagSafe cases!

1. Spigen Mag Armor (MagFit) – Editor’s Choice

Spigen Mag Armor iPhone 15 Pro

Spigen is a well-known name in the smartphone case world, a brand people trust, and for good reason. If you’re keen on an iPhone 15 Pro MagSafe case but find the circular magnet design a bit of an eyesore, the Mag Armor case is an excellent option for you. Spigen’s Mar Armor Magfit combines function with style. 

Made from flexible TPU, the case weighs only 1.4 oz and has a chevron pattern to help make gripping easier. Like many protective cases, it has raised edges to protect your iPhone 15 Pro’s camera lenses and screen.

Aside from this, Spigen’s air cushion technology, which uses pockets of air to absorb any impact, helps ensure your iPhone’s protection from all types of shock you may come across every day.


  • MagSafe magnets are not visible
  • Sleek yet minimalist design


  • Limited color options

Check out on: Spigen

2. Casetify Impact Case – Drop tested

CASETiFY Impact Case for iPhone 15 Pro

Casetify has been known for its popping, eye-catching colors. If you want to add personality to your device, getting an iPhone 15 Pro MagSafe case by Casetify is your best bet. 

Further, if you want to make an eco-friendly choice, no problem! Casetify offers cases made from recycled plastic, letting you protect your phone and the planet at the same time.

If Casetify’s ready-made designs don’t quite catch your eye, don’t worry—you can go full-on DIY on their website. Choose from a range of case types: flaunt those MagSafe magnet rings, opt for a plush Pillow Case, or go for a MagSafe-compatible leather case if you prefer something more understated. 

When it comes to design specifics, you can select the style, layout, font, text color, and even the case color to create a one-of-a-kind iPhone 15 Pro case. With Casetify, you’re not just buying a case; you’re crafting an accessory that’s as unique as you are.


  • Very customizable
  • Comes with side sockets for charm attachments
  • Shock-resistant, withstanding up to 8.2 ft drops


  • A bit costly

Check out on: Amazon | Casetify

3. ESR Classic with Stash Stand

ESR for iPhone 15 Pro Case Compatible with MagSafe

If you want to protect your iPhone 15 Pro but don’t really enjoy rugged cases, this minimalist and slim case is perfect for you. While thin and sleek, its Air Guard corners and raised bezels protect your iPhone from serious drops and bumps.

Since the case is only 1.5mm thin, it allows for faster charging and provides a stronger hold for MagSafe accessories.

MagSafe rings and stands are undoubtedly helpful, but they often lack multifunctionality. Unlike these accessories, ESR Gear’s case stands out due to its thoughtful design. The zinc-alloy stash stand, strategically positioned around the camera frame, guarantees no obstruction or unnecessary bulk.


  • Many color options
  • Comes with a thoughtfully designed stand
  • Stand is adjustable, providing different viewing angles
  • Offers free shipping


  • Some users don’t like the “Camera Guard” label on the stand

Check out on: Amazon | ESR

4. OtterBox React Series Necklace – Great for on-the-go

OtterBox React Series Necklace for iPhone 15 Pro

OtterBox is another household name in the smartphone case industry, and its React Series doesn’t disappoint. This minimalist marvel of a case is ultra-thin, constructed in a single piece with soft grip edges for added comfort. And here’s a nod to sustainability: it’s made from over 50% recycled plastic.

This ultra-thin iPhone 15 Pro case comes in a one-piece form with soft grip edges. It is made with more than 50% recycled plastic. While slim and nearly weightless (0.06 lbs), it is drop-tested to meet military standards.

It has a unique necklace feature made of detachable nylon rope with size adjustment so you can wear your phone as a necklace or crossbody, providing you with different carrying options. —making it a good option for people always on the go!

It comes in three color/style options: Clear, Black, and Stardust (Clear Glitter).


  • Unique necklace design
  • Made of more than 50% recycled plastic


  • A bit costly

Check out on: Otterbox

5. Peel Super Thin case for iPhone 15 pro

PEEL Super Thin Magnetic Case for MagSafe

Not everyone wants bulky, flamboyant cases, though. If that’s you, a slim minimalist case like Peel would be a great option. Peel takes minimalism to heart that it doesn’t print its logo on the case.

While thin, this iPhone 15 Pro MagSafe case fits snugly on your device and does a great job of protecting it. It has raised edges at the back to protect your camera from scratches and a subtle front tip to protect your screen. Peel’s MagSafe case comes in black and clear options.


  • Minimalist, slim look
  • Does not have branding


  • Limited color options

Check out on: Amazon

6. SUPCASE UB Pro MAG case

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro Mag Case for iPhone 15 Pro

This iPhone 15 Pro MagSafe case should be your go-to option. Crafted from durable, scratch-resistant polycarbonate and reinforced with TPU bumpers, Spigen’s UB Pro MAG case offers exceptional protection.

It also features raised bezels to safeguard your device’s invaluable camera and screen. What’s more, this case has earned a 15-foot drop test certification from MET Labs, ensuring its capability to endure tough conditions.

Unlike other cases, the UB Pro MAG offers protection while maintaining a sleek appearance without adding excessive bulk to your device—not to mention a reasonably affordable price! Plus, you don’t have to worry about unsightly magnet circles commonly seen in other cases. The UB Pro MAG ingeniously allowing you to conveniently prop up your iPhone 15 Pro at an optimal viewing angle.


  • Durable and offers great protection
  • Affordable
  • Sleek, non-bulky design


  • Limited color options
  • Some users don’t like the “flap” covers

Check out on: Amazon | SUPCASE

7. ZAGG Denali Snap for iPhone 15 Pro

ZAGG Denali Snap iPhone 15 Pro Case

ZAGG’s Denali Snap seamlessly blends aesthetic appeal with robust functionality. Crafted from durable graphene, this case boasts a ruggedness 200 times superior to steel, combining exceptional hardness with remarkable elasticity. 

Its textured surface ensures a secure, non-slip grip, enhancing handling confidence. Even if you drop it, the Denali Snap case could protect your iPhone 15 Pro against drops of up to 16 feet. 

The ZAGG Denali Snap case effortlessly marries elegance with innovation. Despite its rugged protection, it’s non-bulky and slim.

With a selection of three refined colors, it offers a sophisticated aesthetic appeal. The integrated kickstand is a thoughtful addition, ensuring convenience through hands-free operation. This is made of 92% recycled content if you’re for sustainable products.


  • Offers a limited lifetime warranty
  • Enhanced drop protection
  • Made of recycled products
  • Comes with an integrated kickstand


  • Limited color options
  • A bit pricey

Check out on: Amazon | Zagg

8. BENKS MagClap Biliz Cooling Case – Great for intense use

MagClap Biliz Cooling Case for iPhone 15 Pro

Using iPhones intensively, whether juggling multiple apps, streaming HD content, or diving into graphic-rich games, can lead to them heating up. This heating concern is precisely why many hesitate to encase their iPhones. However, with BENKS’ MagClap Biliz Cooling Case, those fears can be laid to rest. If you frequently experience your iPhone heating up after some intense work, this case is the best for you!

Its Freezemat Technology uses self-replenishing and a temperature-sensitive hydrogel that cools your device to 2.3 degrees Celsius. Being slim and lightweight also helps with temperature control, ensuring that your iPhone can breathe out the heat. 

But despite being thin,  the MagClap Biliz Cooling Case comes with shock-resistant bumpers and a robust outer shell to protect your device from physical damage.


  • Affordable
  • Uses a unique Freezemat Technology
  • Sleek, lightweight design
  • Free shipping


  • It might not be aesthetically pleasing for some

Check out on: Benks

9. Rokform – Best for the active and adventurous

Rokform iPhone 15 Pro MagSafe Case

Looking for a case that ensures your iPhone stays securely in place wherever your journey takes you? Consider the Rokform rugged case, a marvel of adaptability whether you need it on your car’s dashboard, bike, or any metal surface.

Boasting powerful MAGMAX magnets, this case offers an extraordinary grip on steel surfaces and an enhanced hold on MagSafe accessories and chargers, ensuring your iPhone remains put. It also packs lower magnets, allowing versatile attachment options to various magnetic surfaces.

Its patented RokLock Twist Lock seamlessly integrates with Rokform’s specialized mounts, designed meticulously for cars, motorcycles, and bikes, safeguarding your iPhone against bumps and jolts throughout your travels.

As with most cases for active use, it also offers 360-degree military-grade protection, protecting your device from scratches, impacts, and falls.


  • Four to five times stronger hold
  • Provides military-grade protection
  • Two-year limited warranty
  • Compatible with Rokform’s twist-lock and magnetic mounts


  • Some complain that MagSafe charging doesn’t work with the case

Check out on: Amazon | ROKFORM

10. Vena vArmor – Ideal for belt wearers

VENA vArmor Rugged Case for Apple iPhone 15 Pro

If you’re not a pocket person and prefer attaching your iPhone to your belt, the Vena vArmor is for you! This rugged case has a 270-degree swivel clip that doubles as a kickstand. This detachable belt clip holster lets you carry your iPhone during work or travel.

This rugged armor case is made of premium polycarbonate (PC) and TPU and comes with military-grade drop protection (for drops above four feet). Not only that, but CornerGuard technology also disperses impact and shock throughout the case, while its raised bezels protect the screen and camera from scratches.


  • Offers a 30-day guarantee and lifetime warranty
  • Comes with a holster belt clip that doubles as a kickstand
  • Holster is detachable
  • Comes with a dust plug that covers the charging port


  • Position of the belt clip can make clipping awkward and doesn’t offset the iPhone’s center or gravity 
  • Hole in the logo can cause dust to collect over time

Check out on: Amazon | Vena

Wrapping up…

And there you have it—a curated selection of MagSafe cases that blend functionality, personalization, and robust protection for your iPhone 15 Pro. Ultimately, your case will hinge on your needs and style preferences.

Whether you prioritize durability, aesthetics, or specialized features, there’s a case in this lineup for you. Do you have a standout favorite? We’d love to hear your thoughts—feel free to share them in the comments section below!

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