Best iPhone 15 Plus leather cases in 2024

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The iPhone 15 Plus is a performance beast wrapped in an upgraded design. Having a good leather case will ensure the safety and elegance of your iPhone 15 Plus. They are slim, strong, and pocket-friendly. So, here is my list of the best iPhone 15 leather cases to help you find your pick. 

1. NOMAD Modern leather case – Editor’s choice

NOMAD Modern leather case for iPhone 15 Plus

NOMAD Modern Leather case is crafted using full-grain leather and reverberates with the elegant design of the iPhone 15 Plus, subtly adding an extra charm to it. Plus, this sustainably sourced leather cover develops a patina with time to give a dark, rich finish.

The rigid polycarbonate frame safeguards your iPhone 15 Plus from sudden tumbles, bumps, or dents. A 360-degree TPE bumper absorbs impromptu shocks and offers a firm grip. FYI, the case is tested to withstand drops up to 8ft without any evident damage to the device. 

Like most iPhone 15 cases, the Modern Leather case has raised edges on the front and around the camera. These lips elevate your iPhone when you keep it flat on surfaces. In addition, the anodized aluminum buttons sit right above your iPhone’s buttons to give easy access to all features. Lastly, you get nickel-plated neodymium magnets aligned perfectly for quick wireless charging.    


  • Rich leather finish 
  • MagSafe compatibility  
  • Raised edges for screen and camera 
  • Grippy TPE bumper  


  • Require extra maintenance 

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2. Mous Limitless 5.0 – Best MagSafe leather case

Mous Limitless 5.0 best iPhone 15 Plus leather case

Do you want to get more with less investment? Well, Mous Limitless 5.0 offers you the same. This amazing iPhone 15 Plus leather case includes a magnetic phone cover and a detachable flip wallet. So, you can use the wallet and case together or separately, depending on your requirements. Besides, the multipurpose wallet has three card slots and a bigger compartment for keeping cash.

With RFID technology integration, you don’t have to worry about losing your personal information to intruders. Moreover, this wallet doubles as an in-built kickstand to watch movies at the best angles for a more satisfying visual experience. The magnetic clasp keeps your essentials safe, and the built-in strong magnets at the rear make it the best MagSafe case

The leather case has raised edges along the sides and corners to keep your iPhone 15 Plus safe from drops, dents, and bumps. The faux leather makes it highly durable, smooth to the touch, and resistant to fingerprints and scratches. In addition, the extra cushioning on the corners absorbs the impact before it reaches your smartphone.


  • Soft but durable faux leather 
  • Detachable magnetic wallet 
  • Anti-fingerprint and scratch-resistant 
  • Grips ribs for a secure hold 


  • No color options 

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3. CASETiFY leather case – keep lenses scratch-free

CASETiFY best iPhone 15 Plus leather case

When you opt for CASETiFY cases, you gift top-notch protection to your smartphone. For your iPhone 15 Plus, the maker has created a stunning case using textured grain leather to give a rich feel and look. Packed in a simple, sleek body, it fits beautifully in your hands and pockets without feeling like extra baggage.   

Regarding safety, the cover is tested to give a 4.9ft drop protection to your precious iPhone 15 Plus. In addition, the fiber suede lining on the inside gives a satin-like feel to the glass back of your smartphone, saving it from scratches or dents. The bezels elevate the display while the solid rim around the camera protects the lenses

The leather case works efficiently with wireless chargers and MagSafe accessories and offers fast charging. Further, the anti-fingerprint coating keeps the originality of your case intact. The tactile buttons and precise cuts for ports give you easy access to all the iPhone features and functions. However, I feel the price is pretty high.


  • Biodegradable leather build 
  • Precise fit and firm grip 
  • An exclusive rim around the camera 


  • No added bumpers on the edges 
  • Accessing the Action button is difficult

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4. Bellroy wallet case – Superior-quality

Bellroy Phone Case for iPhone 15 Plus

Bellroy has created one of the sleekest leather wallet cases for iPhone 15 Plus. The superior eco-tanned leather gives a smooth finish to the cover, which feels soft to the touch but strong enough to face everyday wear and tear. A stretch that reaches all four edges frees your iPhone from ugly bruises after sudden drops, bumps, and impacts.   

The main highlight of this beautiful leather case is the small card holder that forms an in-built part of the design. It is spacious enough to store your 3 cards, allowing you to ditch your wallet and card holder at home. With this trap door, you can double it as a kickstand to watch movies on the go. In addition, there is a tiny spot on the inner side of the case to keep an extra SIM and injector tool.   

Alongside leather, the case has polymer bumpers on the corners to absorb the impact from shocks. Moreover, the satin-like microfiber lining on the inside keeps scratches away from your smartphone. Unfortunately, you won’t get Qi or MagSafe charging support in this case. So, you will have to remove the case before charging your iPhone. Tiring? 


  • Rich and durable leather  
  • Soft microfiber and TPU bumpers 
  • In-built card slot 
  • Matching metallic buttons 


  • Does not support wireless charging 
  • Expensive

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5. TORRO leather wallet case – Three-way protection

TORRO best iPhone 15 Plus leather case

Protect your iPhone 15 Plus’ top-notch display and sleek body with the TORRO leather case. Adorned in premium handcrafted leather, the cover gives edge-to-edge rugged protection without adding bulk for you to carry around. It wraps your iPhone 15 Plus in the luxurious feel of leather.  

TORRO is known for its GEO-AS-3 protection technology; luckily, this leather case houses its upgraded version. As part of the model, you get a TPE layer inside for flexibility, geometric air pockets to absorb impacts, elastomer on the edges to keep your camera lenses scratch-free, and microfiber lining at the back to keep the glass panel scratch-free.   

This genuine leather case houses three card slots and one more oversized compartment to keep bills. Moreover, you can use the built-in stand function and enjoy an excellent horizontal view on your iPhone 15 Plus. You also get MagSafe charging compatibility in this all-in-one iPhone 15 leather case. 


  • Added folio to protect the display
  • Integrated card slots and stand 
  • Three tier protection 


  • Might feel bulky 

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6. Woolnut – Sleek yet sturdy design

Woolnut best iPhone 15 Plus leather case

While most leather cases specialize in quality, they carry a bulky look. However, with the Woolnut iPhone 15 Plus leather case, you don’t have to bear the burden of a heavy case. The full-grain Scandinavian leather gives a sleek look that you can easily sneak into your pockets.

The inside has a soft microfiber lining to give your iPhone’s back a smooth feel. The TPU sidewalls on this leather case precisely fit your iPhone 15 Plus, wrapping it securely from all sides. It also gives a firmer grip on your smartphone. Thus offering better drop resistance even when you have sweaty hands.

Further, the raised lips around the camera and screen elevate your phone from the surface, saving it from scratches. Also, it features aluminum buttons that offer seamless access. Further, the built-in magnet array ensures you can use your iPhone with all MagSafe chargers and accessories. There are also lanyard attachment points located at the bottom of the case. 


  • Full-grain leather material 
  • Raised lips around the camera and screen 
  • Tactile buttons  
  • Works with MagSafe accessories 


  • Unsure about anti-fingerprint coating 

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7. OCASE Detachable Wallet Case – Multi-functional

OCASE best iPhone 15 Plus leather case

Designed to fit iPhone 15 Plus, the OCASE leather case keeps your smartphone new for a long. The faux leather build feels soft but protects from scratches, bruises, or slip-offs. Moreover, this leather case comes in a package deal with a durable wallet-cum-cardholder. Fortunately, you can use both products in combination and separately without any hassle.   

With OCASE, you don’t have to worry about getting your iPhone out of the cover before charging. This is possible with the stack of solid magnets aligned on the case to offer fast wireless and MagSafe charging. Also, the case works efficiently with other MagSafe accessories like car mounts, wallets, etc. Plus, you can use the case as a kickstand to position your phone in multiple angles.   

The attached wallet houses 3 card slots and a separate compartment for storing cash. This flip wallet is equipped with RFID-blocking technology that shields your card information from getting stolen by intruders. Further, the magnetic function ensures your contents stay safe inside your wallet. 


  • Soft PU leather build 
  • Detachable card holder and wallet 
  • RFID shielding technology 
  • Anti-fingerprint, anti-dirt, and scratch-resistant


  • Might be bulky to carry in pockets 

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8. Tuzon Up- Down Flip case

Tuzon best iPhone 15 Plus leather case

Tuzon offers a premium iPhone 15 Plus leather case that doubles as a cardholder and wallet. It is crafted using premium PU leather, adding a unique touch to your smartphone while offering unmatched safety from everyday wear and tear. The cover wraps your iPhone comfortably from all sides and has extra bumpers so it doesn’t get damaged from sudden bumps, drops, or slips.   

With the raised edges, it serves two essential purposes. First, it slightly elevates your device when you keep it face up or down on any surface, thus keeping the display and camera lenses away from getting scratched. In addition, this case houses a metal plate on the back that supports MagSafe accessories only, not charging.   

The attached flip wallet has five slots to keep your cards and cash. This ensures that all your essentials are with you every time you step out of your house. Further, the wallet features RFID-blocking technology that protects your data from getting copied or stolen.


  • Added corner bumpers and pattern side grip
  • Slim and lightweight 
  • 5 card slots
  • Sturdy kickstand


  • Might feel bulky 
  • Only compatible with MagSafe car mounts

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9. SURPHY leather case with Built-in screen protector

SURPHY iPhone 15 Plus case is crafted from synthetic leather and features premium craftsmanship. A comfortable design fits your smartphone perfectly. You can put your iPhone 15 Plus inside this leather case and forget about worries about damage. 

The soft but tough leather texture adorning this beauty gives you a steady grip on your iPhone 15 Plus. In addition, the metallic buttons attached to the leather are designed in sync with the design of the Plus model. Thus ensuring high responsiveness in a single tap. Another layer of safety comes from the soft microfiber lining on the inside of the case.  

Plus, this iPhone 15 leather case is MagSafe charger and accessories compatible. The in-built magnet blocks increase the magnetic power of this cover, so your smartphone doesn’t fall off easily. You get fast wireless charging even with your case on.   


  • Premium PU leather 
  • Metallic buttons  
  • Powerful MagSafe compatibility 


  • Not scratch resistant 

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Is Apple discontinuing leather cases?

Yes, Apple has discontinued leather cases to promote a carbon-neutral work ideology. The brand has created an environment-friendly material called FineWoven to replace leather products.

Wrapping up… 

Leather cases are a good option for locking safety and style for your iPhone 15 Plus. In this article, I tried to cover leather cases from top brands that create quality accessories for users. I hope you were able to find your favorite from the list. If I missed yours, you could share them in the comments. Till then, keep reading! 

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