Best iPad Pro 11-inch Screen Protectors: Top-Notch Tempered Glasses for Liquid Retina

Unmatched strength and maximum HD clarity are the main qualities of our top 10 tempered glass screen guards for iPad Pro 11". Jump right in to run through the roundup and equip the Liquid Retina display to fight out shatter with ease!

I can trust my buttery hands not to drop iPad and go without a case for few hours or even a day. But believe me, I can’t trust (nor do I ever want to) anything but a top-grade screen guard to shield the beautiful and delicate “Liquid Retina” display against scratches. That’s why I’ve already hunted out the best screen protectors for the 11″ iPad Pro.

When it comes to safeguarding screen, you should never go for a shortcut. Considering the high cost of screen repairs, it always pays to be on the defensive side of the fence. Personally, I mostly pick out tempered glass screen guards due mainly to the maximum hardness.

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Moreover, they are also a better bet for having enhanced clarity. Should you wish to equip the delicate screen with a bit more protective shield, run through the below collection of the top 10 tempered glass screen guards for iPad Pro 11″.

Best iPad Pro 11-inch Screen Protectors

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#1. Spigen

Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPad Pro 11-inch

Spigen is famous for offering top quality accessories for iPhone and iPad at an affordable price. So, you should expect this screen guard from this well-known brand to be a reliable defender for the touchscreen of the 11″ iPad Pro.

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Featuring tempered glass, it excels in enduring shatter. And with the 9H hardness in the offing, the beautiful display has more defense.

Thanks to the oleophobic coating, the Spigen screen protector can put smudges and sweat away. Besides, it also provides high clarity so that your viewing and Face ID time continue to be in top-flight.

USP: Maximum clarity
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OMOTON iPad Pro 11-inch Screen Protector

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I’ve become a fan of OMOTON screen protectors. From what I have experienced after using its screen defenders, I can say that you can always trust this brand to be a long-lasting guard for the display.

Talking about what this screen protector comes with, it’s made of tempered glass and powered by the industry standard hardness. It delivers high clarity to rev up your experience. And with the smooth surface, it allows your Apple Pencil to create magic for you.

USP: 2.5D-rounded edges
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#3. MoKo

MoKo Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPad Pro 11-inch

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At 0.33mm thickness, MoKo’s screen guard for the iPad Pro 11″ is a tad more equipped to fight out shatter. Endowed with more impact resistance ability, it won’t let the display roughed up by random scrapes.

The bubble-free quality takes away all the pain from installation. So, even if you aren’t good at fitting out the screen guard, you will be able to breeze through. The other quality that puts MoKo in the elite league is the 99.99% clarity that’s more than enough to boost your viewing.

USP: Laser-cut dimensions
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#4. amFilm

amFilm iPad Pro 11-inch Screen Protector

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I’ve always found “amFilm” screen guard living up to my high demand. And if you have been using iOS devices for long, chances are you may already be familiar with its reputation.

Regarding this screen protector, it comes with 0.33mm thickness coupled with the 9H hardness. As a result, the scratches or impact will never get a chance to hurt the delicate screen.

As for responsive, amFilm screen guard feels very smooth. Therefore, your time at sketching or drag-and-drop will remain pretty fast.

USP: Exceptionally responsive
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SPARIN Glass Screen Protector for iPad Pro 11-inch

How can I forget this brand that has saved my iPad screen quite a few times? That’s why I’m glad to include its offering in the roundup.

The thing that has caught my eyes in this screen guard for 11″ iPad is the 0.3mm thickness. Yes, it’s a bit slim. But as long as it’s on the display; scratches won’t sneak in.

SPARIN has ensured that the screen guard works seamlessly with Apple Pencil and Face ID. Besides, it also works reliably in shooting out grime and sweat to never let smoothness go away.

USP: Fully compatible with Apple Pencil
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#6. Bovon

Bovon 11-inch iPad Pro Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Bovon claims to offer 100% clarity. Looking at the screen guard, I can say that it can live up to its tall claim to a good extent.

The tempered glass structure with the exact cutouts enables it to get fitted out flawlessly. And with the oleophobic coating, it also won’t allow sweat to damage the clarity of the screen.

As far as sensitivity is concerned, Bovon screen guard responds to your touch and tap pretty fast. Thus, your multitasking will continue to be faster.

USP: Smudge-resistant coating
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#7. JETech

JETech Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPad Pro 11-inch

JETech is designed to provide edge-to-edge protection to the Liquid Retina display. With the curved corners, the screen guard is perfectly installed on the full screen, thereby ensuring the touchscreen has the complete defense.

To help your Apple Pencil smoothly glide on the large screen or each of your tap work effectively; it’s made to be fingerprint resistant and also stop dust from building up. Lastly, the company offers a hassle-free lifetime warranty on this screen guard.

USP: Fingerprint resistant
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#8. iCarez

iCarez iPad Pro 11-inch Glass Screen Protector

Thanks to the 2.5D-rounded edges, iCarez screen guard fits seamlessly on the large screen. So, the display has complete protection against unwanted scrapes.

As it’s residue-free, installation remains an easy affair. The HD clarity makes it at par with the finest screen guards in the market. Another quality worth mentioning is the TrueTouch Sensitivity that plays a decisive role in improving your overall experience.

USP: Residue-free
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PULEN Screen Protector for iPad Pro 11-inch

Simply put, PULEN is one of the finest tempered glass screen guards that are available in the market. The one department where it seems to have an edge over many other rivals is the thickness. It’s slightly thicker to be able to disperse shock competently.

The other quality that has called for my attention is the transparency and smooth edges. And yes, it also plays perfectly with most cases. Aside from features, PULEN comes in two packs so that if the first one gets broken, the second one will always be there in the backup.

USP: More durable
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#10. ESR

ESR Glass Screen Protector for iPad Pro 11-inch

ESR touts that its screen guard is 3X stronger than other ordinary defenders. Even though I won’t completely buy its claim, I would love to go with it.

Well, it’s because the screen protector is powered by 9H hardness. That means even the sharpness of a knife can’t damage the touchscreen.

As an owner of an expensive device, this is exactly what you’d like to have at your disposal to always remain on the safer side. Additionally, ESR screen protector for 11″ iPad comes in two packs.

USP: 3X stronger
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So, this sums up our lineup of the top-grade screen guards for the 3rd-gen iPad Pro.

Your favorite defender?

Having explored the above collection, you might have already decided to go for some screen guards. I’m glad that I could help you with finding a more trusted safeguard for the screen.

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