Best iPad Mini 2 Cases: Affordable, High-quality, Protective Cases

For most, Apple’s SmartCase/SmartCover for the iPad mini 2 (retina) should suffice. But if you’re looking for cheaper and/or better alternatives than the stock accessory, the market is inundated with a lot of iPad mini 2 cases for you to pick from.

We’ve tried to find replicas of Apple’s SmartCase – that include the front and the back cover – which offer something extra (may be in the form of a better build quality, or an extra feature/function or a cheaper price tag).

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Here’s five of these iPad mini 2 cases that protect your iPad mini w/retina while doubling up as a stand.

#1. Poetic Case

Poetic Case for iPad Mini 2

Folks at Poetic are well-known for the nuanced iDevice accessories. The iPad Mini 2 case from Poetic (SlimLine series) is a wonderful accessory to protect your iPad mini. The case has a definite style that accentuates the curves of the iDevice. With the Poetic case, you get an accessory that’s high-quality.

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The Slimline case for iPad mini (1 & 2) has a folder-type design, with microfibre inner linings and a soft, velvety interior to make sure your iPad is protected from scratches. Snap on/off makes the cover slide over and close quickly and effortlessly. The high-quality PU makes sure you’ve got the case working in almost every environment you carry your iPad mini into. Not to forget, the folio doubles up as a stand very similar to Apple’s official iPad mini SmartCover.

Price: $9.95-12.95 (Amazon)
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#2. Fintie Case

Fintie Case for iPad MIni 2

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The Fintie SmartShell case for iPad mini 2 is almost a replica of Apple’s SmartCover. It works just like the shell: a folio case that protects the back with its hardshell PU leather make-up. The cover has the magnetic flip/snap that puts your device to sleep when covered and unlocks instantly when you open it.

The Fintie Case’s cover will also function as a stand when you want it to. The one big difference is that unlike Apple’s SmartCover, you can’t detach the front cover and the hardshell back. It’s a single-piece that fits the iPad mini 2 completely.

Price: $23.99
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#3. InVision Case Cover

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InVision Case Cover for iPad Mini with Retina Display

Although not a big fan of Invision’s iPad mini case cover, it has a largely positive reviews everywhere. The InVision series of iPad mini cases are available only in the UK store of Amazon so that’s one big limitation. It features a full-body design (one-piece) that includes a front cover with the magnetic sensors for auto-sleep/wake-up. The hardshell keeps the iPad mini protected at all times.

The case is available in a plethora of colors. And the cover is a three-segment design which can  turn into a stand.

Price: £39.95
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#4. SwitchEasy CoverBuddy

SwitchEasy CoverBuddy Case for iPad Mini

SwitchEasy’s CoverBuddy is the hard back for the iPad mini 2. It works well both when you’ve got a SmartCover and when there is no cover for the iPad mini. The hardshell comes in multiple colors, matching the official colors of Apple’s SmartCover for the iPad mini with retina display.

The thing that makes CoverBuddy a worthy accessory is the quality. The case comes with a hard/soft build that adds to the grip and has a rubberized/UV coating. The polycarbonate is also shock-proof and is quite light-weight and thin.

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Price: $19.99
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Jignesh Padhiyar
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