Best iPad Mini 2 Cases of 2021

Best iPad Mini 2 Cases

For most, Apple’s SmartCase/SmartCover for the iPad mini 2 should suffice. But if you’re looking for cheaper and cheaper stock accessories, the market is inundated with many iPad mini 2 cases for you to pick from. We’ve tried to find replicas of Apple’s SmartCase, including the front and the back cover – which offer something extra, maybe in the form of better build quality, an extra feature/function, or a cheaper price tag.

1. Poetic Case

Poetic Slimline Case for iPad Mini 2

Folks at Poetic are well-known for the nuanced iDevice accessories. The iPad Mini 2 case from Poetic (SlimLine series) is a wonderful accessory to protect your iPad mini. The case has a definite style that accentuates the curves of the iDevice. With the Poetic case, you get an accessory that’s high-quality.

The Slimline case for iPad mini (1 & 2) has a folder-type design, with microfibre inner linings and a soft, velvety interior to make sure your iPad is protected from scratches. Snap-on/off makes the cover slide over and close quickly and effortlessly. The high-quality PU makes sure you’ve got the case working in almost every environment you carry your iPad mini into. Not to forget, the folio doubles up as a stand very similar to Apple’s official iPad mini SmartCover.

USP: Shock-resistant
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2. Fintie Case

Fintie iPad Mini 2 Case

The Fintie SmartShell Case for iPad mini 2 is almost a replica of Apple’s SmartCover. It works just like the shell: a folio case that protects the back with its hardshell PU leather make-up. The cover has the magnetic flip/snap that puts your device to sleep when covered and unlocks instantly when you open it.

The Fintie Case’s cover will also function as a stand when you want it to. The one big difference is that unlike Apple’s SmartCover, you can’t detach the front cover and the hardshell back. It’s a single-piece that fits the iPad mini 2 completely.

USP: One-piece case
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3. SEYMAC stock

SEYMAC stock iPad Mini 2 Case

SEYMAC stock presents a three-layer heavy-duty case for your iPad mini. This shockproof smart cover is equipped with the auto sleep-wake feature, which saves battery of your mini-tablet. SEYMAC stock has used a detachable magnetic flap to ensure the security of your device.

Available in six vibrant colors, this case boasts a leather stand feature; you can adjust the stand in three-position – flat, horizontal, and vertical. You can use any one of the positions for business working, studies, movie watching or video chatting.

USP: Heavy-duty case
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4. SwitchEasy CoverBuddy

SwitchEasy iPad Mini 2 Case

SwitchEasy’s CoverBuddy is the hard back for the iPad mini 2. It works well both when you’ve got a SmartCover and when there is no cover for the iPad mini. The hardshell comes in multiple colors, matching the official colors of Apple’s SmartCover for the iPad mini with retina display.

The thing that makes CoverBuddy a worthy accessory is quality. The case comes with a hard/soft build that adds to the grip and has a rubberized/UV coating. The polycarbonate is also shock-proof and is quite light-weight and thin.

USP: Ultra-tough polycarbonate material
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5. JETech

JETech Case for iPad Mini 2

JETech is a leading brand in iPhone and iPad accessories. This smart cover for iPad mini 2 is made of polyurethane and polycarbonate materials, which provide a synthetic exterior and smooth interior for your tablet. The case protects your iPad from both sides.

This magnetic smart cover supports automatic sleep & wake feature, which saves the battery life of your tablet. Use its tri-fold front cover to view and type content. Enjoy quick and easy access to all ports, controls, and buttons.

USP: Slim design
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ULAK iPad Mini 2 Case

ULAK has manufactured a powerful kickstand case for your iPad. A heavy-duty shockproof case ensures ultimate protection with three layers: front & back polycarbonate and a soft silicone casing. Your premium tablet is safe from scratches, drop, and shocks.

It is fun and comfort to type long texts on your iPad, which needs a strong fulcrum. ULAK’s kickstand offers this robust support while you are typing emails or typing notes on your device. The kickstand firmly stands against any surfaces, giving you unshakeable backing when you type.

USP: 3-in-1 protection
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7. LayYun

LayYun iPad Mini 2 Case

LayYun has smartly designed this iPad cover for kids, who frequently drop tablets. Butterfingers can also use this case as LayYun provides an extra strap you can wrap around the case. Moreover, you can pass your fingers through the strap to tightly hold your iPad.

For flexible landscape and portrait viewing, you can use LayYun’s 360-degree rotating stand. Your kids can make the most of this case when they are working on their school projects. For complete protection, LayYun has used high-quality synthetic leather and soft microfiber; both materials protect your iPad from outside and inside.

USP: 360-degree rotating stand
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LEDNICEKER iPad Mini 2 Case

Another iPad case for kids! This time it is LEDNICEKER offering you a briefcase-like cover. This case provides full protection to your iPad as it covers the tablet from all sides and corners. With a handle, kids can carry their iPads like a briefcase. Since the case is for kids, LEDNICEKER has made a lightweight and shockproof case.

Thick EVA foam gives necessary elevation to your iPad screen, ensuring little damage from rough surfaces. The design of this case never hampers your kids’ interaction with iPad; they can easily access all the ports, buttons, and controls on their tablet.

USP: Thick EVA foam
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9. Ztotop

Ztotop iPad Mini 2 Leather Case

Ztotop presents a leather folio case for your iPad mini. If you are using your tablet for your business, you can install this protective case on your iPad to create a professional image at meetings and conferences. To add beauty to the case, Ztotop has used premium grade leather material. Further, you can see excellent craftsmanship on the leather exterior.

While you are on a business trip, you can use organizer pocket of this case to store your document, calling cards, bank cards, currency notes and more.

USP: Excellent workmanship
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10. Dteck

Dteck iPad Mini 2 Folio Case

Dteck has an impressive range of colorful and creative designs for iPad covers. There are more than 40 beautiful patterns, which you can explore. For your kids, Dteck has used animal motifs of elephant, giraffe, panda, and others. The case can be converted into a kickstand with a slight adjustment. This gives stability and a perfect position to read eBooks or type emails.

There are interior card slots and cash holder to store documents and credit/debit cards; also carry some cash with you. Dteck has sourced premium PU leather to keep the profile less bulky.

USP: Premium PU leather
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That’s all friends!

The finesse of your iPad requires constant protection. Our list of cases for iPad mini boasts high-quality cases to retain that elegance for a long time. You can choose between style and strength; some of the cases have both.

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