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An iPad folio case is quite a classic accessory; professional, neat and well-built with an all-round protection. There have been quite a lot of varieties in the cases built for the new iPad (3 and 4) but to me, the folio cases are one of the best.

And it's not just because of looks that I'm telling this.

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Here's a sample of what makes the iPad folio cases so good to me:

  • They provide a complete protective cover: front and back
  • They're quite cool-looking but not drastically away from a certain professional look
  • They're well-built with some really impressive hardshell performance
  • These days, they come with an aesthetic appeal with impressive color choices, patterns and other embellishments

Most of them are in the $40-$70 range which is not quite a lot for protecting a $400+ gadget.

In our roundup of iPad accessories, notably cases, here's some info on four exquisitely designed, high-quality and very popular iPad folio cases. They're built for the new iPad (iPad 4th-gen).

Top 4 Folio Cases for iPad 4 and Earlier iPads:

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#1. DODOCase Classic

DODOCase Classic iPad Case

The entire suite of DODOCase iPad folio cases was called the Rolls-Royce of iPad cases by Engadget. Well, that might just be an understatement. The DODOCase Classic is a perfect example of what it means to be the Rolls-Royce of iPad cases.

It's a perfect fit for the iPad, bringing some amazing features to the folio. There's smart-magnet cover, a sleek design, standing modes, a finely crafted bamboo tray: all combine to provide the best protection while making sure the iPad is easily accessible. And then there are more options in colors and personalization (with your initials engraved).

Price: $64.95 ($58.98 on Amazon)
Buy it from Amazon.com

#2. Belkin Folio Cases for iPad

Belkin is a very popular brand when it comes to cases and case covers. What I liked about Belkin's suite of folio cases was their sense of professionalism and minimal looks. The folios themselves are quite sturdy, flexible and feature-rich.

Belkin TriFold Folio

Belkin Tri Fold Folio Case for iPad

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Developer: Dhvanesh Adhiya
Price: Free+

I'd like to call the Belkin TriFold Folio, the most classic, affordable folio case for the iPad 4th gen. It's simple, elegant and does the job of a case and a smart cover sans the magnets and smartness of auto-turn off. But it's perfectly designed with features like strap closure, snap corners, tri-fold for viewing modes (stand) etc. Also, fortunately, it's one of the most affordable folio cases for the new iPad.

Price: $99.99 ($52.48 on Amazon)
Shop it from Amazon.com

#3. Belkin Cinema Stripe

Belkin Cinema Stripe Folio Case for iPad

Going a little further from the TriFold Folio case, we have the Cinema Stripe Folio for iPad which is pretty much the same as the former but has some additional features. To begin with, it's smart. Think of Apple's smart cover and an iPad case and you end up with Belkin Cinema Stripe. What's particularly interesting is that unlike the smart-cover which offers two standing positions, the Cinema Stripe offers multiple viewing angles such that there's maximum comfort.

Price: $49.99 ($29.99 on Amazon)
Order it from Amazon.com

#4. Kensington Protective Folio

Kensington Protective Folio Case for iPad

Kensington is another popular brand when it comes to high-end, professional accessories. The retail brand is known for its adherence to luxurious quality and professionalism and you get to see that in the Protective Folio & Stand for the iPad. It's a hardshell case which doubles up as a multi-view stand for the iPad. As usual, every other detail has been carefully designed including accessibility, thinness, durability and more.

Price: $49.99
Buy it from Amazon.com

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