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Best iPad 10.2-inch Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

The best part about the iPad 7 is the 10.2-inch Retina Display. Though the screen is nowhere near as elegant as that of iPad Pro, it still has over three times more pixels than the most selling PC in the US. Well, that just shows how far ahead Apple’s entry-level tablet is ahead of the market – forget about the beast so-called iPad Pro.

Long story short, the Retina Display looks just too good for an iPad that’s priced as low as $329. That all being said, the display demands more safeguard against scratches and out-of-the-blue cracks.

If you ever happen to damage the screen, you will have to dole out whopping $249 (out of warranty repair charge). That’s why it’s wise to have the best 10.2-inch iPad screen protectors guarding the expensive display. Let’s get a protective screen guard for your 7th-gen iPad!

1. Tech Armor

Tech Armor Glass Screen Protector for iPad 7 10.2-inch

An expensive screen like Retina Display deserves a more reliable shield to stay secure. And what better way to secure the screen than presenting it screen guard made of high-grade ballistic glass.

The protector is way stronger than other screen guards that are flooded in the market. But is it just about durability and protection? Nope!

Tech Armor also excels in delivering high transparency and touch sensitivity. Given these impressive specs, a touch high price tag $14.95 doesn’t seem too much – especially when a complete defense is the main priority.

USP: High-grade ballistic glass
Check out on Amazon

2. Supershieldz

Supershieldz 10.2-inch iPad 7 Screen Protector

Supershieldz’s screen guard has packed everything to be a long-lasting protector for the Retina Display. The tempered glass screen defender is designed to be bubble-free and scratch-resistant.

The 9H hardness coupled with oleophobic coating further fortifies the durability to survive the unexpected beating. On the clarity aspect, Supershieldz can crank up to 99.99% transparency.

The laser-cut design and curved edges help the screen guard offer full coverage to the display. Moreover, the well-known screen protector maker offers the screen defender in two-pack at just one price $10.99 which make it easily one of the most affordable screen protectors for iPad 7.

USP: Oleophobic coating for fingerprint resistance
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3. amFilm

amFilm Glass Screen Protector for iPad 10.2-inch

Looking at amFilm screen protector, all I can say is it’s top-notch. Despite being high-quality, the screen guard is priced a lot lower than other offerings. The company provides the screen protectors in a double pack at $7.99 which seems to be a steal – to say the least.

It’s durable, bubble-free and works smoothly with Apple Pencil. Even on the transparency aspect, it matches the industry standard. What’s more, amFilm is case-friendly and fits seamlessly on the 10.2-inch screen of the iPad 7.

USP: Highly responsive
Check out on Amazon

4. Zshion

Zshion 10.2-inch iPad 7 Tempered Glass Screen Protector

What happens after hours of media streaming or power-packed gaming? Well, our eyes start burning or we have to deal with eye-fatigue that often leads to sleepless nights.

If you are someone who uses his/her iPad for hours, do check out Zshion screen guard as it’s anti-blue light. In addition to being anti-blue light, it’s equipped to take on shatter, scuffs, and smudge.

Clarity-wise, you shouldn’t have any complaints either as the screen protector has high clarity. It also feels sensitive to the touch and works with cases. Looking at the price that stands at $13.99, I would say Zshion is not expensive as it’s protective and comes with an anti-blue light feature which is so essential.

USP: Anti-blue light
Check out on Amazon

5. Qoosea

Qoosea Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPad 10.2-inch

While ordinary screen guard loses both their clarity and sensitivity in the long run, a high-quality tempered glass screen protector keeps both the qualities intact. And Qoosea belongs to the category of screen defenders that can retain the quality for long.

The screen guard features precise but and has smooth rounded edges to get installed on the screen without any issue. Being smooth and responsiveness, Qoosea also works perfectly with Apple Pencil and other digital pens in the market.

Durability-wise, it has the same industry standard hardness that most top screen protectors boast. Available for $7.99 in two-pack, it’s also not expensive either. 

USP: Curved edges
Check out on Amazon

6. Dmax Armor

Dmax Armor iPad 10.2-inch 7th Generation Screen Protector

For those of you who want to have the cheapest screen protectors for 10.2-inch iPad without giving up on protection and clarity, Dmax Armor would be a safe bet. The company offers the screen guard in three packs at $7.99.

Speaking of durability, Dmax Armor comes 9H hardness along with multiple layers to protect the screen. Plus, it also features impressive HD clarity so that you have enhanced the viewing experience.

Besides, it’s bubble-free that makes installation painless. And with a lifetime warranty, it’s made to be a lasting pair for the iPad 7’s screen.

USP: Full coverage
Check out on Amazon

So, that’s all about my top screen guards for 2019 10.2-inch iPad!

What’s Your Favorite Screen Guard?

When it comes to the protection of the screen, we must never take a chance. So, it’s better to fully equip the Retina Display right from the onset rather than pay a hefty screen repair price.

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Which screen guard have you chosen for your iPad 7? Let us know its name in the comments.

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