Best Free Weight Tracking Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2019: Track and Control Bodyweight Efficiently

Scroll through this special list of best free weight tracking apps for iPhone and iPad in 2019 and pick the right weight tracker to achieve your best fitness.

Aren’t you happy with your fitness anymore and wish to lose weight or gain some muscle to look at your very best? You would need these best weight tracking apps for iPhone and iPad to help you accomplish your goal. Whether it’s tracking your progress or letting you check out the values of your favorite food, these health and fitness apps for iOS ensure you are always up to the task and never deviate from the set rules.

Though these weight trackers are free, you can upgrade them through in-app purchases depending on your need. They are all easy-going and make the task of fine-tuning your weight a bit straightforward. Let’s dive right in to discover em’all!

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Best Weight Tracking Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2019

#1. Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

“Weight Watchers” lets you not just keep an eye on your weight but also assists you in accomplishing your desired fitness. With it, you will be able to track your weight even on the move without any hassle. Add the food to recipe builder and quickly find out its total values to ensure you don’t overeat or follow the strict plan.

To get started, simply set your personal goal and go ahead with the structured plan. You can share your achievements or progress with your friends and even ask for tips to crank up the progress.

Price: Free

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#2. Lose It!

Lose It! Weight Tracking iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

With the highly effective weight loss program, Lose It! Helps you reduce your weight a lot easier. It allows you to set your daily goals for nutrients, exercise, blood pressure, water intake, weight loss and more.

Once you have set the target, track your progress using the various tools. You can use the fitness tracking devices and trackers to keep a tab on your fitness and important data like calories burnt, steps, exercise. Even better, you can also connect with your friends and other users for help or exchange valuable experience.

Price: Free

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#3. Happy Scale

Happy Scale Weight Tracking iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

“Happy Scale” makes weight tracking super easy. With the use of smart math, it is able to learn the accurate trend of your weight loss. You can easily find out how much you are losing each week.

The average progress tracking feature shows steady progress each day and push yourself harder to lose more weight. To make the task a bit undemanding, make a small goal and try your best to achieve it. You can also predict your actual weight based on the current trends.

Price: Free

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#4. My Diet Coach

My Diet Coach Weight Tracking iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

So guys, don’t be ashamed of standing on the weighing scale and start your workout with this wonderful app which will give you the right choices on diet and exercise. It is the most feminine and loving app I have ever come across. Really! Diet plays a vital role in losing weight, and so you can add reminders that remind you of various diet dos and don’ts. Also, you can insert some pictures that boost your energy to lose weight.

You can cut down on your food cravings by some motivational quotes built in. A diet diary and a calorie calculator help you keep a record of your diet and fitness goals.

Price: Free

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#5. Lark – 24/7 Health Coach

Lark-24:7 Health Coach iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Do you need a health coach that closely keep a track of your fitness and provide essential tips to improve it? Lark would be one of the better options.

Your guide monitors your exercise, sleep, and diet, and sends you motivational advice to keep you pumped up. The app lets you create a personalized help plan with unlimited check-ins.

It offers additional blood sugar and carbs tracking. What’s more, Lark also provides immensely helpful educational sessions on diabetes and related topics.

Price: Free

#6. My Diet Diary

My Diet Diary Weight Tracking iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

This is a simple, intuitive app and has some essential features that aid tracking your weight loss schedule. It tracks your meals and water intake and also helps to set reminders and notifications for it.

You input your daily meals, and it automatically calculates your calorie consumption and the number of vitamins and minerals you intake. You can track burnt calories after your workout and set your plans to reach your goal accordingly. It ensures a healthy lifestyle with some health tips daily. Also, it connects and sees your steps progress from your Fitbit, Jawbone Up, or other activity tracking device.

Price: Free

#7. WeightDrop

WeightDrop Weight Tracking iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

WeightDrop makes the task of tracking weight more simplified. You can easily record your weight once a day and keep an eye on the progress using the useful tools. Use the weight history to check your weight on any date and compare the trend.

The weight calculator recommends the ideal weight you should have as per your profile. The daily reminders keep you at pace with what you have to achieve and never let you miss out your activity.

Price: Free

#8. Monitor your weight

Monitor your weight Tracking iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Monitor your weight as the name says helps you track your weight loss program.

This iPhone app automatically calculates your ideal weight, BMI based on your body measurements. You can have a simplified view of your target rate and the actual rate of your aim of losing those unwanted kilos and keep a history of the units gained/lost. Moreover, it also has a feature of exporting your data via e-mail and has a fine tune for AchieveMint, Wahoo Scale, and Withings Scale.

Price: Free

#9. Fittter Fitness Calculator

Fittter Fitness Calculator and Weight Tracking iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

As your personal trainer, Fittter Fitness Calculator keeps track of your BMI, BMR, Body fat% Waist to Hip Ratio. Your data is stored on iCloud which is accessible from any iCloud device, and even you can keep your data safe by applying a password lock to the app.

An easy view of your weight loss and your goal is previewed by weight on icon bubble. Graphs and export functions help you keep track of your data in a pictorial manner and export the whole history via email.

Price: Free

#10. Weight Loss Tracker+ Food Diary

Weight Loss Tracker+ Food Diary iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

“Weight Loss Tracker+ Food Diary” is truly versatile when it comes to functionality. Apart from letting you track your weight, this app can also let you keep a tab on your various other things such as expenses, food, weight, sleep, workouts, to-do lists and more.

Moreover, the app can automatically back up your data to Google Drive and iCloud to let you easily access it from any of your devices. It’s made to work with VoiceOver in eight languages.

Price: Free

The Bottom Line

Agreed, it’s you who have to put the best foot forward to lose weight. But these apps can go a long way in helping you achieve your goal. Apart from letting you carry out the task of tracking the weight, they also keep you motivated just like a true coach, aren’t they?

So, which one of these apps has successfully passed your test? Do let us know your views in the comments and stay connected with us via Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram for more such useful health and fitness apps. Also, don’t forget to download our app on your iPhone and iPad.

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