Best folio cases for iPhone 14 and 14 Pro in 2023

Best Folio Cases for iPhone 14 and 14 Pro

Several people still prefer using a folio case simply because it offers 360-degree protection and is utilitarian. These folio cases can function as a wallet and house cash and cards. These cases also feature RFID blocking to protect your cards, a kickstand, and much more. Read along, and you can pick the best folio case for your iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Pro that suits your needs.  

  2. Voscu
  3. SUANPOT leather case
  4. Raptic
  5. Encased
  6. TORRO
  7. SUANPOT case

1. SHIELDON case – Editor’s choice

SHIELDON folio case for iPhone 14

The SHIELDON wallet folio case is a leather case available in two leather options; Genuine Leather and Full Grain Leather. Both are made out of Genuine/Full Grain Cowhide leather, so you can be assured that the case will gracefully age as it develops a patina with time.  

It also provides 360-degree protection from the outside, and the inner case is shockproof. It has raised edges on the screen and the camera, which protects your iPhone against drops, bumps, and scratches.  

Talking about protection, the SHIELDON case protects your cards from being hacked as it features RFID blocking. It can house some cash and up to three cards. Lastly, the case doubles as a hands-free stand, and you can adjust it for comfortable viewing angles.  

The case is available in two finishes and 15 color options. And the company offers a lifetime replacement warranty.  


  • Functions as a cardholder and kickstand  
  • RFID blocking 
  • Lifetime replacement  


  • No significant cons 

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2. Voscu detachable case – Best gifting option  

Voscu folio magnetic case for iPhone 14

If you’re looking for a hybrid folio case with a detachable inner case, the Voscu wallet case is a perfect choice. It is also one of the best folio cases for someone looking for a vegan leather case; the outer and inner cases are built from vegan leather. And the outer cover also has a strong magnetic closure.  

The inner case features raised lips to protect the screen and raised edges for the rear camera. Also, the buttons are tactile and are made from aluminum alloy. And the case is MagSafe compatible. So, whenever you’re using your iPhone after detaching it from the wallet, you can pair it with MagSafe or accessories.  

The wallet can hold some cash, and the company recommends not adding more than three cards to the wallet. To protect your card information from hackers, it features RFID blocking. Also, the wallet can be used as a kickstand for your iPhone, and since it is adjustable, the viewing angles are comfortable.  

Sadly, the Voscu Detachable Wallet Case is only available in black. However, it is a great gifting choice as the packaging of the product is very premium, and the company advertises it as a product to be gifted.  


  • Made from vegan leather  
  • Functions as a Cardholder and Kickstand 
  • MagSafe compatible  
  • RFID blocking 


  • Few color options 

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3. SUANPOT leather case – 22 color options  

SUANPOT iPhone 14 leather folio case

The SUANPOT wallet case is crafted from PU leather. It also has a magnetic closure strap that holds both sides firmly. For those unaware, PU leather products are not vegan leather as they’re made with split leather, which is further coated with polyurethane, so it’s not the best choice if you’re looking for a vegan leather case. 

Three cards and some cash are the recommended storage capacity of the wallet. And like most cases in this list, it also features the technology to protect your cards as it is equipped with RFID shielding technology.  

You won’t miss protection when using folio cases, and the same can be said for this SUANPOT wallet case. The inner case is made from a durable soft TPU material that enables easy installation and is designed to help dissipate heat. 

Finally, the SUANPOT wallet case is available in 22 color options. I’m certain if you make up your mind to get this case, there will at least be one color that appeals to you.  


  • Made from PU leather  
  • Functions as a Cardholder 
  • RFID blocking 
  • The inner case is designed to dissipate heat  


  • No significant cons 

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4. Raptic urban folio – Military-grade protection 

Raptic folio case for iPhone 14

The Raptic urban folio case takes the safety of folio cases to another level as the case features military-grade drop test certification (6FT/2 meter). While the front of the folio case is made of subtly-grained vegan leather, the inner case features an impact-absorbing TPU frame, a low-profile design, and a clear polycarbonate case. 

I’m certain there isn’t a variety of folio cases that let you flaunt the beautiful color of your iPhone. 

Another rare feature of the Raptic urban folio case is that it is a pocket-friendly case as it features a low-profile shape with smooth edges. This allows the case to not only appear sleek and premium but feels slim in hand as well. 

Since it is a wallet case, it has two card slots and can house up to three cards. However, there is no dedicated area to carry cash with the case. There is no mention of the case featuring an RFID certification, which makes me believe the case lacks this essential certification, which is important to protect your card details from hackers.  

The wallet clasp has strong magnets that hold the case and the leather flap together. It is available only in one color option – Black.  


  • Grained vegan leather
  • Functions as a cardholder   
  • Clear polycarbonate back  
  • Military-grade drop protection 


  • Lacks RFID certification  
  • Only available in black color

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5. Encased Torno-S Flip Folio – Dual tone vegan leather  

Encased iPhone 14 folio case with card holder

The Encased Torno-S flip folio is made out of soft-touch vegan leather. Being a wallet case, it can hold cards and cash. However, this folio case can house up to 6 cards and cash thanks to its integrated back fold wallet. The magnetic flap keeps the case closed and your device and cards protected. However, the case does not feature an RFID certification which puts the cards you’re carrying at risk. 

For protection, the inner case is made out of shock-resistant TPU, and it has a microfiber inner lining. The edges of the inner case are raised on the rear camera for added drop protection. Also, a free screen protector is included with every purchase of the Torno-S flip folio.

A small business manufactures the Torno-S flip folio case, and buying products from small businesses is a good choice, as supporting these vendors who are just starting could help them a long way. If you decide to pick one, I recommend getting the Brown-Blue color variant, as it comes in a dual-tone design. The case is also available in the black color option.    


  • Made from soft-touch vegan leather 
  • The inner case is made from TPU and microfiber padding  
  • Functions as a cardholder 
  • Manufactured by a small business 


  • Lacks RFID certification 

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6. TORRO leather case – Simplistic design 

TORRO folio case for iPhone 14

The TORRO detachable leather case is a unique folio case as it does not feature the ability to house cards or cash. It is not a wallet case but rather just a folio case. The TORRO case is not the right choice for vegans as it is made of premium cowhide leather. The grain leather used in TORRO cases is acquired from the finest tanneries in the US and undergoes minimal treatment to preserve the natural properties of leather. You can be assured that the case will age well and develop a patina.  

Also, since the folio case is magnetically detachable, the inner case is made of the same leather material. Using it as a standalone case won’t hamper the in-hand feel. Also, using it without the outer cover won’t be unsafe as the inner case, despite being slim, has a durable TPU frame and raised edges for both the screen and the rear camera. The case inside features a soft microfiber lining to protect your device from scratches. It will protect your device from bumps and drops.  

If you want to watch any media content or read something hands-free, the TORRO case can double as a kickstand, too. You wouldn’t have to worry about wireless charging as the case is MagSafe compatible (when detached). Black and blue are the two-color options the case is available In.  


  • Made from premium cowhide leather 
  • Detachable inner case  
  • Durable TPU frame and microfiber padding 
  • MagSafe compatible 


  • Cannot house cards or cash 

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7. SUANPOT case- Highest card limit 

SUANPOT folio wallet case for iPhone 14

When you look at the SUANPOT wallet case, it looks more like a clutch or a purse that women usually carry. No, I’m not trying to say it is a feminine product; it has a few characteristics. The first one is a zip on the outer side which is not just there for aesthetic purposes but also opens up, and you can store cash in it.  

Under the zip is a compartment held together by snap fasteners. This compartment has nine card slots and can comfortably hold up to ten cards. While not many people carry ten cards daily, it is a great choice for those that do. Moreover, the case has RFID shielding technology that protects your card’s data from being stolen.   

Apart from these features, the case also functions as a stand and is useful for viewing media, reading books, etc. The case is available in 11 color options.  


  • Highest card holding capacity 
  • RFID blocking
  • 11 color options 


  • Slightly bulky 

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That’s a wrap

These are some of the best iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro folio cases you can get right now. If you have any other questions, let me know in the comments below.

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