Best FIFA World Cup 2018 iPhone and iPad Apps

Keep a tab on the hottest action! I’ve lined up the best FIFA World cup apps for iOS to help you stay in the loop with the latest scores. Find out which one looks nice for your taste!
Best FIFA World Cup iPhone and iPad Apps

When FIFA fever heats up, we always want to stay in the loop with the latest action. Everything from stunning goal, exciting kick to the most intense moments, we wish to catch up with all the scintillating aspects of the fixture.

Being a huge football fan myself, I’ve assembled some of the best FIFA world cup apps for iPhone to track the latest scores with ease. With the full-on customization, these apps ensure you can keep a tab on the hottest action right from your fingertips.

So, whether you want to catch the big highlights or get the real-time scores, my favorite football apps for iOS can keep you at pace with everything!

#1. ESPN

ESPN FIFA iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

ESPN is truly the powerhouse and must for football fans. With this app, you will easily catch up with all the latest updates of the game. You will quickly catch up with all the stories and videos from your favorite teams.

Thanks to the iMessage extension, you will be able to share live scores with your friends. Even better, you can enjoy video highlights without having to quit the Messages app on your iOS device.

Price: Free

#2. theScore

theScore iPhone and iPad FIFA App Screenshot

theScore is one of my favorite apps to get all the latest news, highlights and live scores about soccer matches. It’s very fast-paced regarding functionality and easy-to-use. You can completely customize it suit your interest.

You will create a custom newsfeed to easily access everything you want. Besides, the app also covers several other games like golf, tennis, auto racing.

Price: Free

#3. BBC Sport

BBC Sport iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

BBC Sports brings you all the news and latest happenings of the Sports world. This app lets you watch major games live and even allows you to catch on-demand highlights. Create a personalized page to easily access all the stories, updates and news from your favorite games.

You can set notifications to never miss out on any important news. Furthermore, you will watch BBC Radio 5 live sports while browsing the app.

Price: Free

#4. Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sports iPhone and iPad FIFA App Screenshot

Yahoo Sports is exactly what you would love to have to remain up-to-date about everything that shakes the sports world. You will set your favorite teams to instantly access all the highlights, schedules and updates in your personal newsfeed.

The exclusive articles from famous writers like Adrian Wojnarowski, Dan Wetzel, and Pat Forde will offer in-depth insight into the games. With the simple features and elegant UI, this sports app feels very familiar right from the beginning.

Price: Free

#5. Onefootball

Onefootball Soccer News iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Onefootball keeps you updated about all latest happenings related to FIFA World Cup. The app provides everything you would want to remain at the top of the game like live scores, news, highlights, stats, etc. With the personalized content as per teams, players, you will be able to easily stay updated about your favorites.

The expert analysis would provide you with the right insight about the game and who was right on top. What’s more, you can predict the result of matches and even vote for the best player of the tournament.

Price: Free

#6. Univision Deportes

Univision Deportes iPhone and iPad FIFA App Screenshot

Univision Deportes may not be as popular as BBC or Yahoo Sports, but it is more than just good enough to let you stay at perfect pace with the game.

The app delivers live streaming of soccer matches. As it also provides highlights of every match, you will be able to watch your favorite match at your own pace. You can quickly check out stats and read interesting articles. Well-timed alerts never let you miss anything.

Price: Free

#7. FotMob Live Soccer Scores

FotMob Live Soccer Scores iPhone and iPad FIFA App Screenshot

“FotMob” is the one you should pick out to get the personalized news and latest alerts about your favorite teams. Therefore, you can remain in the loop with all the latest happenings.

Check out the schedules to never miss any enticing fixture. Take advantage of the audio commentary to stay tuned in. Moreover, it features a favorites tab to help you keep track of the players and teams you admire.

Price: Free

#8. FOX Sports: Watch Live

FOX Sports FIFA App for iPhone and iPad Screenshot

Don’t limit your desire for sports to just FIFA. Download Fox Sports and keep up with all the sports games that you may like. The best thing is that it also provide live streaming, not just scores on a static screen.

One of the best features is the option to customize your home feed of FOX sports app. This allows you to quickly look at the game scores and get back to whatever you were doing. Last but not least, the app is completely free to use.

Price: Free

#9. LiveScore

LiveScore World Football iPhone App Screenshot

I find “LiveScore” well-timed for “All-things-football!” From letting you catch up with the latest results to check out upcoming fixtures, the app has got all the ingredients required to keep you in sync with football.

The live match commentary never lets you miss any significant updates. You can also watch videos to glance through the biggest highlights quickly.

Based on your requirements, you will also customize the alerts to keep yourself posted with ease. Moreover, the detailed match analysis offers you a better insight into the things that have taken place or about to burst onto the scene.

Price: Free

#10. FIFA – Soccer News & Scores

FIFA Official iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

FIFA Official App will give you all the coverage of the FIFA world cup. You can get the latest updates; follow your favorites and watch games live. You will enjoy reading in-depth news, interviews, and analytical articles.

Check photos and watch videos to relive every moment of the games. The app lets you track FIFA world ranking. With this app, you can even vote for the man of the match in all the games. To be precise, the app has all you want.

Price: Free

That’s all, folks!

Signing off

I know you have elected one of these apps to stay updated and catch all the major news and highlights about every match? What’s its name and why have you picked it? Do let us know in the comment.

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