Do you have a penchant for reading comic books? If yes, we have you covered with the best comic book reader apps to let you experience the spectacle of “Iron Man”, The Avengers, X-Men and more.

What makes these comic reader apps special is the ability to offer unmatched comic reading experience. They support most comic formats and allow you to organize your comics with utmost ease. What’s more, you can even fine tune them to suit your best interest!

Best Comic Book Reader Apps for iPhone and iPad

Best Comic Book Reader Apps for iPhone and iPad

#1. Chunky Comic Reader

Chunky Comic Reader iPhone App IconThis one is a complete comic book reader app. It’s highly user-friendly and easy-to-use. With the super handy upscaling feature, it makes even low-resolution comics look nice. It features auto-contrast/tint which fixes yellow pages as well as faded ink. There is a self-organizing library which keeps all your stuff in perfect order.

Price: Free
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#2. comiXology

comiXology iPhone and iPad App IconcomiXology is one of the finest comic reader apps. With this app, you will enjoy reading Kindle comics, graphic novels as well as magna purchases. The massive library boasts of tons of Marvel comics, image comics, DC comics. You can also search for and add your favorite books to the wishlist. If you want to make your comic reading more delightful, you shouldn’t look beyond comiXology.

Price: Free
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#3. iComics

iComics iPhone and iPad App IconiComics is designed to be a top class comic reader app. It is compatible with most comic formats such as ZIP, CBZ, RAR, CBR, 7ZIP, CB7, TAR, CBT, LZH, LHA, EPUB, PDF. It features a slider that allows you to move from one comic to other with ease. You can split extra wide pages in order make reading a bit easier. You have the option to share, email and even save individual pages.

Price: $1.99
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#4. Comic Zeal Comic Book Reader

Comic Zeal Comic Book Reader iPhone and iPad App Icon“Comic Zeal Comic Book Reader” is feature-rich and a perfect app to enhance your comic book reading experience. It lets you organize your collection as desired. As for instance, you can put series inside series and with the use of dividers, you will be able to manage long lists. There is also an option to automatically sort comics into their respective series. Better still, it also includes a parental lock for specific series.

Price: $4.99
Download Comic Zeal Comic Book Reader

#5. Marvel Unlimited Comics

Marvel Unlimited Comics iPhone and iPad App IconWith Marvel Unlimited Comics, you can access a vast library of more than 17, 000 digital comics. Even if you are not connected to Cellular or Wi-Fi, it lets you read up to 12 issues offline. It includes some famous marvel comics including Spider-Man, The Avengers, Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, X-Men and more. It allows you to preview every issue in the archive and read some selected issues if you are not signed up.

Price: Free
Download Marvel Unlimited Comics

#6. ComicFlow

ComicFlow iPhone and iPad App IconWith the smart interface, ComicFlow provides an unmatched comic reading experience. It’s equipped to handle large comic collections. You can easily import your favorite comics in the background. It supports cbr, .cbz and pdf files. It’s compatible with the only iPad.

Price: Free
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#7. Madefire Comics & Motion Books

Madefire Comics & Motion Books iPhone App IconThe last but not the least, “Madefire Comics & Motion Books” is exactly what you would want to get the best out of your amazing comic books. It features day and date releases of new comics every Wednesday to keep you updated about the upcoming books. With the 360-degree panoramic view, sound effects and music, it makes your comic reading a fantastic experience.

Price: Free
Download Madefire Comics & Motion Books

That’s it!

Which one of these comic book reader apps has charmed you the most? I know it’s not easy to pick one out of these best apps, but we would like to know your choice.

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