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Best expense manager apps for Apple Watch in 2024

A penny saved is a penny earned. So, plan your budget wisely, making sure unnecessary expenses remain at bay. And spot the areas that be tightened up to boost your financial health.

But then again, it’s easier said than done. That’s why take advantage of the best expense manager apps to track your spending efficiently right from your Apple Watch. They also offer expert tips to help you have better insight into your finance.

More significantly, these smart expense trackers for Apple Watch allow you to bring all of your accounts and payments to one place to monitor them is hassle-free. Read on to get a proficient one right now for your smartwatch!

1. Truebill

Truebill Budget & Bill Tracker Apple Watch App Screenshot

With Truebill, you can easily track your bills, cancel unwanted subscriptions and request refund. The bill tracker keeps an eye on new charges and tricky price increases.

It finds out where you are overpaying and suggest the right ways to reduce bills. It also notifies you about the interest charges, recurring transactions as well as changes. So, you will be able to manage your finances more efficiently.

Price: Free

2. Mobills – Budget Planner

Mobills Budget Planner Apple Watch App Screenshot

Should you think of going for a more structured financial planning, “Mobills” would be the right way to go. This app offers an intuitive way to analyze how much money you are spending.

And based on your spending, it provides killer ideas that make the vital difference. Instead of hopping from one end to the other, bring all of your credit card details at one place and manage your limit, the total amount due with the utmost ease.

Price: Free

3. Pennies

Pennies Apple Watch Expense Management App Screenshot

This finance manager has a neat user-interface that makes tracking expenses super easy. With just a glance, you will find out your spending health. As a result, taking control of the unnecessary expenses won’t be a big ask.

Besides saving money, you can also keep a track on your monthly/daily financial health. Pennies will suggest you either to stop spending money or increase your expenses according to your financial health.

Price: $3.99

4. Money Pro: Personal Finance

Money Pro Personal Finance Apple Watch App Screenshot

Money Pro is one of the best finance apps on your Apple Watch. Even as it comes with a premium, the app has got nearly 2000 ratings; this achievement speaks volume about the success of Money Pro. A notable feature of this app is a widget, which gives you quick access to track your expense without launching the app.

Explore the app and you will find more impressive features like split transactions; you can split one payment into multiple categories. Moreover, you can search your transactions by amount, category, description, cheque number, and payee.

Price: $4.99

5. Mileage Expense Log

Mileage Expense Log Apple Watch Expense Management App Screenshot

“Mileage Expense Log” is very good at recording your travel expenses. With the use of the advanced GPS auto-tracking feature, the app is able to accurately track mileage.

It allows you to track multiple vehicles in one go. You can add additional expenses like tolls and ferries and keep a tab on your spending with ease. It lets you export data as CVS or HTML.

Price: Free

6. Expense Reporting App

Expense Reporting Apple Watch App Screenshot

If you are a sales representative who has to report expenses more often, this app can be a fine pick for you. Using this expense tracker from Zoho Corporation, you will be able to manage both your business and travel spending.

It comes with a built-in GPS tracker and maps which allows you to keep an eye on your travel expenses with ease. To make your task even easier, it allows you to automatically extra data from your receipts.

Even better, you can batch expenses together to make a detailed report.

Price: Free

7. Account Book – Money Manager

Account Book Money Manager Apple Watch App Screenshot

Whether you want to handle your business accounts or personal budget, Account Book would be one of the better options. The app has a clean interface which allows you to monitor a number of things like income, expense, bank, credit card, bill, payable, receivable, bank and more in a glance.

Get the timely notifications about incoming payments and bills so that you never be late in paying them off. Check out the advanced reports to analyze your accounts and view your financial statement with summary reports.

To prevent anyone from viewing your sensitive information, use a password to protect your data. Besides, the support for over 150 currencies and units makes it a powerful money manager.

Price: $0.99

8. MoneyControl

MoneyControl Spending Tracker Apple Watch App Screenshot

“MoneyControl” makes tracking expenses and income as straightforward as you’d like. One of the most appreciable features of this app is multiple shortcuts that allow entering new expenses quickly.

You can efficiently manage your accounts and transfers between them. Categorize your payments so that it’s easier to keep an eye on them. Easily preview the upcoming payments and set reminders to pay them on time.

Moreover, this expense tracker also allows you to export your data in CSV format.

Price: $0.99

9. Budget Wiz

Budget Wiz Apple Watch Expense Manager App Screenshot

The key to saving plenty of bucks is finding out the unnecessary expenses and taking complete control over them and sticking to the rule. And with Budget Wiz, you will discover many ways to cut down on the extra spending by planning your budget smartly.

The app features very helpful pie chart reports that display income, expense, and savings. Therefore, you know how much you can spend and why you need to tighten up your spending a bit.

One notable feature of this app is that it lets you export data in multiple formats including CSV, HTML or PDF. Plus, Budget Wiz is integrated with iCloud and Dropbox so that you can easily back up and restore your data.

Price: $0.99

That’s all, friends!

Wrapping Up!

Now, use these expense trackers to put a brake on the extra spending and save as much money as possible. Set a goal and make sure to achieve it by putting your best foot forward. You may want to check out these best personal expense tracker apps for iPhone and iPad.

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