Best screen protectors for 11-inch iPad Pro 2023

Best Screen Protectors for 2020 iPad Pro 11-inch

Adding a screen guard and cover to your new device sounds obvious. But it’s important to invest in the right quality of these accessories for maximum protection. If you’re getting the latest 11-inch iPad Pro 2021, we’ve already given you a great selection of cases for it. So in this post, we’re following up with the best 2021 iPad Pro 11-inch screen protectors. Take a look and decide which one suits you.

  1. Paperlike
  2. Spigen
  3. amFilm
  4. Supershieldz
  5. iCarez
  7. JETech
  8. Brydge
  9. Tech Armor
  10. ZAGG

1. Paperlike 2 Screen Protector for 11-inch iPad Pro

Paperlike 2 Screen Protector for 11-inch iPad Pro 2nd Gen

If true-touch sensitivity headlines your taste or for that matter needs, Paperlike could be a better pick for you. For starters, the screen guard boasts a nanodot surface that gets the most out of the Apple Pencil. Due largely to the highly responsive surface, you will enjoy sketching or taking notes.

Aside from being exceptionally responsive to the touch, the screen guard offers high definition clarity. As it also reduces the rainbow effect, your interaction with the Retina Display will always feel convenient. In terms of protection, you can trust Paperlike to ward off scuffs and also keep sweat away. What’s more, it’s available for the 2021 iPad Pro 12.9-inch.


  • Nanodots surface
  • Responsive screen
  • High-definition clarity


  • A touch expensive

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2. Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPad Pro 11-inch

Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector for 11-inch iPad Pro 2nd Gen

A great mix of protection and high-definition clarity, this offering from Spigen seems to be a complete tempered glass screen guard for the 2021 11-inch iPad Pro. First and foremost, the screen defender has 9H hardness that enables it to comfortably take on random drops and scuffs.

Plus, it also comes with an extra coating to put fingerprints and sweat away. Thus, the screen guard doesn’t lose clarity. Being very responsive to the touch, it can let you use multitasking gestures or Apple Pencil smoothly. And with the high clarity, it keeps the original brightness of the screen intact.


  • 9H hardness
  • Oleophobic coating keeps sweat and fingerprints away
  • High clarity


  • The installation could be a bit painful due to bubble

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3. amFilm iPad Pro 11 inch Glass Screen Protector

amFilm Glass Screen Protector for 11-inch iPad Pro 2nd Gen

amFilm screen guard has got everything to warrant a chance on the beautiful Retina display of your 11-inch iPad Pro. Just like most tempered glass screen defenders, it also features a scratch-resistant surface to offer a reliable shield against scuffs.

Since there are no bubbles, the installation is pretty smooth. Featuring an additional coating, the screen guard is equipped to put dust and smudges away. Therefore, you can trust it to retain high transparency. What’s more, the company offers this screen guard in two packs at just $13.99, which is relatively low.


  • Scratch-resistant surface
  • Completely bubble-free
  • Fingerprint resistant


  • The cut-outs could be a bit more precise

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4. Supershieldz iPad Pro 11″ Screen Protector (3 Pack)

Supershieldz Anti Glare Screen Protector for 11-inch iPad Pro 2nd Gen

While the Supershieldz matte screen protector for 2021 11” iPad Pro may not be as strong as the tempered glass counterparts, it delivers slightly better clarity and also tends to feel more sensitive to the touch. So, if you don’t want to compromise with responsiveness, you should give it serious consideration.

Made of top-grade Japanese PET film, the screen guard reduces glare, thereby enhancing the viewing experience. As it’s also free from bubbles, the installation process will be a breeze. As far as protection from scratches is concerned, it can live up to the mark. Available at just $7.99 for three packs, Supershieldz is the cheapest screen protector for the 11-inch iPad Pro 2021.


  • Top-grade Japanese PET film
  • Reduces glare
  • Free from bubbles


  • Comparatively less durable

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5. iCarez Anti-Glare Matte Screen Protector for 11-inch iPad Pro

iCarez Matte Anti Glare Screen Protector for 11-inch iPad Pro 2nd Gen

Times when you want your Apple Pencil work elegantly or your swipe/scroll to feel pretty snappy, a PET film screen guard comes into play. And for this purpose, iCarez appears to be a frontrunner along with Supershieldz. The PET film construction ensures you have maximum clarity without any glare.

Being pretty smooth, the screen guard also offers a paperlike feeling so that you can sketch and take notes with the desired flair. Another notable feature of this screen defender is the ability to resist bacteria, which can play a vital role in disinfecting your iPhone. Although iCarez can’t deliver the same level of protection from scratches, it’s more than capable of fighting out minor scuffs.


  • Reduces bacteria
  • High-quality PET
  • Pretty smooth to the touch


  • Can’t offer maximum protection against bumps and scuffs

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6. OMOTON 11-inch iPad Pro Tempered Glass Screen Protector [3-Pack]

OMOTON Tempered Glass HD Screen Protector for 11-inch iPad Pro 2nd Gen

Looking at the OMOTON screen guard all I can say is that it’s a highly durable screen guard. But has it put sensitivity at the back-burner while trying to deliver improved protection? Nope.

OMOTON is made of durable tempered glass that’s equally efficient at both withstanding impact and offering high-definition clarity. Even on the sensitivity front, it’s second to none so that the multitasking or sketching can remain smooth sailing. As for pricing, the company offers the screen guard in three packs for $11, which puts it in the highly affordable category.


  • Durable tempered glass
  • high-definition transparency
  • Highly affordable


  • Bubbles could be a little difficult to handle during installation

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7. JETech Screen Protector for iPad Pro 11-Inch

JETech Screen Protector for 11-inch iPad Pro 2nd Gen

This one is the sort of screen guards that seem to get most things right, and therefore appear to be a good choice at the very first glance. Featuring laser-cut dimensions, JETech fits perfectly on the screen without coming in the way of the front camera and microphones. One of the highlights of this screen guard is the 0.33mm thickness that can withstand accidental drops effortlessly.

For all being a bit thicker than other screen protectors, it’s able to offer maximum transparency and also responds to the touch as expected. Besides, there is also a special coating to fight out dust and sweat. Add to that the compatibility with Face ID and Apple Pencil make it a handy defender for the screen.


  • Laser-cut dimensions
  • 0.33mm thickness for maximum protection
  • Special coating to fight out fingerprintsCons
  • Comparatively less sensitive to the touch

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8. Brydge Flexible Tempered Glass Screen Protector for 11″ iPad Pro

Brydge Flexible Tempered Glass Screen Protector for 11-inch iPad Pro 2nd Gen

Especially while installing a screen guard, I hate to encounter bubbles as they not only prevent installation but also mars the whole experience. Being completely bubble-free, Brydge makes installing screen protectors painless. That’s not all; it also doesn’t make the screen look ugly with the residue when removed.

Another department where Brydge has the edge over other screen guards is the durability. Endowed with the industry-standard hardness, it excels in offering protection to the edge-to-edge Retina display. Better still, it also stands up to the expectation when it comes to providing desired sensitivity.


  • Completely bubble-free
  • Doesn’t leave behind the residue when removed
  • Edge-to-edge protection


  • $30 price seems a touch over the top

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9. Tech Armor iPad Pro 11-inch Ballistic Glass Screen Protector

Tech Armor Ultra-Thin Screen Protector for 11-inch iPad Pro 2nd Gen

What makes the Tech Armor screen protector an able shield for the touchscreen is the ability to offer full-screen coverage to the Retina Display. Made of exceptionally durable ballistic glass, the screen guard is fully equipped to offer the desired shield to the 11” touch screen of your new iPad Pro. But if you think that the screen protector could be thicker than rivals, you can’t be more wrong.

Being just 0.25 thick, it’s one of the thinnest screen guards for the 11” iPad Pro 2021. As for transparency, Tech Armor has looked quite good to me. So, the iPad display can continue to look pristine even with this screen defender on.


  • Made of ballistic glass
  • Shockproof
  • Smudge resistant


  • Relatively less sensitive to touch

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10. ZAGG InvisibleShield Plus – Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Here’s a super high-quality tempered glass screen protector that boasts proprietary Ion Matrix technology to strengthen at the molecular level and offer a smooth look and feel. A precision surfacing process ensures maximum scratch resistance. The premium composition of this smooth tempered glass ensures that all of your images are sharp and vibrant.

At the same time, it maintains remarkable touch sensitivity, so your iPad responds to every tap and swipe. The reinforced edges of the screen protector helps to prevent chipping, and their beveled shape seems to disappear into the screen.


  • 3X shatter protection
  • Oil-resistant coating to prevent smudges
  • Remarkable touch sensitivity
  • Smooth and clean finish


  • Pricey

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Your Favourite Screen Protector?

Now that you’ve got all the top tempered glass and matte screen guards lined up, get the one that seems promising to your taste. And yes, toss up your thoughts and also let us know the name of the screen guard that’s more likely to get a shot on your iPad Pro’s Retina display.

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