Best 15-inch MacBook Pro Cases in 2021

Best MacBook Pro 15-inch Cases

To ensure my MacBook has the needed care, I pick up the form-fitting case. Important qualities like the latest design, top quality material, and durability are the major parameters on which I weigh covers before choosing them. Though the low profile cases are always on my hit list, I’m also very fond of the ones that are appealing to the eyes. Besides, I also like to choose elegantly patterned covers to make the notebook look pleasing to the eyes. Having browsed through numerous options, I have selected some of the best 15-inch MacBook Pro cases that you would love to check out.

1. Woolnut

Woolnut Sleeve for 15 Inch MacBook Pro

For superior durability, Woolnut has used full-grain vegetable-tanned leather; the interior is 100% wool felt, which gives long life to your premium device. Finest leather and wool impart a luxurious look to this case, which not only protects your device but also enhances its overall appearance.

Available in black and cognac brown, this sleeve is perfectly imperfect. Since Woolnut has used full-grain vegetable-tanned leather, you will find subtle variations in color or veining. Designed in Sweden, this sleeve is a durable partner for your MacBook Pro 15″.

USP: 100% wool felt
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2. Incipio Feather

Incipio Feather Case for 15-Inch MacBook Pro

With just 1mm thickness, Incipio Feather is one of the thinnest cases for 15-inch MacBook Pro. Crafted with high-quality polymer material, the case is very durable. The soft-touch matte finish not just augments the look but also provides an enhanced grip.

The slim case fits snuggly on the laptop. It has the strength to shield your MBP against scratch. That’s not all; this ultra-svelte case comes in five charming color options.

USP: Soft-touch matte finish
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3. Harber London

Harber London 15-inch MacBook Cases

Harber London offers a wide range of Sleeves and Cases for the 15-inch MacBook Pro and I can’t choose between what to choose ant whatnot. So I am just going to out the whole collection on this list.

All the cases and sleeves by this brand sport super slim designs that keep the bulk to a minimum. The products are made of premium full-grain vegetable-tanned leather so that it ages gracefully. The sleeves and cases also have 100% wool felt accents to give them exclusivity. This collection of sleeves range between $72 to $158, giving you a great selection of options.

USP: Best quality leather
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4. KEC

KEC MacBook Pro 15-inch Leather Case Cover

Present your laptop with an adorable slim case. Carved out of the finest Italian pebbled leather, the cover is extremely soft and has a nice feel. It makes a form-fitting match with your MBP.

The precise cutouts allow you to comfortably access all the ports. It can endure minor bumps and safeguard your device against scratch. Moreover, you have a couple of impressive colors like black and blue to choose from.

USP: Italian pebble leather
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TOP CASE MacBook 15-inch Cover and Case

This rubberized matte case for your MBP is soft and smooth to feel, while durable enough to protect your device from scratches, dust, and dirt. It also comes with matching color keyboard cover to protect the keys from inviting dust and dirt.

Easy access to every port and function on your Mac is an added advantage of this case. If you love colors, the case has a plethora of options to choose from. Lastly, the case isn’t compatible with the Mac version before 2016.

USP: Keyboard cover included
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MOSISO MacBook Pro 15-inch Case

Mosiso has manufactured this case from polycarbonate material, which is flexible and durable. The robustly built case doesn’t break easily especially when you keep your MacBook Pro in your lap or any other uneven surface.

This case is equipped with four rubber feet that create a thin layer of air between your MacBook Pro and the surface. Check the two rows of slots that dissipate heat.

USP: Flexible & durable
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7. ProCase

ProCase 15-inch MacBook Pro Case

ProCase is a reputed brand that crafts high-quality cases for iPhones and MacBook Pro. This hard case shell cover is ultra-slim and lightweight so that you can easily move your MacBook Pro wherever you go. The rubberized coating provides a smooth finish and gentle touching as it offers protection from scratches and scrapes.

You can install and remove the case quickly, and get full access to all ports and features without removing the case.

USP: Ultra-slim
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8. Kuzy

Kuzy MacBook Pro 15-inch Case Cover

It’s the form-fitting design that charms me the most in Kuzy. Prepared with the hard plastic material, the case is highly durable. The rubberized exterior can absorb shock and keep scratch away.

Apple logo glows through the case. An anti-slip matt on the bottom ensures the notebook remains firmly placed on the surface. It’s ideally vented for smooth-sailing heat disbursement. That apart, there are 20 fascinating color variants to vie for the top spot.

USP: Form-fitting design
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9. KEC

KEC MacBook Case

KEC brings a unique design that combines white marble and pink black. Once installed, you can open and close the lid easily and get full access to all ports. This hardshell cover has a layer of rubber oil paint for a smooth rubberized exterior texture.

This exterior texture protects your MacBook Pro from fingerprints, slipping, scratches, drops, dirt, smudges, and other things.

USP: Sleek & glossy design
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That’s all folks!

Which one has arrested your eyes?

I know one of these cases is going to pair with your notebook. Which one is it? Let us know the quality you have liked in the case. I like the three primary qualities in these cases. First and foremost, they have a trendy design. The high-quality material topped by superior quality makes the covers very durable.

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