Best 10.5-inch iPad Pro Kickstand Cases of 2021

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Kickstand cases are always on demand for a couple of main reasons: the ability to provide the desired viewing angles and offer necessary protection from impact. Personally, I pick them to rev up my hands-free experience. I like both the ones that have a suave profile and the ones that are quite muscular. Taking all the essential qualities into account, I have made a fabulous list of the best 10.5-inch iPad Pro kickstand cases. Ditto, you would love to try them for your tablet!

#1. i-Blason Halo Series

i-Blason 10.5-inch iPad Pro Kickstand Case

i-Blason Halo Series looks really stunning with the polished design. It has been crafted out of high-quality TPU material. The soft-textured surface not just provides the needed grip but also absorbs shock.

The clear back allows your iPad to reveal its charm without any interference. Courtesy of the slim profile, it makes an adorable match with your dashing tablet. With the stand on the back, you will have a great video time at your desired angle. Moreover, you have four charming colors to pick the most suitable cover.

USP: Soft-textured surface
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KAMII iPad Pro 10.5-inch Kickstand Case

KAMII heavy duty case is primed to offer all-around protection to your iPad. The synthetic leather construction is equipped to survive bumps. Front lip keeps the touchscreen protected when the device falls flat.

With the convertible stand, you will enjoy watching media at your preferred angle. The smooth sides feel pretty warm; making it easier for your hands to carry the device. Multiple color options let you select a great match for your iPad.

USP: Full-body protection
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#3. SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle PRO Series

Supcase iPad Pro 10.5-inch Kickstand Case

If protection, at all hazards, is what you are looking for, then don’t look beyond this heavy duty case. Endowed with a muscular profile, this case doesn’t have to put a lot of effort to knock down the impact of accidental falls. The double-layered of a structure has been beefed up by high-grade PC and TPU material.

With the built-in stand, you will be able to view media both in landscape and portrait modes. The raised lip works as a trusted defense for the touchscreen of your iPad. Exact cutouts along with sensitive buttons ensure you have easy access to all the functionalities of your device. It comes with screen guard to protect the screen from damage.

USP: Highly protective
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#4. Prodigy X from ZUGU CASE

ZUGU CASE 10.5-inch iPad Pro Kickstand Case

Prodigy X is what you need to pick to offer the 360-degree defense to your iPad Pro. The cover is fully geared up to keep your tablet protected, while also ensuring you can comfortably use the device.

Due mainly to the rugged structure, this case has the strength to withstand drops of up to 5 feet. You can adjust the magnetic stand to multiple angles to have a more comfortable viewing experience.

Besides, Prodigy X also features a pocket where your Apple Pencil can rest safely.

USP: Magnetic stand with multiple viewing angles
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#5. NewTrent

NewTrent Kickstand Case for iPad Pro 10.5-inch

This offering from NewTrent claims to deliver full-body protection to the iPad Pro. And looking at its profile, I don’t think you’d have any doubt about it.

The cover has multiple layers and features an elevated edge to safeguard both the camera and touchscreen. The metal stand enhances both its design and functionality.

With the smooth pronounced buttons, you get the needed tactile feedback. Moreover, there is also a hand strap to let you securely hold your iPad.

USP: Full-body protection
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SKYLMW iPad Pro 10.5-inch Kickstand Case

What makes SKYLMW worth serious consideration is the compact and form-fitting design. Even though the cover has a shockproof design, it doesn’t look bulky at all.

The mix of hard PC and soft TPU is the prime reason why it excels in absorbing impact. Courtesy the exact cutouts, using Lightning port or headphone jack shouldn’t be a problem.

Lastly, SKYLMW heavy-duty case comes in three colors such as pink, black, and plumpy.

USP: Compact design
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TKOOFN 10.5-inch iPad Pro Kickstand Case

Featuring a handsome design, TKOOFN can deliver all-around defense to your iPad. The mix of hard plastic and soft silicone material has strengthened the casing to survive drops and also keep off scratches with ease. Therefore, as long as this cover is on, you shouldn’t worry about the protection of the iPad.

Beyond rugged casing, TKOOFN comes with a handy stand that holds the tablet perfectly so that you have a better viewing angle. Regarding colors, you will be able to pick this shockproof cover in four hue variants.

USP: Scratchproof design
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#8. X-Tablet

X-Tablet iPad Pro 10.5 inch Kickstand Case

The first thing that would catch your attention in this case from X-Tablet is the nice-looking design. The form-fitting profile with two-tone colors makes it a fine pick for the folks who prefer dark colors.

Backed three layers of protection, this cover is good enough to shield your iPad against impact. Talking about the stand, it does a fairly good job of improving your hands-free usage. And with the non-slip outer shell, it makes sure you have the much-needed grip to hold the tablet securely.

USP: Three layers of protection
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CASY MALL Kickstan Case for iPad Pro 10.5-inch

As a heavy-duty case, “CASY MALL” is very impressive. Boasting a robust external shell, it won’t give any chance to accidental falls to damage your iPad.

The front lip and the elevated camera bump provide additional security. As the buttons are responsive, you get clicky feedback. And when it comes to enhancing your media watching, kickstand can live up to your demand.

Of course, CASY MALL case does look slightly bulky but if an uncompromised safeguard is your priority, some extra weight shouldn’t be a big deal.

USP: Extra protection for camera and screen
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Your Favorite Kickstand Case?

Which one of these kickstand cases is going to pair with your iPad Pro? Is it the one that has a muscular body or the one that is the idea of a blend of protection and style? It would be indeed great to know your favorite pick in the comments below.

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