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Image showing screaming American Psycho

Whether you have watched this cult classic or not, if you are a netizen, it is hard to get away from the popularity of American Psycho. Be it for the memes, the performance of Christian Bfale, or the storyline, the movie has been successful enough to stay in the limelight for a long time after its release.

And if you are a fan of the movie or the trend and want to showcase your love for it, get yourself an American Psycho wallpaper. And here, we have brought our picks for the best American Psycho iPhone wallpapers.

1. American Psycho digital art iPhone wallpaper

A digital art wallpaper of American Psycho made

Initially, the movie was planned to be in black and white and rated X to make it as graphic as its source material. Unfortunately, or fortunately (if you are not a fan of violence, the irony), the idea wasn’t greenlit.

But with this wallpaper, you can get an idea of how it feels to see the movie in a monotone. So what’s the wait? Download the wallpaper from the link below.


2. Christian Bale minimalist wallpaper for iPhone

Christian Bale minimalist wallpaper with pink and blue color

There’s no doubt that Christian Bale is a phenomenal actor, and to get into the skin of the character, he goes above and beyond.

While playing Patrick Bateman, Christian Bale visited Bret Easton Ellis, the author of the novel the movie is based on. Bale was so much into character that the author got scared and asked the actor to get out of character.

While we can’t give you the same vibes Bale gave Ellis, we still have a cool American Psycho aesthetic wallpaper that can display the scary inside of the character.


3. Patrick Bateman wallpaper

Patrick Bateman wallpaper for iPhone

For starters, Patrick Bateman is a character with many mental issues. When the news of Christian Bale reprising the character on the big screen broke out, the actor was warned that portraying the character could negatively affect his mental space.

Thankfully, all these warnings only made Bale excited for the role. How cool would he have felt to pull off the role under such pressure? If you like that, I’m sure you will also like this cool wallpaper by Patrick Bateman.


4. American Psycho screaming wallpaper for iPhone

American Psycho screaming

It’s time to scream like Patrick Bateman! Why? Because there were talks about casting Leonardo DiCaprio instead of Christian Bale in American Psycho.

While he is an amazing actor and was famous for his character Titanic, according to director Mary Harron, Di Caprio was not suitable for the character. She was not ready to work with Di Caprio. Thankfully, things went well, and the movie was assigned to Bale, and the rest was history.


5. American Psycho movie poster wallpaper

American Psycho movie poster holding knife

There’s no doubt Christian Bale was the perfect cast for American Psycho. But his journey to attain this physique wasn’t easy. To achieve the look, he had to work out with a trainer for three hours a day, six days a week.

This was just the beginning of the actor’s commitment to body transformation. Later, we see Bale losing 63 pounds to play an insomniac in 2004’s The Machinist. When it comes to looking the part, there’s hardly anyone so good as Christian Bale.


6. Christian Bale psycho smile wallpaper

Christian Bale psycho smiling holding a CD drive

Since Bale has already played Batman, there is almost no chance that he’d play Joker. But look at this psycho smile by the actor from a scene in American Psycho. You can clearly understand he has what it takes to be a Joker.


7. American Psycho red aesthetic wallpaper

American Psycho face coverver with red color and finger on his lip

American Psycho is a horror thriller movie with a lot of bloodshed. And if you are a fan of the reds (the color and not the blood), then you need to check this wallpaper. But did you know that instead of being an R-rated movie, the film could have well been an NC-17 movie?

Because of the scene between Bateman and prostitutes, the movie was about to miss the R rating. To preserve that, director Harron had to cut off 18 seconds of the scene. Imagine calling the movie an NC-17 movie instead of an R-rated one!


8. Patrick Bateman face wallpaper

wallpaper showing Patrick Bateman face

Through countless movies, Christian Bale has proven to be a great actor. Even if you look at this Christian Bale face wallpaper, you can see the myriad of emotions in his eyes. According to his co-stars, Bale was so capable that he could have even controlled his sweat glands! 

Director Mary Harron called him Robo-Actor after seeing his perfection and dedication to the character.


9. Patrick Bateman holding axe wallpaper

Patrick Bateman holding axe and looking at axe

If you have watched the movie, you might remember the scene where Patrick killed Paul Allen. Then you might have also noticed how only half of Patrick’s face was covered in blood. Well, did you know that this was not a planned move? Well, it was one of the happy accidents on the set.

And because of that, we can see the contrast between evil within the character and how the rest of the world sees him. Here’s the wallpaper of the scene where the movie takes a major turn.


10. American Psycho aesthetic wallpaper for iPhone

American Psycho aesthetic wallpape holding knife

Do you know where Christian Bale got his inspiration for the character? Tom Cruise! According to Bale, he took inspiration for the character from Tom Cruise’s 1993 interview on The Late Show with David Letterman.

To quote Bale, as confirmed by HuffPost, he saw “this very intense friendliness with nothing behind the eyes.” Who knew being friendly could also inspire an actor to do the role of a psycho! Here’s a wallpaper that will remind you of the character.


That’s it!

American Psycho is a great movie, and it’s amazing to see the movie still gaining traction. While many users might have heard about the movie because of the memes, it also has amazing performances, a story, and a few horrific visuals. Hope these wallpapers were able to impress the fan in you.

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