Ambur POS App for iPad Review

If you’re setting up shop, one of the first things you need to worry about is an excellent point-of-sale system. Using age-old technologies can be cheap, but as your business grows, you’ll figure out that you need to customize a lot of stuff. Excel sheets won’t do, and if they did, how would you integrate the entry system with a backend? And on top of all that, the cost of all the manual data entry is going to add to the existing costs.

That’s where complete Point-of-sale systems like Ambur come up. One of the coolest things about gadgets like the iPad is that you can use them to integrate into essential systems. Point-of-sale being one, we did a story on the POS apps for the iPad.

Ambur iPad POS App Review

POS systems are usually complex. If otherwise, they’re like Square or GoPayment (from Intuit). These systems aren’t full-fledged although they do get the job done.

But when you’re planning to set up a full-fledged POS, you’ve got to aim for a better and complete system.

Ambur is one of these highly popular and complete packages for setting up a point-of-sale system. Unlike the simple credit card processors (PayPal Here, Square, etc.), Ambur really is a system you grab when you want to make sure everything is set right.

The accompanying Ambur app for the iPad is a perfect POS app. It’s fast, it’s feature-packed with controls on who sees what, how the app behaves and interacts and how the data is stored, retrieved and analyzed. Heavy customization is one of the key focus points of Ambur. However, this sophistication doesn’t let go of the ease-of-use.

Here’s what Ambur does best:

  • Brilliant integration: once you’ve licensed the system, you can have the app running from any number of iPads, iPhones and iPods. POS can happen from anywhere in the business – truly mobile.
  • Secure credit card processing with secure swipe devices.
  • Cloud+Dropbox: Your data is not just saved on the device but also synced to the cloud every hour. Configured correctly, your data is going to be eternally safe.
  • Severe emphasis on data reporting: generate extensive reports and comparison charts to see how you’re doing. Almost all data for analysis and business development comes from your POS system, so Ambur has made sure you get the best and the most extensive features in reports.

Ambur’s package consists of the license which is a one-time $999. The hardware (including an iPad) comes in a Starter Package or a Terminal package (which do not include the license fee).

If you’re wondering why there’s the costly license fee, I need to point out that it’s much cheaper than a traditional POS system which could cost around $15,000, and you don’t have to bear monthly fees, unlike most other apps/POS services.

Ambur’s competitor’s have pricing that’s usually in the $100/month range. If you used the services for about a year, you end up paying more than what you’d pay as a one-time fee for Ambur’s license; however, Ambur does offer multiple financing options to fit your needs.

Ambur’s blog has got stories of how real businesses implement Ambur to solve their POS requirements.

Check out for further details.

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