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Tag – A Friend Finder iPhone App

In my friend, I find a second self ~ Isabel Norton

As long as we are social, we need people. Our basic instincts force us to talk to someone, fight with them, share ideas, discuss problems, or love them. But we cannot ask people about their real personality or character. Nobody would like to reveal their true nature to other persons. However, we want to open our secret drawers when a friend enters our room. This is where Friends With Tag helps you.

What is Friends With Tag? Can it be your friend? No, this is an app that can help you find a perfect friend for you. Wherever you are or wherever you go, this app finds the best people to hang out with. Primarily, it is not a dating app, but the app surely can find an ideal date for you. The purpose here is to connect you with like-minded people. So when you relocate to a new place, the app connects you with the people who match with your personality.

Tag iPhone and Android App – Find the Best Friend, A Roommate, and A Date

Find Friends with Tag iPhone and Android App Screenshot

As mentioned above, it is rude of us to ask somebody what kind of person they are. We get to know each other after spending some time together. This is where this app has an advantage. We don’t have time to scan people’s minds. Friends With Tag provides us with a stored database of people with whom we can befriend.

Take a Personality Quiz

If you want to involve yourself in a serious relationship, you need to reveal something about your personality. Before you ask for information, give some details about you. This is a long process, which might take some time. To a degree, you may find it tiresome to tap on checkboxes and select the options. But this prolonged exercise will yield good results as the app can give you the best match according to your personality traits.

Once the app understands your personality algorithm, it shows you relevant data of other people, who share the same interests as yours. Based on your selection, you can meet those people, talk to them, or chat with them using the app.

Find a Roommate

Tag-iPhone and Android App

Moving to a new place is not always easy, especially you are moving along. When not with your family, you need a companion who can become your bestie over a period of time. Friends With Tag gives you a helping hand here. Check the top three tabs on the app: the first is Friends, second is Housing, and the third is Chat. You can tap on the Housing tab and find a suitable residence for you. And also find a person who can share a room with you. It is like shooting two birds with a single stone. You get a cozy new house and the desired company to warm your nest.

Apart from finding a room and a roommate, you can also rent out your house on this app. Get the best matches and rate them based on the percentage given by the app.


People who are not interesting in finding a friend or a home, they can chat with others. Living a virtual life has its own benefits. Introverts don’t like to go out and mingle with folks at parties or social gatherings. For them, Friends With Tag offers an option of Chat. If you have selected this option during your personality quiz, the app doesn’t allow others to see your physical location. The app only shares the psychological traits of your personality so that others can chat with you.

Sitting at home or office, you can chat with people who think like you do. This is an excellent activity, especially for students and retired persons. You can discuss a lot of things over a chat without meeting others face to face. A chat enables you to store your conversations for a long time.

Is it all goodie-goodies?

No. There are some glaring minuses of this app. The first and foremost is its geographical limitation. The app is not available across the United States, forget the world. Friends With Tag is available for people of only five cities of the United States: Albany (NY), Atlantic City (NJ), Atlanta (GA), Asheville (NC), and Ann Arbor (MI). If you do not belong to any of the cities, you cannot explore the full potential of Tag.

What is your opinion?

Friends With Tag can win your appreciation for its in-depth survey process. Unlike other social media apps, this one provides percent based matching to give you crystal clear idea about your next bestie. This shows if the potential match can be your good companion or not.

Download for iPhone

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