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iGBAccessoriesStino Mount for iPad Air/Pro in 2021

Stino Mount for iPad Air/Pro in 2021

Not for nothing “iPad” is the world’s most selling tablet. With ultra-large display, stunning design and superior OS, iPad flaunts defining qualities. Whether you want to watch your favorite movies, edit photos, enjoy video calling or prepare a note, the tablet elegantly lives up to your various needs, doesn’t it?

Taking advantage of the big screen of your iPad, you can adhere it to any wall or window at your home, office or anywhere else and boost its hands-free use. That’s how you would like following any delicious recipe, chat with your friend or watch an excellent movie with more convenience.

Personally, I have used quite a few mounting technologies for this functionality, but none of them have impressed me. Magnets, Clasps, locks or suction cups haven’t worked up to the expectation.

Stino Wall Mount for iPad Air/Pro-The Excellent Nano-Tech Mounting Solution

Meet the world’s first nanotech iPad mount-“Stino.” This ultra-advanced mounting solution is equipped to adhere your tablet to any non-porous surfaces without leaving a mark. Moreover, it doesn’t contain any glue or magnet to get the job done perfectly.

The surface of the Stino tape contains a lot of microscopic air cells which are capable of creating partial vacuums between the tape and the target surface. As a result, it firmly stays in place. The best thing is that it isn’t pressured sensitive and doesn’t leave any residue behind.

Primed to Let You Use your iPad Hands-Free with Utmost Comfort

Stino iPad Air Mount for Hands-free Experience

With this mount, you would really love using your iPad. From watching a memorable movie to making the most of the video calling, it will keep you at your pace as comfortably as you wish.

What sets it apart is the easy-to-use technology. You can set it up instantly. To me, this quality is a big deal, which I look for in any accessory I buy.

Removable and Repositionable

Stino Removable iPad Pro Wall Mount

What I like most about “Stino” is that it’s removable and repositionable. You don’t have to spend a lot of time in removing it. Better still, you can reposition it wherever you want as per your need.

How to Use Stino iPad Mount

It’s very simple to use this iPad mount. Make sure to use only on flat, smooth, dry, clean, nonporous surfaces which can endure strong suction and allow removal without damage.

You can stick this mount in your kitchen, bedroom, gym, bathroom at your home, apartment, dorm, or office.

Step #1. First off, remove the liner from the adhesive side of the Stino.

Remove liner From Adhesive Side of Stino

Step #2. Next, you need to put your iPad inside it.

Put iPad Pro Inside Stino Mount

Step #3. Now, you have to press the Stino to selected surface.

Mount iPad Air on Wall Using Stino

How to Remove and Reuse This Mount

It’s quite simple to remove and reuse this handy mount. All you have to do is just peel it from the wall by the edge to remove it. To reuse it, just follow all the steps mentioned above.

At any time, if the tape loses its stickiness, you just need to wipe it with a slightly damp cloth and then air dry the suction to help it regain the stickiness.

Price and Availability

You can pre-order Stino for iPad Air at $10. And at $25, you will get one iPad Air mount and one iPad Pro mount. It’s the early bird price. The estimated delivery is September 2016.

The Verdict

Stino is highly user-friendly and specifically readied to let you augment the handsfree use. With the superior technology, it provides the desired ease to mount your iPad on any non-porous surfaces effortlessly.

“Considering the exceptional technology and straightforward functionality, you shouldn’t miss out this new-age iPad mount!”


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