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Pivo Pod iPhone Rotator

Let’s confess, we all are obsessed with getting the perfect Instagram worthy pictures and videos that will help you in creating a bomb feed. It is not possible to have a dedicated cameraman with us 24*7. However, to make it happen, Pivo came up with a fantastic solution – Pivo Pod, smartphone rotating Pod. The device will act as your secret cinematographer.

The Pivo Pod is a smart device that will allow you to shoot your own videos without worrying about going out of focus or out of frame. The device works on a smart follow technology that will track the object/face you select as your target. Basically, it is an interactive camera mount for photography and videography. So without any further delay, let’s dive into this product.

Pivo – Smart Interactive Pod for Smartphone Photography and Videography

Get started with the Pivo Pod

Using Pivo Pod with iPhone or Android

Connecting your Phone with the Pivo Pod is very easy, just charge the device and download the Pivo Pod App from App Store or Play Store. Next, press the power button on the pod and wait until a blue light flashes. Ensure that the Bluetooth is enabled on your iPhone. You don’t need to manually connect your Phone and the pod from Bluetooth settings, it automatically gets connected through the app.

Once your device is connected, you can start playing around with the device.

Connect the remote control with your Smartphone

Connect Pivo Pod Remote with iPhone or Android Phone

To connect the remote control with your phone in order to control your Pivo Pod manually, just press the power button on Pivo Pod 3 times and press the capture button on the remote. The remote has buttons to move the pod at certain degrees and shutter to capture pictures and videos.

Cool Features it comes with…

When you swipe right from the main screen, you will get the options of mode. The Device comes with inbuilt 11 modes to capture photos and videos with high precision and creativity. The modes also include the highly popular tiny planet picture, panoramas, the v/s videos, a 50/50 mode which will enable you to have a video and an image in the same frame and many other modes.

If you swipe left from the main screen, you will be able to adjust the capture settings of your photos and videos. You can change the tracking, frame position, and smart capture through these settings.

What we like?

The Pivo Pod is a perfect gadget for all social media fanatics and YouTubers as it eliminates the need to have someone shoot your videos or capture pictures. With this gadget, you can shoot your own videos and click amazing pictures at any given point of time. The only person’s convenience you have to worry about is your own. The device can be mounted on top of any regular tripod or you can also balance it on top of any flat surface as well.

At iGeeksBlog, we love to review such cool gadgets, and after a couple of days of trying this device, we have come to one conclusion. We don’t like this product at all, because we love it. Yes, we love this Pivo Pod. The preset modes are entertaining and creative to use, you can get really mad with them. The automatic face and object tracking is an entirely dope feature. And, there was nothing that we didn’t like.

What comes inside the box?

Pivo Pod Box Contents
  • A safe travel box that houses our Pivo Pod
  • A user manual
  • The primary Pivo Pod device comes attached with a mount for landscape shots
  • An adjustable mount for portrait shots
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • Bluetooth Remote Control
  • A screw to adjust the Portrait Mount

The Verdict…

After trying this product for a couple of days, we feel that this product is a must-have for Content Creators and hardcore Instagrammers, Snapchatters, and Tik-Tok creators. Basically, it is meant for people who have to come up with a variety of videos and images every day.

Although the remote control is a great option to manually control the Pivo Pod’s motion and capturing. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to have it in your hands while capturing pictures and videos, it might end up peeping in your picture or video, which is very distracting to viewers.

It is not much of a use for professional photographers as it comes with a weight limitation. However, we tried testing one of our lightweight cameras (Canon M50) with this device, and it worked well. I forgot to mention that you can add a Go-Pro Mount, a lightbox and a turntable for super functional product shots. So, in my opinion, this product is a complete 8/10 for Social Media personalities and a 6/10 for professional photographers.

Where to get it from?

You can get your hands on this cool device from the Pivo website itself. The Pivo Pod is reasonably priced at $179 ($109 for a limited time) which I think is a catch for all the features that it provides.


$179 ($109 for the limited time)
Check out on GetPivo

Signing Off…

What do you think about this product? Leave your comments below about your thought and inclination towards buying this product.

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