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iGBAccessoriesPitaka Pita!Tag for Multi-tool review: Protection + utility in one

Pitaka Pita!Tag for Multi-tool review: Protection + utility in one

What you need to know about Pitaka’s Pita!Tag for Multi-tool:

  • The Pitaka Pita!Tag for Multi-tool is an AirTag Keychain.
  • It is crafted from stainless steel and coated with PVD.
  • You also get four EDC tools in the Pita!Tag.

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Apple AirTags and the purpose they serve need no introduction. If you want to attach the AirTags to a bunch of keys or attach it to your bag, you’ll need a keychain. And while the market is flooded with hundreds of options, the Pitaka Pita!Tag is a rare accessory to come by.

The Pita!Tag is made out of stainless steel and houses four tools. These tools are an everyday carry, and if you’re not already carrying these, you certainly should. I have the Pita!Tag with me, and here’s what I think about it.

Solid design, solid build

When buying accessories, users either prefer a sleek design that doesn’t add much bulk to the product or want something rugged and robust. The Pita!Tag belongs to the latter category. It is bulky but adds a good amount of protection to the AirTags.


Pitaka has crafted the Pita!Tag from stainless steel and coated it with PVD. The coating is only present on the AirTag housing, and it provides a matte finish and helps protect the product from daily wear and tear. The build quality is excellent, but the heft of the product somehow assures me that it will safeguard AirTags.

Let me know in the comments below if, as a consumer, you agree with the following statement: the heavier the product, the more premium it feels.


Coming back, the ring of the Pita!Tag has a glossy, eye-catching finish, which is also a fingerprint magnet. Also, it is a snap clip ring, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of traditional keychain rings.


The mechanism to insert the AirTag into the Pita!Tag is effortless and one of the best implementations I’ve seen. The opening lid is glossy black with the Pitaka logo printed on it. You need to press and flick the lid to open it.


You can decide which side of the AirTag you want to keep exposed. The inner side of the lid has silicone padding that also doubles as a suction cup to keep the AirTag in place. Small details like these make a difference, and Pitaka surely pays attention to details.

Pitaka-Pita Tag for Airpods

Four EDC tools in your pocket

With the design done, let’s move forward to the utility of the Pita!Tag. Other than protecting and assisting in carrying the AirTag, the USP of the Pita!Tag is that it houses four tools. Yes, four small tools that I recommend you have on you regularly.


The Pita!Tag houses a slot-type screwdriver, a cross screwdriver, a 2.0-caliber Allen key, and a pocket knife. Other tools function exceptionally well besides the pocket knife not being very sharp. Then again, can’t expect a pocket knife, especially one of this stature, to be extremely sharp as it becomes a safety hazard too.

Is the Pita!Tag a worthy partner to your AirTag?

The Pita!Tag will set you back $60, which might not be the cheapest keychain you can get for your AirTags. However, the combination of excellent build quality, attention to detail, and utility provided by the Pita!Tag makes the product stand out.


Also, if you always wanted to carry a pocket toolkit but didn’t want to add extra weight to your pockets, the Pita!Tag solves this concern too. For those carrying the AirTag daily, the Pita!Tag ensures its safety through thick and thin.

Your fear of dropping the AirTags also gets eliminated with Pita!Tag. Because the AirTags are going to be safe and sound when dropped. These left a scratch on the tile carpet in the office but not a scratch on the product. So, you must worry about where and when you drop your Pita!Tag and not if the AirTag within will be safe.


  • Rugged and robust build quality
  • Excellent design
  • Great addition of EDC tools


  • A little on the heavier side
  • Could be priced a little cheaper

Price: $59.00

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