Name Skillz iPhone App Helps You Remember Names in Fun Ways

Name Skillz-iPhone App to Remember Names

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet.” This is a famous quote written by William Shakespeare in his popular drama Romeo and Juliet. While Shakespeare, in this dialogue, struck off the value of a person’s name, we cannot follow this philosophy in our life.

Shakespeare didn’t have to sell any product/service or make a presentation in seminars and conferences; we have to be street-smart to stay ahead of the curve to snatch that next promotion, win elections, or get a contract.

The world is starkly competitive for people in business, professionals, and employees as well. Remembering or recalling names of people is a way you strike a right chord with them in your personal or professional life.

Forgetting names of people can break the deal and relationship with your colleagues, associates, or friends. This is where Name Skillz help you.

As the name suggests, Name Skillz is an app that teaches you how you can recall or remember the names of people in your life.

Name Skillz iPhone App: Remembering the Names Became So Easy

This app presents a simple interface. It is divided into three parts of learning to remember names. The first stage is Lessons, second is Practice, and third is People.


In the first part, the app offers you three brain hacks to remember names. There are three lessons you need to learn. First is getting your brain to work for you, not against you. Second offer you a technique, which includes a three-step brain hack to remember names, and the third is a shortcut to learn with Name Skillz app.

Easy Way to Remember Names with Name Skillz iPhone App

At the end of each lesson, the app will ask questions (Pop Quiz) to decide how much you remember. Based on your memory power, you will be awarded bonus cards.

Lessons are given to warm you up to this app and ask you to take Practice and People tab seriously in future. So I would request you to follow all the three lessons sincerely to make the most of this app.


Under this tab, you will find nearly 20 flashcards; each bears ten common names and their visual association with the names. This is very interesting. For example, the app shows a photo of a person, whose name is Karen. On the flashcard, you will see a carrot as a visual association of Karen. Next time, when you meet that person, you will remember his name.

Practice to Remember Name with Name Skillz iPhone AppRemember Names with Name Skillz iPhone App

You will find more flashcards with different names and visual associations related to the name. Practice more to remember more names in your professional and personal life.


In the last part, you can test your skill to remember names. This is the most crucial phase of this app, where you will be given real tests with the faces of real people. Each one will be given a name; see the face and try to remember his/her name. You can start with five people and then increase the level up to 30 people at a stretch.

For example, the app will show you five flashcards one after another. Each card has a photograph of a person, and each person has a name. Barbara, Lisa, Mary, Dan, and Jennifer are the first five persons. Once you store the names of these persons in your memory, go further and try to recall those names.

Name Skillz iPhone App to Remember Names

Next, the app will show you only faces and not the names. You are supposed to recall the name and tap on the flashcard, which will show you a correct or incorrect name of the person and a tick or a cross mark. You need to tap on either a tick mark (if the name is correct) or a cross mark (if the name is incorrect). The app will quickly give you the result. You can keep doing this exercise until you remember all the five names correctly.

Who can use this app?

This app can be used by any person, who tends to forget names. Since it is a paid app, it should stand to benefit your professional life. Professionals, who are in the marketing & sales department can use this app to remember people they meet during board meetings, seminars, and conferences.

Teachers at schools and colleges have to remember new students at the beginning of each semester. They can use this app to establish rapport with fresh students at universities and schools.

Although politicians have excellent memories, they can follow the tests on this app to remember their colleagues, constituents, and candidates (to show how much they care about their people.)

Is it helpful to you?

Whether it is your personal life or professional career, forgetting names of people can break your relations. It was William Shakespeare, who didn’t care much about names; but we have to live in a world, where a person’s name has significance and emotions attached to it.

Price: $4.99

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