How to get in-person tickets for WWDC 2023

How to get in-person tickets for WWDC 2023

Apple has officially announced that it will organize the annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2023 from June 5-9, 2023 from Apple Park. The company is already ruling the news charts with the launch of the first WWDC 2023 teaser image. Whether it’s a hint at Apple’s long-awaited AR/VR headsets or not, we’re not sure. But what we’re sure about is how you can get in-person tickets for the WWDC 2023 event. Read on to find out.

Apple’s WWDC 2023 announcement

In its latest announcement, Apple has revealed the titbits about all the events spread across the week-long WWDC 2023 extravaganza. The company will organize the WWDC 2023 keynote, including informative sessions, labs, Swift Student Challenge, and online discussions for a global viewership.

Alongside this, it will conduct a special in-person event for a few lucky people who will get a first-hand experience at Apple Park. These people will be selected through a lottery, for which you have to apply beforehand.

Who can apply for WWDC in-person tickets? 

  • Winners of Swift Student Challenge (2020-2022). Apple will hold a separate random selection process for the winners of the 2023 Swift Student Challenge who choose to attend the in-person event at Apple Park.  
  • Current members of the Apple Developer Program 
  • Alumni of Apple Entrepreneur Camp 
  • Present members of the Apple Developer Enterprise Program 

Confused about when is the lottery registration closing for WWDC 2023? Then, let me tell you that if you qualify for any of the eligibility criteria mentioned above, you must register for the WWDC 2023 lottery before 9:00 AM PDT on April 4, 2023.

How to apply for WWDC 2023 in-person tickets

  1. Visit the Apple Developer portal.
  2. Click on Request to attend.

    Click on Request to attend in Apple Developer portal
  3. The screen then displays your name, email, and the team from the developer account you used for signing up.  
  4. If you want to swap the developer account, click the Sign-out link and follow the Sign in the process again.
  5. Post this, the screen will pop up the Attendee option with two distinct options to choose from.

    One option will be for the person’s name linked to the Apple ID you used. The second option will be for an attendee in the 13-17 age group. The event badge will carry the first name of the attendee.
  6. Now, if you are satisfied with the details, select Submit.

    Apply for WWDC 2023 in-person tickets

How do WWDC in-person tickets work

  • Once successfully registered, you will get a notification highlighting your status by April 5 at 6:00 PM PDT.
  • The firm will select the attendees for the special in-person event through a random lottery.
  • Also, the invitations are non-transferable.  

WWDC in-person event health and safety protocols

The health and safety protocols, subject to change, for the in-person event in WWDC 2023 are: 

  • Skip attending the event if you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.  
  • The venue will have hand sanitizers.  
  • There is no mandatory guideline for physical distance between the attendees. But the crowd should be mindful of this and maintain a reasonable distance as much as possible.  
  • Masks are currently optional. You can request them, though.  
  • Surfaces and crowded areas are cleaned regularly.  

Final thoughts

Tech geeks have huge expectations from the upcoming WWDC 2023. So, if you qualify the eligibility for the in-person event of WWDC 2023, register yourself quickly.

Your presence in the special in-person WWDC 2023 event is still a far-fetched dream, but you can still flaunt some of our hand-crafted WWDC 2023 4K wallpapers right now. Also, don’t forget to share your excitement about Apple’s WWDC 2023 in the comments section.

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