How to Do Karaoke on Apple TV Running tvOS 13

How to Do Karaoke on Apple TV in tvOS 13

With tvOS 13, a lot has changed, including Home Screen, Screensavers and Control Center. The best part is, Apple TV Music app now comes with multi-user support so that anyone can personalize their own playlists and recommendations. It also provides an in-built song lyrics functionality, which makes it easy to karaoke at home.

The song will play with lyrics which are synced in real-time, you can even scroll up and down on the song lyrics to jump at the different parts by using your Siri remote control. If that sounds you interesting enough. Let’s see how you can do karaoke on Apple TV.

How to Sing Karaoke on Apple TV running tvOS 13

How to Enable Song lyrics on Apple TV

When you play songs on Apple TV, you’ll be able to see the lyrics by default, but screensaver will cover the lyrics if you don’t change the settings. Just go to SettingsGeneralScreen SaverTurn OFF “Show during Music and Podcast”.

Step #1. Hit the Pause button on your Siri Remote to stop the playing Song.

Step #2. Now, scroll up and click on lyrics icon to turn the lyrics ON.

However, if you wish to turn OFF the lyrics, simply click the lyrics icon again.

How to Find Lines in Song Lyrics on Apple TV

Step #1. When you are playing a song with lyrics turned ON.

Scroll Up or Down on the lyrics with your Siri Remote (glass surface) to find song lyrics location.

Step #2. Next, click the Play icon just above the lyrics. Now your songs will start playing from the specified lyrics location.

Wrapping Up…

That was all about the karaoke feature that Apple TV Music app offers through which you can see the lyrics and sing along.

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