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How to add a website shortcut to your iPhone Home Screen

How to add website shortcuts on your iPhone Home Screen

We all have some frequently visited websites stored in our favorites or eternally opened in our mobile browsers. But don’t those extra steps of opening the browser, looking for the website, and then accessing it get cumbersome at times? Well, now you can add a website to your iPhone home screen like apps.

This helps save battery and storage and gives you the option to bookmark an essential piece of content to refer to later. I have two neat little tricks for you. Let’s get going with this time-saving hack.

How to create a website shortcut on your iPhone Home Screen

  1. Launch Safari on your iOS device.
  2. Go to the website you wish to create the shortcut.
  3. Tap the Share icon at the bottom of the page.
  4. From the share sheet, select Add to Home Screen.
  5. On this page, give a desired name to the website and tap Add to make a Home Screen shortcut.Add a website link on iPhone Home Screen from Safari

And that’s it! It will create a Home Screen shortcut, which you can tap to visit the website anytime. However, this trick only works with Safari; what if you are a Google Chrome lover? Try out the next hack.

Use the Shortcuts app to bookmark the website shortcut

  1. Launch Shortcuts and tap + at the top right.
  2. Tap + Add Action and search for Safari/Chrome at the top bar.
  3. From the whole list of Chrome/Safari shortcuts, select Open URLs in Chrome.From Shortcuts app tap + and search Chrome from the top bar on iPhone
  4. Here, tap URL and type in or paste the website link.
  5. Tap the three-dotted icons to name the shortcut & add an icon.
  6. Next, select Add to Home Screen and tap Add again to confirm the action.Create website Shortcuts on your iPhone Home Screen

Again, all you have to do is tap the newly made icon to visit the website.

How to delete website shortcuts from iPhone Home Screen

To delete the website shortcut, simply touch and hold on to the shortcut icon. Now tap Delete Bookmark/Shortcut.

If you are using the shortcut method, remember to delete it from the Shortcuts app as well. Tap Select, choose, and Delete.

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