How to Save Website Shortcuts as Icons to iPhone or iPad’s Homescreen

There are millions of apps, but this does not necessarily mean that all websites have one. Suppose you frequently visit a site for game scores, news, articles, jokes, etc. How do you access it? You open a browser and type the website link. How about to save a website as a icon on iPhone Homescreen! You can do so by creating a website shortcut and adding it to your iPhone home screen. It is easy and time-saving. Let me show you how.

How to Create Website Shortcuts on iPhone and iPad Home Screen

Step #1. Launch Safari on your iPhone or iPad.

Launch Safari on your iPhone

Step #2. Type in the web address and go to the website you wish to create the shortcut for.

Step #3. Tap on the share icon.

Tap on share icon in Safari browser to create shortcut on iPhone

Step #4. Tap on Add to Home Screen.

Tap on Add to Home Screen in Safari browser on iPhone

Step #5. Tap on Add from top right. Here you may edit the name if you wish.

Tap on Add from top right to Create Website Shortcuts on iPhone


You will see that the website’s icon (favicon i.e favorite icon) on your device’s home screen. It looks just like all your regular iPhone apps. You may even move it, place it in a folder, share the bookmark, or delete it. Alternatively, in Step #4 if you tap on Add to Favorites, it will create the same icon inside the Safari browser. Try this too.

How to Delete Website Shortcut from iPhone Home Screen

To delete it, touch and hold on the website shortcut icon. Now tap on Delete Bookmark.

Delete Website Shortcut from Home Screen

Why Would You Want to Add Website to Home Screen on iPhone?

  • The website you visit frequently has no app available on the App Store. So a quick shortcut icon on the iPhone home screen will save a lot of time and make it easy to access
  • Website has an app but you do not want it to take space on your iPhone or work in background unnecessarily consuming battery
  • You come across a great website and feel that you would like to revisit it sometime soon. Adding it to the home screen instead of the bookmark will make it easily visible and remind you to check it

Wrapping up…

So this is how you can make a website link on iPhone home screen. It is easy and helpful. You can do the same on your Android phone by launching Chrome, tapping on three vertical dot icon from the top right and selecting Add to Home screen.

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