How to Change Email Signature in Mail App on iPhone and iPad

More customizations to your Mail app in iPhone and iPad. Earlier, when you send an email to somebody, the receiver would read the default signature 'Sent from my iPhone.' Now you can make a change to this signature. Not only this, you can also create a rich HTML signature on your iPhone and iPad. Read this tutorial to edit your email signature on your iPhone and iPad.

When you send an email from your iPhone or iPad, the receiver/s get to know that you have sent the mail from your iPhone or iPad. Your email signature reveals this. But in case you want to change your signature, it is possible. This tutorial tells you how you can edit your email signature from ‘Sent from my iPhone or iPad’ to whatever you want to use.

Note that you can add your signature to per account as well as all accounts on your iOS devices. In case, you are using a third-party Gmail or any other app, which is not integrated into your iPhone or iPad, you can follow this tutorial to add a signature to email.

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How to Customise Email Signature on iPhone and iPad

Before you go ahead, note that you can, or you should use the same signature in your Mail app on Mac OS. Your emails should show some uniformity as you may send them from your iPhone/iPad or Mac. Now follow the steps given below to change your email signature on your iOS devices.

IMPORTANT: If you have integrated any third-party email client in your device, you can see two options in the Signature: All Accounts and Per Account. You can select any one of the options as per your requirement.

Step #1. Launch Settings app on your iPhone/iPad → Tap on Mail.

Open Settings app and tap on Mail on iPhone

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Step #2. Again scroll down and tap on Signature.

Tap on Signature in Mail App Settings

Step #3. You can either select All Accounts or Per Account option.

Select All Accounts or Per Account in Mail App

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Below Per Account, you will find the current signature: Sent from my iPhone/iPad.

Step #4. Tap near the end of this existing signature. Now erase this signature by tapping on Delete (x) button.

Erase the Existing Signature in Mail App

Step #5. Next, write your own signature in that space.

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Change Email Signature in Mail App on iPhone and iPad

Step #6. Open your Mail app. here you will see your newly created signature in the compose area of the Mail app.

You will see created signature in Mail app on iPhone or iPad

How to Create Rich HTML Signature in Mail App on iPhone/iPad

Whether you are using Mail app for personal or professional use, you would always like to add your website or blog link, so that the receiver can directly click or tap on that link to check your web page. To make this happen, you need to create an HTML signature on your iOS device.

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Remember, you cannot just type your website or blog link in the signature area as you have done above to edit your signature. Though the process of creating HTML signature is simple, it requires you to follow a few more steps.

Step #1. First off, you need to draft a mail from your computer or device that already has HTML signatures. If there is none, you can open the Mail app or any third-party mail client and write your HTML signature there in the compose area of a mail.

Step #2. Now send that mail to yourself or to any other account you have access to.

Send Rich HTML Signature mail to yourself

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Step #3. Next, open that mail you have sent to yourself (you have to open that mail in your device, not on the computer).

Open Mail App on your iPhone or iPad

Step #4. Copy that entire HTML signature (tap and hold the signature – tap Select All from the selection tool – tap Copy).

Copy Entire Rich HTML Signature in Mail App

Then Open Settings app → Mail → Signature.

Tap on Signature in Mail App Settings

You can either select ‘All Accounts’ or ‘Per Account.’

Select All Accounts or Per Account in Mail App

In the signature area, remove your previous signature and there will be blank space.

Erase the Existing Signature in Mail App

Step #5. Now tap and hold that blank area to summon selection tool. From the options, tap on Paste.

Create Rich HTML Signature in Mail App on iPhone or iPad

Step #6. This will insert your newly created rich HTML signature, which will show web links you might have inserted earlier.

Newly created rich HTML signature in Mail App Settings

Your rich HTML is created now. You can go to the home screen and open Mail app to draft a mail. At the bottom of the compose area, you will find this newly created HTML signature.

Newly created HTML signature in Mail App on iPhone or iPad

Signing off…

A small change means a lot to any iPhone or iPad user. With this new feature, users can insert their own signature and can create HTML email signature in their iPhones and iPads. Use this feature and surprise your friends with the edited signature often.

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