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iGBAccessoriesHarber London slim leather MacBook sleeve review

Harber London slim leather MacBook sleeve review

About Harber London slim leather MacBook sleeve:

The sleeve is a premium product crafted using full-grain leather and has a wool felt lining on the inside. It offers a snug fit and decent protection to your MacBook. Moreover, you also get the customization option to add text or image to your sleeve. If you’re planning to buy it, use the code IGEEKS22 for a 15% discount, exclusively for our readers!

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Apple MacBooks are a work of art. Especially since Apple’s shift to their homegrown SoC’s, MacBooks are hands down one of the best laptops available. With such a sleek and elegant design, it surely needs extra protection, which is what Harber London’s leather MacBook sleeve offers.  

Yes, the protection is minimal, but something is better than nothing. Also, leather screams premium. And, pulling your MacBook out of a Full Grain leather sleeve while sitting in a café feels better, trust me. Now, let’s figure out if you should get one of these Harber London MacBook leather sleeves.  

Design and build

For those not well versed with leather, Genuine Leather sounds like the best quality of leather there is. But that is far from the truth, and Full Grain is the best quality of leather found in nature. And the Harber London slim leather MacBook sleeve is made out of Full Grain leather handcrafted by experts in Spain.


Harber London claims that the sleeve fits like a glove, and I agree. However, it’s both a boon and a bane (more on that later). The outer layers are Full Grain leather sheets stitched together. And you have wool felt lining inside, conducive to a snug fit.

I’d still pick microfiber padding over the wool felt lining any day. And that is because there’s a low chance that microfiber will leave scratches on the surface of my MacBook. No, the wool felt lining isn’t bad; it’s just that microfiber is a more tried and tested product.  


The stitching on the sleeve is uniform and the thread used is also of a similar shade. I have no complaints regarding the stitches, except for a stitch going around the sides on each side of the sleeve. This one stitch breaks the uniformity of the design, and it just feels out of place.  

The Harber London logo is perfectly engraved and placed at the bottom center. You can even customize the sleeve by adding some text or image for around $8-9. Can’t deny it’s a great addition to a sleeve!


Utility and Protection  


When buying a product, I believe and look for products that prioritize function over form and not the other way around. A sleeve is not ideally the best accessory to protect your MacBook, but for what it’s worth, the Harber London sleeve does a decent job. I expect little drop protection from a sleeve, and the only protection expected is from accidental spills or minor drops.

Further, both the leather sheets are not the same. The one on the upper side is softer than the one at the bottom. It is a result of the lower layer having an extra padding layer between the leather and wool felt lining.

As I already mentioned, the fit is snug, which assures me that my MacBook won’t fall out of it. However, inserting and removing my MacBook is a hassle I don’t particularly enjoy.


Also, you cannot charge your MacBook while in the sleeve, a compromise not everyone wants to make. And the case is so tight and slim that carrying anything other than a MacBook in the sleeve is impossible.

Should you get the Harber London leather sleeve?  

The Harber London slim leather MacBook sleeve is available in the price range of $90 to $100, depending on the size of your MacBook. You can also get a 15% discount using the coupon code: IGEEKS22. Now, is it a value-for-money product at this price point? Yes, that would be my objective answer.  


Let me explain why. Firstly, Full Grain leather is comparatively expensive. The patina it develops over time makes the product age gracefully. I love leather products as they look and feel better with time. Nonetheless, the Harber London sleeve demands a premium price tag but, in exchange, does offer a premium product too.  


  • Made from Full Grain leather
  • Option to customize with text or image
  • Robust build quality
  • Snug fit


  • Microfiber padding on the inside would be better
  • Feels too tight
  • Can’t carry extra accessories

Price: £79

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