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iGBiPhoneGrid 3GS review: A disassembled iPhone frame for Apple nerds

Grid 3GS review: A disassembled iPhone frame for Apple nerds

Are you a true-blue Apple fanboy? Do you love and cherish the iPhone like no other? Then the Grid Studio has a nostalgic and intriguing piece of art for you, the Grid iPhone frame.

Currently, I am giddy with excitement because just in front of this Apple nerd sits a disassembled Grid 3GS frame. And that’s just the start of the story.

Continue reading to know how Grid Studio has made an art piece out of an iPhone 3GS.

To celebrate its first anniversary, GRID has special offers for its customers. Check out the official GRID website for more information.

Grid iPhone 3GS frame: A story of excellence

There is something about old tech that makes every aficionado go weak in the knees. For some, it’s the momentum of how far we have come. For others, it’s an inspiration for miracles one can achieve.

And then there are some, for whom it’s a gentle reminder of their age! Jokes apart, seeing/touching an old iPhone can evoke nostalgia, inspiration, wonderment, and pure joy.

Grid iPhone 3GS frame in show case

The Grid Studio encapsulates all these emotions in one frame; I call this feeling a technostalgia. And the magic starts from the packaging! It mixes modern design with an old-world charm.

Monogrammed wrapping paper of Grid iPhone 3GS frame

A soft, monogrammed wrapping paper is neatly tied with a matching ribbon and a wax seal. Further, a lovely little twig attached to the seal adds another layer of exquisiteness.

But it is the tastefulness on the inside that has my heart. Let’s check out the iPhone 3GS frame in detail.

What’s so special about the Grid Studio iPhone frame?

So, you don’t just get a dismembered phone in an A3 size frame (11.7 x 16.5 inches); every little detail has an artistic flair. It all starts with contrast, a matte black, smooth wooden frame with a stark white backing.

Smooth wooden Grid 3GS iPhone frame

Adorned over it is the front and back of the iPhone 3GS, along with all its inerts. The physical buttons (power and volume), headphone socket, old 30-pin connector, the logic boards, vibration motor, and even the Sim card holder.

Main Board of Grid 3GS iPhone frame

Additionally, every single element is well labeled, complete with arrows to show you their exact location in the iPhone. And whether you have seen the tear-down videos or not, the feeling of wonderment will persist.

Moreover, Grid has also thrown in some trivia to the mix, the frame states.

This phone is named “3GS,” where “S” stood for Speed. It was released on June 19, 2009. Within the first weekend of its release, over one million (1,000,000) units were sold. 

The wooden frame is relatively lightweight. Surprisingly, you can take out the base, touch and feel it. But don’t do it often, or dust and grime might destroy this beauty.

And if the techie in you desires a different iPhone model or perhaps an iPod or Apple Watch or Game Boy, Grid Studio has a wide variety of options.

Our verdict: Is Grid 3GS frame worth a buy? 

The iPhone frame by Grid Studio is a sight to behold. It would be a showstopper whether you place it over a wall or on a shelf.

I particularly love that other details like the frame, background, font, etc., are minimally designed to let the phone and its parts shine out.

As per the company, the handmade structure is intended to preserve the revolution of technologies. And you could feel the sentiment leaping out of the frame.

What’s more? You can currently enjoy a site-wide discount of a minimum of 15%. So, hurry up and book it before your favorite Grid frame is sold out.

Exclusive: GRID celebrates its 1st anniversary with special offers on iPhone frames.

The GRID 4S for only $99, down from the regular price of $139.

Bonus: Customers can also pick a package with 3 items for $299 instead of $539.

The offers are valid from 10th Sept 2021 to 12th Sept 2021.

Regular Price: $199 $169

Buy Now

Which iPhone model would you prefer? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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