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Ekster Parliament Smart Wallet and Modular Secretary Review

As digital payments and plastic cards become our primary mode of money transactions, we often hunt for a secure, protective, and efficient wallet. And today, we bring your notice to one of the slimmest smart wallets out there, Ekster’s Parliament Wallet & Modular Secretary Wallet.

Established in 2015, the brand soon became viral for its unique, high-quality, and technology-sound designed wallets. And why not, they have crafted traditional leather wallets that are easier to use and harder to lose.

Ekster Parliament Smart Wallet – An Impressive Card Holder

Store Cards and Cash in in Ekster Parliament Smart Wallet

The flagship Ekster Wallet is a bifold cardholder with a mechanical trigger, that makes grabbing the card you need a breeze.

When you press the ergonomically-placed button, a built-in aluminum cardholder fans out your cards from the top of the wallet in a smooth & graceful manner.

And not just this, the wallet packs quite a lot of perks.

Salient Features of the Parliament Wallet

  • Amazing Storage Capacity: While just 0.3 inches thick, the wallet can comfortably house over 9 cards, depending upon the card’s thickness and embossings. Moreover, there’s a handy elastic strap in the wallet to safely stash cash, coupons, receipts, etc
  • Protective RFID Blocking: Cards are the key to private and financial information. A wrong party with proper sources can steal both your money & data. Ekster boasts protection against RFID skimming
  • Superior Build & Material Quality: Ekster employs Environmentally certified full-grain premium bull leather and fully-anodized aluminum to craft their products. The leather is treated with a two-toned finish lends a distinctive look and color. This also ensures that the wallet softens and develops a fantastic patina with use.
    Ekster Parliament Wallet Superior Build and Material Quality
  • Virtually Unlosable: Another very intriguing feature of the Ekster Parliament Wallet is its optional Tracker card. Powered by Chipolo Technology, the card makes your wallet easily trackable. Additionally, it supports voice-activation, remote selfies, and many more features explored below
  • Magnificent Colors: Oh Yes! the smart card holder is available in seven colors, from the usual blacks & browns to merlot red & steel blue

Ekster Parliament Wallet is a unique combination of smarts, technology, and design. Something that the iGeek in me recognizes and appreciates a lot.

Though we did find some minute flaws as well. For one, a handy magnetic snap is missing, so the front flip isn’t that secure.

Also, it’s not 100% anti-RFID. Apart from the metal casing, all pockets don’t have the protection.

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The brand’s collection of smart wallets also includes other form factors. We managed to get our hands on another piece, and here’s what we feel about it.

Ekster Modular Secretary Wallet Review

Detachable Cardholder in Ekster Modular Secretary Wallet

Who doesn’t love choices? And the Modular Secretary wallet spoils you. Travel light with bare minimum or carry more than just essentials as easily, thanks to the detachable magnetic cardholder.

  • The Modular Secretary wallet can hold around 12+ cards, 10+ bills, and coins
  • When removed the magnetic cardholder can carry over 8+ cards
  • The bi-fold wallet sports 4 quick card access slots, quick cash access slots, and four RFID-protected card slots
  • Crafted from environmentally certified leather, the Modular Secretary wallet promises luxury, longevity, and comfortable usage. 
  • Quite like its counterpart, the wallet can be fitted with the Ekster tracker card and manifold its functionality and security

In terms of feature the Modular Secretary wallet, it does punches way above its weight. However, we did feel the PVC edging might wear with use, affecting the overall durability.

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Ekster Tracker Card

Ekster Solar Powered Tracker

While great on their own, the tracker card is something that takes Ekster’s product to the next level. The brand claims that Ekster 3.0 Tracker Card is the world’s first solar-powered  & voice-activated tracker.

Ekster has left no stone unturned, the tracker card is packed with features as well as looks. The black sleek card boasts a glossy finish tessellated cube pattern and Ekster logo.

As for its functionality, the card did not just work without hick-ups but boasted several amazing features as well.

How to Setup and Use Ekster 3.0 Tracker Card

Ekster Tracker Cards are powered by Chipolo® Technology. So, all you need is to download the Chipolo app and follow the onscreen instruction to connect the tracker card with your device.

Remember to register your tracker under the lost & found label. This will help you trace back your device if it’s lost. Go to Chipolo app → Chipolo Lost & Found Label → Register →  Scan the QR code at the trackers back or Enter the code.

Track Lost Ekster Smart Wallet using Chipolo App

Ring Ekster Tracker – Once the tracker is set up, insert the card in your wallet. Now, to ring your wallet, go to the Chipolo app → Ekster → Ring To Find. As soon as you do that, the wallet will ring.

Ring your Ekster Wallet

The connection also works in reverse, and you can ring your device as well. Just double-tap on the Ekster logo on the tracker card, and soon your device will start ringing.

Some Amazing Features of Ekster 3.0 Tracker Card

  • Out of Range Alerts: A handy feature if you tend to forget your wallet behind! When enabled, you will receive a notification reminding you to pick your wallet.Out of Range Alerts Feature in Chipolo App
  • World Traceability: At any given time, you can check the tracker’s location from the Map section in the app.
  • Reverse Tracing: If someone finds a lost tracker, they can scan the QR from the back to report that its found. And you can trace valuables in long ranges through a global lost-and-found community
  • Voice Activation: Compatible with Siri, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa, you can use voice command to ring or stop your Ekster card from ringing.Ask Siri to ring or stop your Ekster card
  • Solar-Powered: No need for batteries, Ekster takes its power from the sun. It can last 2-3 full months with just 3 hours of charge.Solar Bluetooth tracker made by Ekster
  • Change the Ringtone: Oh yes! you get six preset ringtones in the app, and you can select the one you like the most
  • Take a selfie: Whether a self-portrait or group selfie, the Ekster tracker card can serve as a Bluetooth remote for your iPhone. Select Take a Selfie option from the Chipolo app and click the Ekster logo on the card when ready.Use Ekster tracker card as Bluetooth remote to Take Selfie

We have tested several smart wallets in the past, and the Ekster tracker card passed our thorough inspection with flying colors. The card’s design reflects thoughtfulness, brains, usefulness, and a flair for style.

While we will not call it a flaw, it is a slight oversight that the Tracker Card or the app does not have any battery indication. How would I know that it’s time to take out my card from my wallet and keep it under the sun?

Apart from that, we could not fault the tracker. What’s great is that you can buy the card separately as well, to ensure all your essentials are trackable and secure.

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Our Verdict

Ekster products, whether the Parliament Wallet, Modular Secretary wallet, or the Tracker Card, all have managed to impressed our team. They look good, carry innovative design, feel durable, incorporate great technology, and definitely justify their price point.

So we give Ekster a big thumbs up, especially to the combination of the Parliament Wallet and Tracker Card.

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