CocoDoc: Free online PDF editor

CocoDoc free online PDF editor

PDF readers have been the focal point for viewing PDF documents. They have provided the consumer market with an efficient way of viewing documents. However, a major issue associated with PDF documents still remains – their effective management. As a solution, the market has been presented with multiple free PDF editors enabling adequate management of PDF files.

The practical implementation and use cases offered by these PDF editors move far beyond apprehension. This has allowed users to manage all forms of personal and commercial requirements. However, there are quite a few that are up to the mark.

This article features CocoDoc, touted as one of the best options in free online PDF editor software. Does it raise the bar and exceed the expectations? Let’s find out!

CocoDoc – An open-source PDF editor

The major problem associated with many premium-based PDF editors is their extreme effects on the device’s performance, along with major latency issues. To counter an environment of such implicative nature, CocoDoc provides users with an online platform featuring an all-purpose system.

CocoDoc has been recognized across 190+ countries with a user base of more than 1 million users. With an affirmative exhibition of the tool across platforms such as TechTimes and Tech Advisor, CocoDoc is referred to as a revolutionary tool for PDF editing.

This free PDF editor offers a set of multiple functions to work with, like merging and compressing files in the highest quality and convert files to over a collection of formats, e.g., Word, PPT, Excel, and JPG formats.

CocoDoc makes itself a worthy free PDF editor for its cloud-based platform with the ability to access it through all kinds of devices or platforms. This exempts all the concerns related to the curtailing performance of your devices. Thoughtful!

Stunning features of CocoDoc

Users are offered a series of different features across this PDF editor for efficient management. To understand more about the features within CocoDoc, take a look at the following.

  • PDF editing functions: CocoDoc offers all forms of editing capabilities to its users across the platform. You can perform all kinds of amendments across their text. While adding text boxes and text within PDFs, you can add different checkmarks, dates and develop notes within their PDF documents.

    Moreover, you can easily copy and paste data with the files and undo any changes made within the PDF as with any text editing software.
  • Create forms and sign documents: There are multiple templates featured across the platform that enables users to design new forms according to their needs. With hundred templates to select from, you can easily create fields and include text within these forms.

    Following this, signing documents has never been easier. You can quickly sign documents across any e-device.
  • Convert and Protect: CocoDoc not only allows you to convert your file from PDF into different formats but also offers many unique conversion options. You can even convert files from Word, PPT, or Excel into PDF format.

    Once the files are converted, you can also encrypt them through a strong password for protecting their files from illegal access in CocoDoc.
  • Compress and Merge: File organization has been made quite adequate and straightforward with CocoDoc. The tool enables you to compress the size of files for easy storage.

    Besides, it even helps to merge multiple PDF documents into a single document for providing you with easy access over a single place. This feature allows you to save the device memory and manage files more productively.

Access other functions of CocoDoc

How to edit PDFs for free using CocoDoc

To understand the editing process with CocoDoc, follow the step-by-step process provided below.

  1. Access the official website of CocoDoc on a browser and click the Edit PDF Online button in the banner image.
    Alternatively, you can also go to the bottom and under View & Edit, tap Edit PDF.

    edit PDFs for free using CocoDoc
  2. Next, upload the document either by uploading or dragging and dropping and wait for it to upload.
    You can import files directly through their URLs or cloud storage platforms such as Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox.

    import PDF files directly through Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox
  3. Edit the document using CocoDoc’s toolbar.
  4. Next, click Download at the top-right corner to export the file to your computer.

    click Download to export the file to your computer

Note: You can download the document only after signing up on CocoDoc. The process is pretty straightforward.

Why should you use CocoDoc PDF editing software?

  • No software installation required: This online free PDF editor does not call for any installation across the device. You can easily manage their PDFs across devices and platforms of any kind.
  • Easy and safe for consumption: The tool offers a comprehensive set of features that are extremely easy to use. With no necessity of having previous knowledge of managing PDFs, you can perform all kinds of steps with the available guides. Once done, you can share the PDF document across any social media platform.
  • Impressive security: It is crucial to secure your document, whether you are utilizing the tool for personal or official purposes. CocoDoc offers an extensive security system that operates across 256-bit SSL encryption during the transfer of the file.

    You can also protect your documents with the help of signatures and passwords. What’s more? The platform removes the uploaded file from the server after a certain period.
  • OCR scanning technology: The tool provides the users with the ability to scan their documents accurately. With automatic data extraction, CocoDoc extracts all kinds of written and printed texts from the document. They can easily have this data converted and extracted in the form of a PDF document.
  • Other advantages:
    • You can batch-process the files in a similar approach as original script files.
    • Get multiple advanced features like API access, Zapier integrations, and more.
    • You can edit PDFs without any technical knowledge.

What you should know about CocoDoc

There is no desktop version of the application available for now, making it difficult for certain users to access through the web.

Pricing of CocoDoc

CocoDoc is known for offering a set of unique and impressive services at a very reasonable price. If you are looking forward to buying a package for consuming its services, you will be provided a 14-day free trial across any package bought. Here’re the plans it offers:

Free– Edit and convert PDFs50MB
Basic– Features of Free plan +
– Manage, highlight, annotate PDFs
– And more
Premium– Features of Basic plan +
– Security
– 100 e-signature documents
Business– Features of Premium plan +
– Unlimited e-signature documents
– Personalized forms
– Team size – 5
– Free iOS and Android app
– Priority support
– And more…
Enterprise– Features of Business plan +
– Unlimited team size
– Zapier and Salesforce integration
– And more…
For more details on pricing, check CocoDoc’s pricing page.

If you have a team with members having different requirements in managing PDFs, you can consider buying an Enterprise plan. This plan even allows you to interact with CocoDoc’s APIs.

Moreover, if you wish to have an everlasting experience with CocoDoc, consider buying their yearly plans as it offers them more discounts.

User rating of CocoDoc

This tool has been renowned and appreciated by people across all forums. The security measures offered at CocoDoc provide them with the ability to optimize and secure their data efficiently. Along with that, many have recognized and acknowledged the variety of convenient tools that have allowed them to manage their data efficiently. They have reviewed the tool as a time and cost-efficient choice in PDF editing.

An overall rating: 4.8/5

Our verdict: Should you use CocoDoc?

Free PDF editors are pretty common in the market; however, finding the best product can get quite difficult for users. CocoDoc offers a collection of features and benefits in a single place, making it an excellent pick for businesses and personal use.

I would recommend starting with the free plan or taking the 14-day free trial to understand the software and then consider buying the plan you need.

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