Military-grade cases for the iPad Air aren’t very commonplace. It’s a small niche but it’s a very important market because of its sensitivity. On the field, in a research lab, in sports, construction zones / infrastructure – these are places where the iPad is turning out to be very useful and at the same time, the iPad needs extensive protection.

Military-grade protection for the iPad keeps the tablet safe from a lot of dust, accidental drops and bumps, even accidental spills on the iPad. Some of these cases are designed to protect the iPad from almost anything.

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Best iPad Air Military Grade Cases

Best iPad Air Cases for your needs:

#1. Gumdrop Cases

Gumdrop iPad Air Military Grade Case

Gumdrop isn’t the first name that strikes when you talk about military-grade iPad Air cases, but it’s certainly worth a try. The case isn’t high profile, but with a multi-layer shockproof design, it’s readied to be a reliable asset for the tablet.

Integrated screen cover offers an additional shield to the touchscreen, while the fortified rubber bumpers on the corners empower it to withstand accidental falls. And with the inclusion of stand, your media and hands-free time remains a pleasant experience. As for buttons, they are easy to click.

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USP: Rugged construction
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#2. OtterBox Defender Series

OtterBox Defender Military Grade iPad Air Case

Otterbox’s Defender Series needs no introduction. However, there are some subtle and not-so-subtle changes in this case for iPad Air that are worth noting.

This military-grade iPad Air case is actually friendlier than any other from Otterbox’s catalog. It’s flatter than the usual defender types, and also works as a stand for the iPad Air when you want to watch movies on it.

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Powered by three-layers of construction and integrated screen protector, it’s primed to keep your tablet shielded from all sorts of hazards. The holster-style swiveling belt clip lets you carry it more conveniently. Furthermore, Defender Series cases come in three colors: black, white/grey and white/pink.

USP: Three-layers of construction
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#3. Kensington

Kensington iPad Air Military Grade Case

If protection is your ultimate priority, give Kensington a chance to offer the trusted safeguard to your iPad against bumps. With the extremely rugged design, the case is fully capable of withstanding shock. Strong cushioned rubber layer further reinforces its construction.

Built-in hand strap prevents accidental drops. There is also raised lip to offer the extra defense for the screen. Lastly, you can choose this muscular case in three colors; black, red and plum.

USP: Strong cushioned rubber layer
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#4. Aceguarder

Aceguarder iPad Air 2 Military Grade Case

Sporting a shockproof design, Aceguarder offers uncompromised protection to your tablet. The solid exterior can effortlessly knock down bumps and keep scratch away. Combination of soft silicone and hard PC has made it enormously durable.

Thanks to the enhanced grip, it won’t let the device slip out of your hands. You can use the stand to prop up your iPad to watch videos more comfortably. Besides, Aceguarder comes in six color variants like black/red, light blue/white and more.

USP: Shockproof design
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#5. MAX Cases

MAX iPad Air 2 Military Grade Case

When it comes to providing a reliable safeguard to your iPad, MAX Cases is at par with the very best in the business. The robust structure doesn’t give any chance to nasty falls to hurt your tablet.

The transparent clear back allows the iPad to continue to reveal its class. There is also a built-in stand to liven up your media viewing. With the precise cutouts and responsive buttons, you will have easy-going time while using your device.

USP: Form-fitting design
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#6. Griffin Survivor

Griffin iPad Air 2 Military Grade Case

Griffin is probably the best of the lot – which is why it’s the last on the list. Each of the cases is good but we’ve got a soft spot for Griffin. The Survivor is a subtle player: all of its glory is hidden inside a case that looks pretty normal and in fact, “cool.”

With the Rigid internal frame, the cover protects your device from shock. Moreover, all the corners have been further fortified to ward off accidental damage.

USP: Rigid internal frame
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That’s all, folks!

Your pick?

Which of the above cases has been proved to be the luckiest to pair with your iPad? Is it the one that looks robust or the one that’s slightly compact? It would be cool to know your pick.

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