Military-grade cases for the iPad Air aren’t very commonplace. It’s a small niche but it’s a very important market because of its sensitivity. On the field, in a research lab, in sports, construction zones / infrastructure – these are places where the iPad is turning out to be very useful and at the same time, the iPad needs extensive protection.

Military-grade protection for the iPad keeps the tablet safe from a lot of dust, accidental drops and bumps, even accidental spills on the iPad. Some of these cases are designed to protect the iPad from almost anything.

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Best Military Grade Cases for iPad Air

Best iPad Air case for your needs:

1. Gumdrop iPad Air Drop Tech Series

Gumdrop iPad Air Drop Tech Series Case

Gumdrop isn’t the first name that strikes when you talk about military-grade iPad Air cases but the Drop Tech series is certainly worth a try. The case isn’t high-profile but with a multi-layer shockproof design and screen protection, Gumdrop’s Drop Tech Series does good. It’s thinner than most other military-grade iPad Air cases.

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From the case’s description:

  • Reinforced rubber bumpers on the corners
  • Dual material construction for multiple layers of shock absorption
  • Includes integrated screen cover for protection during use

Price: $59.95
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2. Aegis Case for iPad Air from TRIDENT

Aegis Case for iPad Air from TRIDENT

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TRIDENT’s Aegis wouldn’t probably convey the military-grade toughness through looks. It’s one of the thinnest iPad Air cases in this segment. It comes with quite a ton of features though and for a price that’s less than the average price of military-grade iPad Air cases.

Some of the features include:

  • Silicone, shock-absorbant
  • Polycarbonate shell that’s bio-enhanced and hardened
  • Comes with dust filters
  • Meets MIL-STD-810F Military Standard Protection
  • Drop-protection for a drop from 4ft on concrete

Price: $49.95 ( Range starts at $29.75 on Amazon)
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3. aXtion Bold for iPad Air

aXtion Bold Waterproof Case for iPad Air

aXtion is yet another slim and sturdy iPad Air case that aims to protect it from extremes. Drops, scratches, spills – you name it. This one features the same 810F military standard protection. The case is about 0.5inches thin. And there’s a built-in heavy-duty screen protector which doesn’t get in the way of touch-usability.

From the description:

  • aXtion Bold cradles your iPad in full military-grade protection (MIL-STD-810) so it can withstand drops from up to 6 feet (2m).
  • The case offers a slender profile on the sides for a comfortable grip, while providing added protection at the corners where it’s most needed.
  • The aXtion Bold offers water-resistant protection from spills and splashes so you can enjoy peace of mind.

Price: $59.95 (Price starts at $33.14 on Amazon)
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4. Otterbox Defender Series for iPad Air

Otterbox Defender Series Case for iPad Air

Otterbox’s Defender Series needs no introduction. However, there are some subtle and not-so-subtle changes in this case for iPad Air that are worth noting. This military-grade iPad Air case is actually friendlier than any other from Otterbox’s catalogue. It’s flatter than the usual defender types, and also works as a stand for the iPad Air when you want to watch movies on it.

Features include (from the product description):

  • Two-piece internal shell snaps around the iPad Air to completely cover it in impact deflecting polycarbonate
  • Clear membrane screen protector is built into the hard shell to guard against scratches and scrapes to the touch screen
  • Shield stand snaps onto the front or the back of iPad Air/iPad 5 case and includes an internal stand that provides for landscape and portrait viewing and a comfortable typing angle
  • Built-in screen protector guards against scratches, scrapes and scuffs while maintaining display vibrancy

Price: $89.95 ($59.95 on Amazon)
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5. Griffin Survivor for iPad Air

Griffin Survivor iPad Air Case

Griffin is probably the best of the lot – which is why it’s the last on the list. Each of the cases is good but we’ve got a soft spot for Griffin. The Survivor is a subtle player: all of its glory is hidden inside a case that looks pretty normal and in fact, “cool.”

Some of the features include:

  • MIL-STD-810F
  • Display shield deflects wind and rain. Tested.
  • Excellent protection from drops and shocks.
  • Sealed ports. Protection from sand, dust.
  • Includes a work-stand. Multiposition.

Price: $79.99 (Range starts at $29.99 on Amazon)
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