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Best iPhone SE 2 Wooden Cases

For fashion lovers, wooden cases mean style and grace. Although leather cases can do this job, it carries guilt feeling to use them for some users. For your second-generation iPhone SE, you can choose wood over leather. Check my collection of the best iPhone SE 2 wooden cases.

1. Tasikar Leather & Wooden Case

Tasikar iPhone SE 2020 Wooden Case

Tasikar has smartly integrated leather and wood colors to craft a hybrid case. Natural wood grain provides an excellent grip and a comfortable touch.

A form-fitted case does not add bulk to your elegant iPhone SE. Hold your device proudly in your hands or slip it in your pockets. Yes, the case is pocket-friendly, hence, you can quickly put your phone inside the pockets.

Although a slim profile, this case does not compromise on protection. Physically durable, it has raised edges that elevate the phone screen and camera lens. No more scratches and damage on lenses and touchscreen. I guess I gave you enough reasons why this is one of the iPhone SE 2020 Wooden cases.


  • Natural wood grain
  • Button sensitive case
  • Flexible and shock absorbing


  • Causes sweating in palms

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2. Mr.Artisan Wooden Case with Screen Protector

Mr.Artisan iPhone SE 2020 Wooden Case

Mr.Artisan has used real, authentic materials to manufacture this one of the iPhone SE 2020 Wooden cases. The brand sourced wenge, rosewood, and maple to create this beautiful and stylish case.

Minimalism and elegance add to the finesse of this case. Look at the clean lines and curves, which ensure precise fitting for your smartphone.

Although slim and light, this case certainly protects your phone. The rubberized body makes this case strong and durable. To guard your phone screen, Mr.Artisan installs a screen protector. Since the case is compatible with wireless charging, you can use your charging pads to power up your iPhone SE.


  • Natural wood surface
  • Rugged corners
  • Supports wireless charging


  • Small lips (not enough elevation)

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3. B BELK Wooden Bumper Case

B BELK iPhone SE 2020 Wooden Case

B BELK has crafted this case from softwood. Probably, for this reason, it is a slim bumper that can resist scratches. A secure grip is achieved by TPU snapback cover and rubber corners.

When you check the back of this case, you will be surprised to find earthy and rustic feel. This is due to a reinforced rubber, which offers an anti-slip grip for a long time.

Slightly raised corners protect your phone screen. Additionally, the design looks like a rugged case. This corner elevation also guards your phone camera lenses. Appreciate superior craftsmanship and use this flexible wooden case.


  • Slim bumper
  • Rubber corners
  • Lightweight case


  • Rubber corners mar the beauty

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4. Woodcessories Real Wood Case

Woodcessories iPhone SE 2020 Real Wood Case

Woodcessories has crafted an all-rounder case for your iPhone SE. This case combines wood with a minimalist appearance. A handmade case is compatible with wireless charging; thus, it can easily replace a wireless charging case.

Made of real wood, this is an innovative and timeless piece in your hand. Solid wood makes this case sustainable. Safeguard your phone against scratches, dust, and shocks.

Maximum protection and minimum bulk – this is the mantra of Woodcessories. Soft-touch, form-fitted design, and lightweight profile are notable features of this case. Each wooden case of this brand boasts individual grain. And this makes it a unique design.


  • Solid wood
  • Form-fitted design
  • Lightweight profile


  • Difficult to install and remove the phone

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5. TENDLIN Soft TPU Wooden Case

TENDLIN Wooden Case for iPhone SE 2020

TENDLIN has blended wood grain and soft TPU silicone to manufacture this slim case. A one-piece flexible case has wood veneer and TPU rubber.

A combination of two materials makes this case stronger than other iPhone SE cases. Enjoy the superior grip and comfort of this real wood grain finish.

Makers of this case have cut out a deep camera niche. This protects your phone’s camera lenses from scratches or touches. Place your iPhone face down and face up. Raised lips will elevate the phone screen.

TENDLIN has left enough space at ports, and therefore, it takes little effort to insert charging cable. Responsive buttons ensure easy operation of the 2020 iPhone SE.


  • One-piece case
  • Responsive buttons
  • Deep camera niche


  • Little bit slippery

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6. Evutec Slim Wooden Case

Evutec Slim Wooden Case for iPhone SE 2020

The slim profile is a noteworthy feature of the Evutec wooden case. It is easy to handle and hold in hands. Moreover, you can slip your phone quickly in your trouser pockets.

To make this slim case, Evutec sourced bamboo material. The case has passed through military-grade drop protection. It can endure four-foot drops and keep your device in untouched condition.

The magnetic car vent mount is included in the package. This means you can use your iPhone even while driving your car. Install the case on your phone and place it on a car mount. Charge your phone wirelessly, use tactile buttons, and enjoy better shock absorption.


  • Bamboo cover
  • Tactile buttons
  • Smooth touch feeling


  • Not biodegradable

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7. iCASEIT Hybrid Snap-on Protective Wooden Case

iCASEIT iPhone SE 2020 Wooden Case

iCASEIT has manufactured a natural, unique, and stylish wooden case for your iPhone. Since the brand uses natural wood grain, each case is as unique as your eyes.

Made of hard polycarbonate material, this wooden case is naturally genuine. Moreover, a snap-on-back case allows you to install and remove your phone immediately.

Precise cut-outs let you access all the ports and buttons quickly. Add to this, expanded port openings enable you to insert cables and other attachments effortlessly.

Although it is just 3mm thick, this case is durable without bulkiness. A perfectly thin and lightweight case tightly hugs your phone and protects the device.


  • 3mm thickness
  • Does not add bulk
  • Expanded port openings
  • Ergonomic design


  • Cannot prevent dust & debris

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8. kwmobile Cork Wood Case

kwmobile iPhone SE 2020 Cork Wood Case

A cork case from kwmobile can impress you in many ways. A natural beauty, this case imparts individual, rustic, and stylish look. Use the case without any guilt as it is made of sustainable and organic materials.

Hard and durable cork keeps the case lightweight but sturdy. A powerful back can thwart scratches, fingerprints, dust, and wear and tear.

Never worry about sudden bumps and drops. Kwmobile has crafted a shockproof cover that ensures full protection.

Although it is a cork case, kwmobile has cut it precisely. So that you can quickly access all the essential ports, controls, and buttons on your iPhone. Wireless charging compatibility is one of the remarkable features.


  • Natural and organic material
  • Truly unique
  • Precisely cut out


  • Weak front protection

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That’s all for now!

Wrapping up…

Wireless charging compatibility in the wooden case is a rare feat achieved by some premium brands. I would surely pick up such a case without any second thought. Which wooden case would you like to buy for your 2020 iPhone SE? Leave your comments below.

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