Best Tax Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2020

There were times when filing taxes used to be a tad cumbersome affair for me. Things like calculating taxes and finding out the ways to get more refunds were slightly out of my range. But those days are gone and gone forever! With the best tax apps for iPhone and iPad readily available to make the process a breeze, I no longer have to burn the midnight oil to figure out how much I Have to pay.

Do you still use the traditional methods to track your expenses and calculate taxes? Get rid of those lengthy processes and embrace the swift functionality and carry out all the stuff right from your fingertips. And, if you ever happen to encounter an obstacle, you can always ask the experts to rescue you immediately. So, what’s holding you back, mate?

Best Tax Return Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2020

#1. TurboTax Tax Return App

TurboTax Tax Return iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

TurboTax is what you should pick to file income tax fast and easily right from your iOS device. Through the step-by-step guidance, it ensures you can fill up the form correctly. You can also contact TurboTax specialist for more help.

The tax return app searches for more than 350 tax deductions and credits to let you bolster your tax refund. You can find out all the important things about your tax refund. And, with Face ID, Touch ID, and PIN, it allows you to offer the needed security to your account.

Price: Free

#2. H&R Block Tax Prep and File

H&R Block Tax Prep and File iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

H&R Block makes tax filing pretty simple. The best thing about this app is the much-needed help it offers. So, if you ever hit a roadblock, you can ask it to show you the way.

To get started, create your account, prepare and file your next

return by following all the advice. It lets you take pics and upload PDFs of your tax docs. You will also be able to import docs during tax preparation. And once you are ready to pay, use Apple Pay to make payment fast and securely.

Price: Free

#3. Stride Tax – Mileage Tracker

Stride Tax iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Automatically track your work mileage and find out the ways to reduce your tax bill! Stride Tax is designed to let you maximize your mileage deductions. You can quickly import all of your expenses and discover all the money-saving ways. And once you have fully jotted down on everything, you will be able to file tax in a jiffy.

The real-time reminders never let you forget the essential things. With very helpful advice, it lets you know the expenses you can deduct. It’s the easy-to-use functionality that makes Stride Tax a good option for rideshare drivers, creative professionals, food service professionals, business consultants, sales agents, real estate agents, and home service professionals.

Price: Free

#4. TaxAct Express

TaxAct Express iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

TaxAct Express works as a smart guide! What I have liked a lot about this app is the ability to offer a more personalized product recommendation as per your tax situation. Thanks to the step-by-step guidance, the app allows you to go through the process without any hassle.

You can snap your W-2 data by taking a photo or uploading it from your phone library. With the two-factor authentication, it offers the required safeguard to your data. Besides, you can also use the Face ID or Touch ID to provide an additional shield to your data.

Price: Free

#5. TaxCaster: Tax Calculator

TaxCaster Tax Calculator iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

If you want to have in-depth information about your tax, you shouldn’t look beyond TaxCaster. With this tax return app, you can instantly access the estimate of your 2017 refund. You will also be able to get the forecast of 2018 depending on the new tax reform laws.

The income tax app also lets you adjust your paycheck withholdings to take more money or plan astutely to pay less tax. There is also a navigation drawer that allows you to switch to other integrated apps like TurboTax, Turbo, Mint, and ItsDeductible with ease.

Price: Free

#6. Income Tax Calculator

Income Tax Calculator iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Is calculating tax a complicated affair for you? I would recommend you to try out Income Tax Calculator. This is such a neat and effective tax calc that can get your job done efficiently.

There are several features like automatic selection of applicable tax computations, automatic check for AMT (Alternate Minimum Tax) applicability and analysis and additional Medicare tax that let you carry out your task fast. Moreover, you can also analyze the impact of specific deductions and also monitor all the essential things through multiple pie charts.

Price: Free

#7. 1tap tax: Self Assessment Help

1tap tax iPhone App Screenshot

With 1tap tax, you can effortlessly keep track of your real-time taxes and profits. You will be able to estimate tax payments and ideally prepare for excess spending. HMRC tax calculator allows you to calculate tax liability accurately.

It also lets you quickly get to know how much you will owe as per your income. You can monitor your expenses, tax liability and income to ensure you always remain in firm control. The free version of the app allows 60 auto scans per year. You will need to upgrade to the pro version of the app for unlimited scanning.

Price: Free

#8. Click Tax Pro

Click Tax Pro iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Prepare your tax without any stress using Click Tax Pro! Just fill out all the required information like name, address, date of birth and let the app file your return. This income tax app itemizes your deductions and also offers audit guard for more security. Using your documents and information, they prepare your taxes ensuring you have more your refunds.

In case they any question, they will either call or email you. After your documents have been signed, they will e-file your tax return and send you confirmation once it’s been accepted.

Price: Free

#9. HelloTax

HelloTax iPhone App Screenshot

HelloTax is a lightweight tax app that should let you carry out all the basic stuff without any issue. You can easily keep an eye on your return status and also use the tax calculator to quickly discover how much you have to pay.

Check out your pan card details and also view your transaction history to track your spending. Besides, your entire documents are stored safely, and you will also be able to synchronize them across your devices to manage them more comfortably.

Price: Free

#10. TaxDay

TaxDay iPhone App Screenshot

If you want to monitor your travel with GPS against US state residency tax code a bit more conveniently, TaxDay is your better option. This income tax app is an ideal option for people with multi-state residency and frequent interstate business travelers as it allows you to accurately track taxable days.

It has a comprehensive database of state-by-state tax rules that accurately track travel. With the intuitive reporting interface, it lets you manage records and generate accurate, complete audits. Besides, the custom notifications ensure you don’t forget to carry out the important task.

Price: Free

That’s all for now!

What’s your pick?

I guess, readying your tax will no longer be a complex affair for you. Which one of these apps has caught your eyes? Do let us know your picks in the comments.

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