iPhone 6s and 6s Plus released with bundles of features a month ago. And the curiosity of the customers can be understood by looking at some unique features included in the device. It is often seen that whenever a new device is released, the users look for the accessories to take the user experience to the next level. Sensing the need of this, today we have got some interesting docking stations with built-in speakers for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

By using these docking stations, you can charge your iPhone and simultaneously listen to your favorite music tracks. So not making you wait anymore, here is the list of top 5 iPhone 6s/6s Plus docking stations with speakers just for you:

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Best iPhone 6s and 6s Plus Docking Stations with Speaker

Best Docking Stations with Speaker for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

#1. Plater D9

Plater D9 iPhone 6s-6s Plus Docking Stations with Speaker

Plater D9 comes with 8Pin, Type-C port and Micro-USB charging ports that make it a perfect docking station not just for iPhone and iPad but also for many Android devices. You will enjoy the PLL Digital FM Radio with 30 channels. You can easily control music and change channels.

It comes with the dual alarm clock with the snooze and sleep functions as well as automatic instant time set. You can set up multiple segment sleeping modes such as 10min, 15, 30, 45, 60. That’s not all; there are five brightness LCDs which you can adjust depending on your need.

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USP: Built-in 30 radio channels
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#2. iHome iPL24

iHome iPL24 iPhone 6-6s Plus Docking Station with Speakers

iPL24 features a pretty compact design and is known to for versatility just like other iHome docking stands. To me, the biggest flashpoint of the speaker is the advance Reson8 technology that delivers superb sound. The dock securely holds your smartphone, providing a comfortable viewing angle.

Dual alarms offer you more flexibility to set separate wake times and get late for your office. Besides, FM radio is always there to entertain you. Lastly, you can pick iHome iPL24 in two colors: gray and rose gold.

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USP: Dual alarms
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#3. iHome iDL44

iHome iDL44 iPhone 6s-6s Plus Docking Station with Speakers

iHome iDL44 is not a highly efficient charger for your iPhone but also a terrific speaker. Courtesy Reson8 speaker chambers, it has got the fabulous sound quality that’s sure to bring life to your music.

There is six FM radio presets to keep you thrilled all the time. It has the dual alarm with custom alarm setting to help you stay at pace with your time. Lastly, this good-looking docking station is available in gunmetal and silver/white.

USP: Case-friendly design
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#4. iHome iPL23 Stereo

iHome iPL23 Clock Radio Docking Station with Speaker for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

iHome iPL23 stereo lighting charge docking station is yet another powerful device that supports iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s plus and some older models. The features of iPL23 are no different as compared to the above one. The only difference you can observe is the design and look of the product. In that case, iDL45BC looks more stylish, at least for me. Rest is on you to buy the best one. For indoor uses, this is perfect, but if you are traveling in a car and want to charge your iPhone, I highly recommend you to check the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus car chargers now!

USP: Adjustable sleep timer
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VELOUR iPhone 6-6s Plus Dock with Speakers

VELOUR has got all the bases covered to be a fine charging stand that can also double up as a robust speaker. Endowed with excellent sound quality, it ensures your music can fully thrill you. FM radio receiver with 20 preset radio stations never let your music time go out of track.

Touch key control design with backlight lets you fine-tune your music effortlessly. Dual alarm and sleep timer function further enhance its functionality. Thanks to the solid construction of environmental plastic, it’s got the ability to endure minor bumps and last long.

USP: Touch key control design with backlight
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#6. iHome iPLWBT5B

iHome iPLWBT5B iPhone 6-6s Plus Dock with Speaker

iHome’s iPLWBT5B docking station does a decent job of charging your iPhone and also entertaining you with commendable sound quality. It also features an integrated magnetic charger to let you power up your Apple Watch and iPhone at a time.

The FM radio with six preset station memories can let you catch up with your favorite programs. The built-in microphone provides clear audio by reducing background noise. Therefore, you won’t have any disturbance during hands-free calling. And the dual-alarms help you set multiple wake up times.

USP: Noise reduction technology
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#7. RSR DS406

RSR iPhone 6-6s Plus Docking Station with Speakers

For charging your iPhone and injecting life into your music, you can’t go wrong with RSR DS406. The dock is blessed to have scintillating sound quality with heavy bass. You can quickly connect your iOS device to it via Bluetooth to stream songs.

PLL FM radio with 20 preset stations has you fully covered. Courtesy the low-profile design; it easily makes a good match with any home d├ęcor. Moreover, DS406 is available in two colors: black and silver.

USP: PLL FM radio with 20 preset stations
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VELOUR Docking Station with Speaker for iPhone 6-6s Plus

Both regarding providing reliable charging solution and enriching your music with admirable sound quality, this docking station from VELOUR will stand up to your demand admirably. Built-in 2 high fidelity speakers help it deliver top-notch sound, while 20 FM radio preset stations allow you to listen to your favorite programs.

Apple MFi certification makes it fully compatible to charge your iOS device. Hence, your device will have the needed protection against short-circuit and overcharge. The dock tilts your device slightly backward to provide you better viewing angle.

USP: Built-in 2 High Fidelity Speakers
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#9. PowMax WW-47

PowMax WW-47 iPhone 6-6s Plus Dock with Speakers

Due mainly to the excellent multi-functional capability, PowMax WW-47 has won me over. The dock ideally plays the role of an efficient charging stand and an able speaker that brings out the best in music. And yes, it also works flawlessly as a praiseworthy FM radio.

Packed in with 30 radio channels, it ensures your fun never has an end. The acrylic panel with full touch control allows you to adjust music without any hassle. Besides, there are six brightness settings, which you can adjust as desired. Moreover, PowMax WW-47 is backed by 12-month warranty.

USP: Acrylic panel with touch control
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#10. Neon electronic

Neon electronic iPhone 6-6s Plus Docking Station with Speaker

Neon electronic stands when it comes to providing adorable sound. The dock instantly connects to your device to fill your music time with luxurious sound quality. FM digital tuning with 20 stations presets add more feather to its cap. Using the built-in buttons, you can comfortably adjust volume.

It holds your smartphone in a way that you will have a more convenient viewing experience. With the dual alarm clock, the dock assists you in staying at the breast with your time.

USP: Luxurious sound quality
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Wrap Up

So, enjoy music while charging your iOS device. With the superior sound quality, these docking stations cum speakers will Rev up your music experience. Which docking station will you choose for your iPhone? Let us know that in the comments below.

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