Best iPhone 6s/6s Plus Docking Stations with Speaker in 2022

Best iPhone 6-6s Plus Docking Stations with Speakers

iPhone 6s and 6s Plus were released with bundles of features a month ago. It is often seen that whenever a new device is released, the users look for the accessories to take the user experience to the next level. Sensing the need for this, today we have got some exciting docking stations with built-in speakers for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Using these docking stations, you can charge your iPhone and simultaneously listen to your favorite music tracks. So not making you wait anymore, here is the list of the top 5 iPhone 6s/6s Plus docking stations with speakers just for you:


DPNAO iPhone 6-6s Plus Docking Station with Speaker

DPNAO presets a docking station that boasts Apple MFI certification. Equipped with a lightning connector, you can quickly place your iPhone on the top to charge and sync your device.

The docking station has 20 preset stations to play songs from. This docking stand with speaker flaunts beautiful LED screen display that has touch-key controls. Don’t miss that dust-proof sliding door, which can hide its docking and touch-key control design.

USP: Dust-proof sliding door
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2. iHome iWBT400

iHome iWBT400 iPhone 6s-6s Plus Docking Stations with Speaker

iHome is a supreme leader in the domain of docking stations. This iWBT400 is a Bluetooth dual alarm charging stand, which can charge your Apple Watch also. Once you connect your iPhone with the dock, you can easily control music streaming and incoming calls. The dashboard flaunts a few buttons to talk, end calls, snooze, dimmer, alarm reset, volume up/down and others.

The docking stand is built with a personal voice powered music assistant app, which is called Melody. You can use this music assistant to control the dock.

USP: Voice powered music assistant app
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3. Press Play

ONE Dock iPhone 6-6s Plus Docking Station with Speaker

Press Play brings a unique design to this docking station with the speaker. You can charge four iOS devices simultaneously. There is one lightning connector for iPhone/iPad; a magnetic charging stand for your Apple Watch; and two USB slots on the base of this docking station.

Along with this docking station, Press Play includes BeatDROP wireless speaker that delivers superior sound. The magnetic charging stand allows you to put your watch in nightstand mode.

USP: Charges four devices
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4. iHome iPL23 Stereo

iHome iPL23 Clock Radio Docking Station with Speaker for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

iHome iPL23 stereo lighting charge docking station is yet another powerful device that supports iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s plus and some older models. The features of iPL23 are no different as compared to the above one.

The only difference you can observe is the design and look of the product. In that case, it looks more stylish, at least for me.

Rest is on you to buy the best one. For indoor uses, this is perfect, but if you are traveling in a car and want to charge your iPhone, I highly recommend you to check the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus car chargers now!

USP: High-Fidelity Speakers
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VELOUR iPhone 6-6s Plus Dock with Speakers

VELOUR has got all the bases covered to be a fine charging stand that can also double up as a robust speaker. Endowed with excellent sound quality, it ensures your music can fully thrill you. FM radio receiver with 20 preset radio stations never let your music time go out of track.

Touch key control design with backlight lets you fine-tune your music effortlessly. Dual alarm and sleep timer function further enhance its functionality. Thanks to the solid construction of environmental plastic, it’s got the ability to endure minor bumps and last long.

USP: Touch key control design with backlight
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6. LumiCharge

SonicCharge iPhone 6s-6s Plus Docking Stations with Speaker

LumiCharge offers a complete charging and music solution. This charging dock is equipped with a Bluetooth speaker, alarm clock, universal docking station, wireless charger, 2 USB ports, AUX, and a display with date, time, and temperature. Place it on your nightstand and dock your iPhone on this station.

On the back, there is a wheel, which helps you change the charging plug on the front. There are three charging plugs available: USB type C, Lightning for your iPhone, and Micro USB. The wood finish enhances the appearance of this dock, which can be used as a piece of home décor. You can also buy this product to gift someone you love.

USP: Wood finish
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7. iHome iPL23

iHome iPhone 6s-6s Plus Docking Stations with Speaker

Having tried out iHome’s dock, I can say that you would find its offering up to the mark. And its iPL23 has got the qualities to juice up the iPhone and also liven up your music time.

Talking about the sound quality, it’s more than good enough to entertain you thanks to the Reson8 speaker chambers. Check out the FM radio with 6 station preset memory that helps you enjoy your favorite radio programs.

The adjustable sleep timer can add more spice to the mix. Not to speak of the dual alarm clock that keeps you in sync with the fast-paced life.

USP: Reson8 speaker chambers
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8. Homtime

Homtime iPhone 6s-6s Plus Docking Station with Speaker

To be honest, the biggest reason why I’ve picked out Homtime is the ability to check off most of the essential boxes. Besides, it comes at a competitive price. So, you will get a good iPhone dock with the Bluetooth speaker without breaking the bank.

As for design, the dock looks compact and holds your iPhone steadily for comfortable hands-free usage. You can use the dual USB ports to power up two devices at one go.

The dual high-performance drivers deliver appreciable sound quality, while the digital tuning FM radio allows you to listen to your favorite programs. Furthermore, there is also an aux-in jack to let you connect the dock with any audio device.

USP: Dual high-performance drivers
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9. Tyler

Tyler Bluetooth Alarm Clock Radio for iPhone 6-6s Plus

Tyler’s charging dock is simple in design. You can charge your iPhone via USB port and connect the device through Bluetooth. Next, you can play your favorite music on the speaker while your iPhone is being charged. In case you don’t want to connect your device wirelessly, use AUX Line-in to play music.

Twin speaker system sends out the full sound; you can throw a small party to your friends and enjoy high-quality sound effects. You can adjust the soft LED alarm clock light to avoid eye strain.

USP: Twin speaker system
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10. Philips

Philips AJT3300-37 Docking Station with Speaker for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

You should always give a product from a well-known company like Philips a thought before zeroing on the preferred option. I find this docking station up to the mark from various aspects.

First and foremost, the dock works effectively in powering up your iPhone securely. About sound, I think it’s decent (considering the affordable price $25.99). It also features a built-in microphone to let you enjoy hands-free calling.

Plus, the addition of dual alarm and sleep timer makes this dock one of the better options.

USP: Built-in microphone
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Wrap Up!

So, enjoy music while charging your iOS device. With the superior sound quality, these docking stations cum speakers will Rev up your music experience. Which docking station will you choose for your iPhone? Let us know that in the comments below.

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