Best iPad Air 3 keyboard cases in 2024

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Although not the latest, Apple’s 10.5-inch iPad Air 3 (2019) comes with plenty of appealing and pro-level features for a mid-range price. If you have purchased this iPad, I am sure you must be looking for ways to increase your productivity. And what better than getting one of the best iPad Air 3 keyboard cases that let you use the iPad as a fully functional mini-laptop. Let’s have a look at our list.

1. Apple’s Smart Keyboard – Feature-rich iPad Air 3 keyboard case

Apple Smart Keyboard for iPad Air 3

At $150, Apple Smart Keyboard is indeed a highly-priced case. However, when you take its functionality into account, you would find it worth giving a serious look. The highlight of this keyboard is the exceptionally responsive keys, which make typing easy-going. It effortlessly connects to the iPad Air with the Smart Connector.

The slim form-factor coupled with the smooth finish makes for a real match. What’s more, Smart Keyboard is good enough to resist low impact and even keep scuffs at bay.

Why should you buy it?

  • Effortless connectivity

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2. Logitech keyboard case with trackpad – Best in productivity

Logitech keyboard case for iPad Air 3

Turn your iPad Air into a productive machine using this keyboard. Not only it gives all-around protection to your iPad but also the rigid finish makes it flexible for everyday use and protects the iPad against wear and tear.

The keyboard comes with a built-in trackpad that enhances the device’s usability and makes your laptop a suitable laptop replacement. The best part, the device comes with a holder for your Apple Pencil.

Why should you buy it?

  • Apple-promoted, Apple-approved.

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3. Arteck ultra-thin Bluetooth keyboard case – Long-lasting battery

Artech Store keyboard case for iPad Air 3

If a budget-friendly keyboard cover is what you want, “Arteck” will be worth looking at. The case has a compact design and comes with a detachable keyboard. Therefore, you can use it as a standalone cover as well.

With the large key size, you will get the needed tactile feedback while typing. As for battery life, Arteck claims that the keyboard case can run up to 100 hours after just a couple of hours of charge. Besides, the durable casing should be able to endure common pitfalls like minor shock and scuffs.

Why should you buy it?

  • Compact design and affordable

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4. Fintie keyboard case with pencil holder – Best in durability

Fintie Store keyboard case for iPad Air 3

Equipped with a fully adjustable stand, the Fintie keyboard offers multiple viewing angles. Thus, both your media watching and typing will be a bit more comfortable.

Despite a slim design, this keyboard cover has got enough strength to withstand shock. And it’s all thanks to the combination of polycarbonate, PU leather, and rubberized interior.

With the keyboard being removable, you have the liberty to cut down the bulk when you want to use it as a standalone cover. Furthermore, Fintie provides this case in a range of beautiful colors.

Why should you buy it?

  • It comes with a pencil holder

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5. YEKBEE keyboard case with Apple pencil holder – Best typing speed

YEKBEE Store keyboard case for iPad Air3

Like every keyboard case holder, YEKBEE’s case comes with every feature you want in your iPad Air 3 keyboard case. But what makes it so unique is its smooth transition. The case is designed so that you will not feel that you are using your iPad. Laptop vibes for real!

One of the best ones I have tried for typing with a laptop-like typing experience and absolutely no discomfort. Do not forget to check out the backlight color options if you hop on to one of these.

Why should you buy it?

  • Up to 3X faster typing than a regular keyboard.

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6. CHESONA detachable keyboard cover – A splash of colors

CHESONA store keyboaqrd case for iPad Air 3

Designed especially for iPad, CHESONA cases have flexibility beyond par. The anti-slip stand angle lets it adjust according to whichever angle you wish it to be, adding to the case’s overall comfort. The case is magnetic, which makes the installation and removal easy and also improves the installation.

This is the case for you if you are a colorful person. CHESONA keyboard case comes with 343 backlight colors with three different adjustments of brightness. The colors look better in dark mode. Pretty affordable for the options they are providing, do consider getting one of these.

Why should you buy it?

  • Colorful backlight options.

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7. ONHI touchpad keyboard case – Best in aesthetics

ONHI keyboard case for iPad Air 3

One of the most comfortable typing experiences, so dar, ONHI’s keyboard cases are more than just a pretty face. With different adjustable angles, the case is fit enough to help you function conveniently, from scrolling, editing, typing to streaming content online.

With three brightness modes and seven breathing rate adjustments, the case is a treat for your eyes. The arrangement is such that it adds to your device’s visual appeal while also increasing productivity during the night. ONHI provides lifetime technical support, so you need not worry about any damage whatsoever.

Why should you buy it?

  • Scratches and dust-resistant

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8.Typecase keyboard case with trackpad – Best multi-gesture controls

typecase keyboard case for iPad Air 3

Navigate iPad into a whole different experience with the keyboard case from Typecase. With multi-gesture controls, Typecase redefines productivity. You can now edit documents, browse through the web and build presentations at an incredible speed. The case comes with a hard shell to protect your iPad against any damage, and the auto sleep-wake functionalities help save the battery.

The trackpad is smooth. And the case comes with a patented 360° hinge to achieve less in more time. I love the color options that the brand has to offer. Don’t hesitate; go wild with your color choice.

Why should you buy it?

  • More color options

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9. Levet rotatable touchpad keyboard case – Best in comfort

Levet keyboard case for iPad Air 3

Turn your iPad into a laptop with this highly performant and easy-to-use rotatable case! With well-spaced keys, Levet’s case feels just like a keyboard. I admire the shortcut keys and its built-in touchpad, as they can be used for added connectivity and comfort of use and increases comfort.

The precision-formed hard case adds structural integrity for premium protection. The case also comes with two backlight modes: a stable rainbow light and a circular breathing rainbow. With three brightness modes to add to the visual appeal, Levet also has added more comfort arrangements.

Why should you buy it?

  • Rotatable and visually appealing.

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10. HOTLIFE magnetic detachable keyboard – Most compact case

HOTLIFE keyboard case for iPad Air 3

It’s detachable; it’s rechargeable, and it’s compact. What possibly can you ask for in an iPad keyboard case? The rechargeable lithium-ion battery keeps your keyboard working for 60-80 hours and provides up to 120 days of standby time. The best part about the case is that it is magnetic, which increases the usability up to ten times.

Ensuring maximum protection to your iPad, it is also easy to carry in your bag. The anti-slip design lets you adjust multiple stand angles for typing, reading, or watching videos. I love the honeycomb-like structure of the keyboard, which lets more than 80% of the heat out, better than most other cases, in my opinion. A go-getter!

Why should you buy it?

  • Attaches and detaches magnetically.

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Which is the best iPad Air 3 keyboard case for you?

Every case has its uniqueness; my favorite is Logitech’s keyboard case with a trackpad. It assures maximum functionality and stays true to the minimal approach; also, typing with the case is satisfying.

Let me know which one suits your needs best in the comment section below.

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