Best iPad Air 2 Keyboard Cases in 2023

Best Keyboard Cases for iPad Air 2

I like to pair my iPad Air 2 with a smart keyboard case to have improved typing. Based on superior design and functionality, these are my best iPad Air 2 keyboard cases. Sporting tactile keys, trendy profile, these keyboard cases are highly popular on Amazon. Well-spaced keys offer delightful typing experience! The adjustable stand provides multiple viewing angles. What’s more, these top keyboard cases for iPad Air 2 can fully safeguard your tablet from scratch and falls. Let’s head into to find more about what they have to offer!


YEKBEE iPad Air 2 Keyboard Case

“YEKBEE” comes with the 360-degree rotatable design. Times when you are watching media or presenting your ideas, this flexible design can come in very handy.

The hard clamshell endows it the needed durability, whereas the well-spaced keys allow you to type comfortably. Thanks to the strong aluminum hinge and solid PC shell, the keyboard case can disperse impact.

The seven backlit colors will enable you to work conveniently even in the low light environments. Furthermore, YEKBEE comes in six color options like rose gold, navy, silver and more.

USP: 360-degree rotatable design
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2. COO

COO iPad Air 2 Keyboard Case

A sleek folio case that also doubles as a keyboard cover elegantly. The detachable design offers you the flexibility to remove the keyboard (when not needed) to carry the iPad a bit more comfortably.

Talking about design; the keyboard cover is well-built and capable of offering the needed care to the iPad. While the polyester leather exterior provides the grippy feel, the polyurethane shell empowers the structure.

The keys have got better click making it easier for you to go about your typing. Plus, COO looks nice in all the four color options: grey, dark blue, champagne and red.

USP: Detachable design
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3. Anker

Anker Keyboard Case for iPad Air 2

Anker wireless keyboard case is primed to not just protect your iPad but also enhance typing speed. The full-on slim design has been enriched by neat craftsmanship. The keys feel very smooth to the touch; resulting in efficient typing.

The high-end material gives it enough strength to absorb shock and be a long-lasting companion of your smart tablet. You can easily adjust it to have a better viewing angle. Even better, its battery lasts up to six months on a single charge.

USP: Neat craftsmanship
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NOKBABO iPad Air 2 Keyboard Case

NOKBABO presents a Bluetooth keyboard case with 130-degree smart folio hardback cover. This product is ultra-slim and boasts auto sleep and wake feature. The build quality of this keyboard case is heavy-duty, but NOKBABO has managed to keep it lightweight.

A notable feature of this case is silent typing as the brand has used ABS silent tap keys, therefore, there is no annoying clicking noise when you type long emails or documents at night. This robust case offers full-body protection to keep your iPad away from scratches and other injuries.

USP: ABS silent tap keys
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5. BaIBaO

BaIBaO Keyboard Case for iPad Air 2

BaIBaO’s design and research team have spent enough time in the laboratory to create an ingenious design, which is slim, lightweight, and simple. You can easily carry your iPad Air in your briefcase, handbag, or backpack. It is great fun to work on the premium device at school, office, home, or during travels.

Tired after a long workday? Get a dose of entertainment on your iPad Air. You can adjust multiple viewing angles of the screen so that you can watch videos and movies comfortably. This case saves your device battery life as it has an auto sleep-wake function.

USP: Simple design
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6. New Trent Airbender Star

New Trent iPad Air 2 Keyboard Case

New Trent Airbender Star comes with a low-profile design and detachable Bluetooth keyboard. The sturdy clamshell case has the matte finish. Thanks to the solid construction, it’s extremely durable.

This keyboard case has a rotational hinge design and metal foldable handle stand that offers optimal viewing angle. As the keys are very smooth, you will enjoy typing. The solid cover ensures the tablet is protected from scratch and drops.

USP: Rotational hinge design
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ZAGG Folio iPad Air 2 Keyboard Case

As far as appreciable functionality is concerned, ZAGG will fully stand up to your wish. The noted quality that has caught my eyes is the hinge design that offers 135-degree multiple viewing angles. That means you will have more improved media watching time.

Another feature that makes this keyboard case a real deal is the powerful 950mAh battery that lasts several months on a single charge. Therefore, you will not have to bother about charging it repeatedly.

What’s more, island-style keys are designed to offer a 30% extra typing area to make typing more convenient. One more thing, you have seven enchanting colors to choose from as well.

USP: Island-style keys
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8. Inateck

Inateck iPad Air 2 Keyboard Case

Inateck keyboard case has got all the qualities to be a worthy pick. The ultra-compact design looks really elegant on the iPad. The keys are highly responsive and offer tactile feedback.

Magnetic switch design automatically powers on the keyboard when the iPad is locked in an upright position and turns off when it’s separated. The top quality material reinforces its durability. The smooth surface provides better grip.

USP: Magnetic switch design
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9. Greenlaw

Greenlaw iPad Air 2 Keyboard Case

Greenlaw’s keyboard case gives you less working time than Phixnozar’s, but you can quickly charge this keyboard case in just two hours. And then, use this keyboard for sixty hours without backlit and eight hours with backlit. The pink shade of this keyboard case may prevent men from using it, but you can always break some rules for a great experience.

For businessmen and marketing executives, this keyboard case is perfect for making presentations as it rotates in 360 degrees. This case is made of premium quality materials to protect your iPad Air from all corners and sides.

USP: Slim and lightweight profile
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Poweradd Keyboard Case for iPad Air 2

If you are looking for comfort and convenience, bring home POWERADD’s keyboard case for your iPad Air. This case gives you freedom of typing on your iPad from a distance of 33 feet. Its powerful Bluetooth allows you to sit away from your iPad and type comfortably. You can relax on your couch or armchair and operate your iPad Air.

POWERADD has the built-in Li-ion battery, which provides you 72 hours of continuous battery life and 30 days of standby time. Its intelligent automatic feature puts your iPad Air to sleep and wakes it up.

USP: Powerful Li-ion battery
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That’s all, folks!

Wrap up!

I hope you have found the perfect keyboard case for your iPad Air 2. It would be nice to know your pick. What’s the one quality you want to see in every keyboard case for the iPad? Personally, the one quality I never compromise when picking a keyboard cover is the highly responsive keys.

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